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  1. Going over my bones 3 haul and what to paint next, ideas for a few things I still want available in bones popped in my head: Various dragon people (77214 Kar Drakir and 77060 Dragonman Warrior are a good start, but more variety would be cool)-- and saurians/dinosaur people (ala the Savage Avatars from Bones 3) Constructs/clockworks/golems suitable for player character use Heroic/adventurer-type goliaths/half-ogres/half-giants etc. More barbarian/warrior-druid types-- furs and hides, stone and wood weapons More monks and asian warriors, either unarmed or with crazy weapons (meteor hammer, tetsubo etc) And weapon sprues to facilitate conversions for the two previous requests: maybe Armory of the Wild and Armory of the East?
  2. That's exactly why I didn't get him! He looked cool, but seemed overpriced compared to the other dragons (I figured he was about the same size), Ah, well...
  3. Ditto! My bones are gonna be sitting in Tri-City for two days...
  4. I locked in 10/13 for Wave 1, and I also saw my smallish town flash across the screen an hour or so ago. No postage notice yet, though. Edit: Just got postage confirmation!
  5. Just a heads up for those who didn't know: They've upped the minis scale to 38mm. Glad at this point I only backed at the dollar level and haven't added in the pledge manager, as I can't really justify shelling out for minis that won't be of any use for gaming... even if they look really cool.
  6. I like big monsters in bones ... but I may need to see a more, um, detailed sketch of the froghemoth.
  7. That moment when you realize that the dragonborn/reptus/half-orc/lycan/pixie/construct/mini-treant character minis you desire are apparently more niche than Space Mouslings... But seriously, congratulations to all fans of both mouslings and space!
  8. I wish I could play (android user)... But my fiancee will love it!
  9. Eastern Legends! Kitsune! Tengu! Oni! I want 2!
  10. Yes to wings sprue! And maybe one with a couple capes, and also one with a big scabbard, a big quiver, a secured shield...
  11. I have a feeling 1190K might give us "Weapons of Vice" or somesuch, which could contain some cool and sinister pieces... But I am really hoping for a "Weapons of the Wild"-- a simple club, a druid/shaman staff, a hide shield, a stone (or bone!) hammer, etc. Oh, and a pack of large(but still PC-equippable) weapons!
  12. I, too, am loving the undead of different races. I may get three(for encounter building purposes)!
  13. Yeah. Looks like I refreshed a minute or two early on the last hour so that was really a two hour total... i was excited, too.
  14. It looks like we are beginning to accelerate for the evening: According to Kicktraq, and some simple math last hour we did OVER 9000! Edit: Unless I missed an hour rolling over.... But still OVER 9000!
  15. Player One = Amount that Unlocked Last Stretch GoalHigh Score = Amount that Unlocks Next Stretch GoalPlayer Two = Difference Between Them You are indeed correct. But I think my idea was more fun...
  16. Has anyone else noticed that the "high score" on the map keeps going up, to the tune of one goal ahead of player one/ Mrs.Bones? I think someone is playing this game just ahead of her...
  17. Just recently home from work: Yay reptile dudes! Yetis! Huge dragons!
  18. Has anyoneanyone recently mentioned a desire for more Reptus figures in bones? It looks like my homebrew game late this year will have a type of dragon people as a major race, so I can definitely use some options!
  19. If the froghemoth ended up being a huge amphibious semi-quadruped thing with tentacles and lots of eyes, rather than just a big frog with stuff stapled on, I would be down with one.
  20. Yes to more PC monks, half-orcs. gnomes. and druids!
  21. Yay a Foo Lion/Dog! And multiple monks(?)! And a giant snake!
  22. Besides Egyptian gods, I'm amiss at figuring out which other mythological gods I can recognize and identify on sight. Hmmm... Very big viking with an even bigger hammer = Thor. Older viking dude with one eye and two ravens = Odin. Big bruiser wearing a lion pelt = Hercules. Sprinter with winged helm and ankles = Mercury I'm probably missing some easy ones.
  23. I know a lot of people feel they feel they are full up on fantasy PC minis, but I have to disagree: How many armored gnomes or halflings do we have? How many females who aren't humans or elves? How many barbarian types who aren't human? How many different monks? How many Players Handbook 2/Advanced Race Guide/Eberron type racial options? I want MORE PC minis, dang it!
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