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  1. 2 and 9 are my favorites
  2. well you will be missed @Pingo I always enjoyed your artwork.
  3. picture of stuff I took: I have almost no mounted figures, so some of the horses may end up with different riders. the yellow skeletons, as pointed out in the log book are great for kids practice, and these are the two Mini-spawn wanted to try. not included in picture is basing material, having more variety is always appreciated , so I left at least half of anything I took. added some of my surplus in in exchange. The little manticore has already gotten some new colors.
  4. I am kinda lost in the wilderness. I have been painting the core sets of bones since I started painting. Now I have finished all the ones I own. I have also been painting 1 large/fun model a month. One large model dungeons and doggie - St Bernard 2-4 reaper hobgoblins fix prepainted manticore. Finish bridge terrain send goodwill box
  5. this dragon fits on a 2x2 base (large) due to his stance, but should otherwise be considered huge - (3x3) I would recommend T'RAUKZUL - more affordable than Dragons Don't Share 2, and very large https://www.reapermini.com/search/dragon+plastic/latest/77585 Older thread with size comparison of reapers dragons https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76489-which-dragons-are-the-largest/
  6. these pictures almost convinced my wife we need a boat. and a display case to put it in. I had it in the "that's too big to store" category but am now on the fence.
  7. Nice Dragon! I would do this one again as well. Like Citrine I did one as a swamp dragon, black with green wings. nice work on the claws and horns especially. but there lining around the wing-bones is distracting.
  8. @Kuroneko Please forgive this final image dump, but I'm pretty sure that everyone wants to see baby Snow Leopards, right? ------ Yes, much like in a zoom meeting, EVERYONE wants to see kitties.
  9. made selections, totally forgot to take pictures! Now ill need to unpack stuff again.
  10. the lizardmen were quite a journey. The green one with white belly was based on Carvaggio - who left much of his paintings in dark, rather than painting everything as if it was in full sunlight. The red lizard bowman is the same style, but not as well done. I probably should have done more with light bellies - but in the break between the too styles I forgot. some of the less successful attempts were left out of the breakout: Baroque Lizard Thread Impressionists  WIP
  11. Done. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91692-all-of-bones-3-core-set-picture-heavy/&tab=comments#comment-1945156
  12. 150 figures, in 2 years. Technically the end of the core set obsession, since I skipped getting the core set for Bones 4. (finish dates: Bones 1 - 2015, Bones 2- 2018, Bones 3-2020) Quarantine helped me to finish the last of the figures as I wanted something concrete finished out of this fiasco. Obvs those are to small so there are photos of breakout groups: Starting 30: Lizardmen Painted in the style of the Baroque Masters: Lizardmen painted in the style of impressionists: Orcs, Hobgoblins, Yeti, Wolf : I had duplicates of the hobgoblins and Yeti packs, one yeti was converted into a PC Jedi for a starwars campaign. invisible heroes, Heroes 1 & 2 pathfinder minis : including worst ninja, Twitter the orc priest, purple mantis assassin and other wierdos. Dwarves : Golddigger Clan and Earthclan. there are supposed to be 7 Golddiggers, but one seems to have been replaced by an imposter. easterners and goblins ogres and trolls. One Ogre painted in the style of Baroque painter Rubens - Rubens not only liked plump women he also painted men that looked like they were in the middle of playing American Football, but in loincloths. Chronoscape : Dont move or Dorthy shoots the dog. Sophie and the Lycanthropes This Diorama marked the end of Bones 1& 2 and the start of bones 3, Vulture and Mrs Bones are just resting on top. I think the only modification will be painting 2020 on the stone above the open grave. the stone carried by the vulture says "Soon" the white Mr Bones has deeper shadows and higher highlights than standard.
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