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  1. NO, but they do often say, "its probably gonna be a couple more days... we're waiting on parts." Reaper didn't say "eh, we can't get it to you, its to hard". They just said its gonna take longer than expected. Not saying you don't have a complaint, but it was a terrible analogy. Yep, i get your point, you're right. But when the mechanic take the order, he knows what parts are in waiting list, and tries to give you an ETA. They didn't. They took the money, didn't tell us much about the business (that's fine as long as everything's ok) and in February they popped out with that delay thing. It means that they didn't achieve what they promised, and what we were paying for. That's not terrible, again, i'm fine with that, but reading of people saying "in my work delays are normal" doesn't help the situation. And neither does saying "c'mon, those minis are cheap!"... that's definitely not the point. A mechanic that takes three weeks to repair a car instead of one without making a single call is a mechanic that will be unemployed soon...
  2. but - well - you posted it on the forum. I'm with the others: they offered a serviced and they managed it not in a very good way. I'm not Alexander, and for that reason i wouldn't never do something like this campaign. They did it, and they made several mistakes. That said, i'm fine with that, i don't care much about this delay (some communication could be appreciated, though). But there are too many people defending them no-matter-what. When the mechanic repairs my car he doesn't come to say "eh it's hard, i will probably fail". If he can do it, he gets pay for it. Otherwise... nobody forced him to be a mechanic.
  3. The first half took about a week. Baring the fact that tomorrow I'm off for my Mum's birthday in Cardiff, I'd expect to be finished in a week to ten days. Since there are now only 100 sculpts [Not counting the Wall of Fire, and the scenery] left to do. Plus some more repeats [A less scary fire breathing Hydra for example.] Do you mean 100 sculpts remaining? that's cool indeed! Me? I am a Jack, yep. But actually i didn't think the mummy was too strong. Just Tough! ;) Well, tweaking could be good as well! Any ideas for the cards? I sent you a couple of images of a random sketch i made. If you want to, i can do something better, and arrange a deck with NanDeck.
  4. Man! You're adding 15 or more stats per day! You're just AWESOME! in a couple of weeks (maybe three) you'll have statted all the vampire and addons!
  5. Just one note: you're preparing a lot of characters, which is a hard work and gives great results. But for dungeon crawling more monsters could be needed. Even some of the "character looking" minis could be better used as foes...especially the non-epic looking ones, like the simple warriors! Just saying, nothing more. I'll love that work anyway! I also tried to do some kind of card template: but the areas have wrong proportions, imho: http://i41.tinypic.com/a1tsg.jpg and here the clay golem. Some parts are tooo tiny, and the stats need labels. http://i44.tinypic.com/2mpzonl.jpg
  6. man, this is awesome. I started here a tread about it a while ago here, (http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48708-stats-for-reaper-bones/) then i dropped it focusing on more "real" projects, with minis in hand. But you are doing something fantastic. I'm already spreading the link of your blog in other forums, i think you need all the moral support for this. Great work again, Jack
  7. good to know, stating unstated monsters will be useful. But having cards, for the already statted monsters, could be great for skirmishes!
  8. well, the heroquest part now has a proper topic: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48732-beyond-heroquest-for-bones/ Beside of that, i'm still into Savage Worlds, and after my exam on friday i'll start sorting something out. Maybe before.
  9. Faceless, what you're doing is just amazing. i'll try this out soon for shure!
  10. looks like dozens of people had the same idea, but each one in a different ruleset. Savage worlds has the advantage of being very versatile, but any other playable ruleset might be interesting indeed! It would be lovely to keep the "card" size, and have one per each ruleset... But let's start with one, first! :)
  11. Yess boss ;) I'll talk with some friend this evening and will post something tomorrow ^^ My only concern is about copyright: the stats of the monsters are into some manuals, and this might be a problem if i use them for a public stat card deck, no?
  12. Nowadays my games are on Savage Worlds, and my previously played skirmish and crawl were gamed with that system. The stats are actually already setted in some "monster manuals" for most of the character, and one of the reasons made me think of SW is the fact that preparing the stats of a monster is easier than in D&D. I would bother to do them, but it would be good (great!) to cooperate to whoever might be interested.
  13. Mates, i know it something unusual, but i'm trying to gather information and suggestions here, and seems like it's going a little OT. The Kaladrax stats for Rules Cyclopedia are really well done, but what i was talking was an entire stat list. I have enough D&D manuals to find the stats for each monsters, but there's a difference. Having a dedicated stat list allows to consider the miniatures as "tokens of a game".
  14. Hi Guys, first of all, thanks for your replies. At the moment i'm really into Savage Worlds rules. They're fast, but extensive, and they work pretty well with any kind of monster. But my priority is to play a dungeon crawl game, and as long as i can get enough stats, any ruleset might be good. I tried already SoBH and Sword and Wizardry, and for different reason i think that both lack something to be good dungeon crawl system. Below (after the related quote) i'll explain more deeply my thoughts. That is very good. But wat SJones and A. Silfigoi forgot is to make a proper point system. Their rule, if i remember well, was a linear formula, similar to points = ((7 - Quality) * 0.5) * (skillpoints + attackpoint *10) It might look complicated, but basically sounds like "do your addition, then if you have a good quality, it costs more". Well. that's better than nothing, but in their very official rulebook there are some crazy examples of how much it doesn't work. Basically, it means that the points must be assigned by ourself. Beside of that, the skirmis sistem of SoBH is simply GREAT, and i use it as much as i can, but for a dungeon "players vs monsters" system is a little... dispersive, IMHO. I never tried Warlord, and it might be interesting. Is there any advancement - levelup system? The problem of Swords & Wizardry, IMHO, is that they rewinded the developing of the D&D ruleset of 25-30 years. Shure, that is pitoresque, but they also lost the last 30 years of betatesting. The classes were really umbalanced, and some of them were unable to do anything for the first levels. That is not a problem at all if you are setting up a GDR campaign: differences and disparities are a great base to set a more realistic starting point for the players. But for a skirmish, where players are competing somehow, it might hurt. Conclusions: (maybe conclusions are excessive for a post, but might help for the lazy people like me to transmit the right message) Ruleset: I'd go for Savage Worlds, but if you can suggest me another interesting ruleset is fine. I heard about Dungeon Slayer, and it could work as well. Cards: I know it could look fancy, but a single card for each monster (or group, if kobolds or skeletons) is quite useful. I had some (poor) experience with Nandeck, and i know how to make a card set, having the datas to puts in the fields. So compiling a excel sheet is enough to make cards. Almost. XD Points: If the main concept of the game is to explore dungeons, probably points are not that important. A "challenge level" could be good, but much than that is not necessary. Could be useful, but not necessary. for Skirmish purposes, i suggest a Bidding System: Each monster (and consequentially each monster card) will have a cost. It might be SoBH-style , just a sum of the characteristics, it's not important. That will be the starting cost for the bit. Before a skirmish, each player will have - say - 1000 points to use, and will have to bid for each card starting by its starting cost. I tried is some times, and it works pretty well. well, that's my thoughts and my ... desires. If anyone has suggestions, i tried to be more specific than i could. And i have the will and (well, not much) time for working on any stat cards system. thanks for your time, The Lazy One - www.thelazyforger.com
  15. As many others here, i'm waiting for my vampire package. As many others, i'm gonna use them for Dungeon Crawl. What i like most of this huge deal is the fact to have 220+ different minis, that can be used as single characters in a dungeon crawl, or almost. I know there are several manuals for several rulesets that list an impressive number of statistics, but what i'm missing is a Stats list for the actual Bones minis. I mean: each miniature, a stat card. I understand that it might be an intensive work, but it might be splitted among some of us, if anyone did it already. My primary point for this is the chance to use those cards for random encounters or, eventually, for "bidding" systems before of a game. Any suggestion? Help? Thanks, Jack
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