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  1. A recent update confirmed that they are planning to start shipping in January. This makes me so happy! if they had followed the original timeline they would have shipped in the same timeframe as reaper, and I would have hit mini-overload 100+ minis from this and 106 (per spreadsheets) from bones 6. I would be in mini-paralysis. As un update to my previous post, I got the trees, they look beautiful painted. Now there should be a comfortable space between. woot!
  2. This was in the grab bag of stuff at reapercon, I suggested that my minispawn paint it, as the lines were mostly simple, clean and the face would be simple to paint. I suggested just leaving the body transluscent and painting the armor, gloves and boots. Minispawn wanted to paint mouslings instead. So I did this one. the cartoony nature was sure easy to paint, so i put in extra work on the NNM. I am quite happy with the result. Except at this size photo I can see more errors - I may go back and make fixes.
  3. looking good so far! that was only 3 hours work? cant wait to get mine..
  4. When i left for college my testor enamels dried out. and I had just mastered the amazing technique of BLACKWASH! didn't pick up acrylics until I got talked into joining a this new thing, a kickstarter, over 100 minis! (then 200....246) for only 100$ My best hobby tool was the Wet Pallet. in this dry climate it was a whole new way to paint. you could actually have long or multiple sessions without it all drying out.
  5. I have been sitting on this model for a while though I’d try it with speed paints - still trying to get the most use out of them. Army speed paints used Orc green slaughter red pallid bone black-green ink reaper greens, yellows, white & black
  6. WizKids Beholder Dunkeldorf: seated bar patron Reaper plastic: Dragonborn - NNM reaperCon class figure Drowned Nymph- for D&D campaign. Skeleton Lord (Duo w/friend) Ravenhome Vampiress with cup (trio)
  7. More Moon and a 16"x20" canvas of the witches-broom nebula, painted from a photo by the James-Web Telescope.
  8. I didn't like the Giant before I painted him, so I thought I would just do a quick monochrome and rebase him. painting him in moonlight. I liked the final version a lot as well he was for a RCL - Trio last year. the old base was a nightmare to remove, coping saw, sprue snips, xacto knife and a file all got used. but no blood was shed. I should really base before I paint. -she needed a lot of touch ups afterward. BTW: a sectional slice of a brain makes a really good dungeon map. Im not sure the party will get to this fight next session, even if they do it will take the first half of next session as well to finish the 3 encounters. I built a lot of terrain for the red moon, I was bored and we only play 1 a month. 12x8" base (as shown) 6x3 extension (2 versions) 3x3 extension Crater Rim 4x8x2' (poor quality) 4x6x1 Hill 3x5x1 Hill 3 diameter dome
  9. Concepts of a goddess Inside the head of a demigodess concepts become monsters. Bloodlust, vengeance, love of family. PCs are probably going in through an ear, but entering the nose or eyes are also possible i was going to use a blue Slaad for bloodlust but then I remembered this bones mash-up from a few years back.. i may change out love if I can find a better ghost before next weekends game. Some terrain I built for a fight on the surface of this Moon/ demi-goddess
  10. We don't do trade wars as much as candy drafts. all candy collected by the spawn is combined and then drafted until each person has an equal pile. so I favor reecess and name brand chocolate candy in general . Once we run out of those I take the least liked candy, then just pitch everything I didn't actually want.
  11. the rocks are earth elemental stand- ins I have one reaper, 2 from WZKD but i needed just a few more. the others minis are for the RCL. Large group Dragon, Duo, Trio and Limited pallet nothing is actually finished.
  12. Question October 17th. You're home alone. You hear footsteps in the attic/basement/other floor: do you go toward the sound or do you leave the house immediately? I always assume the best - or most likely explanation, if if could not assume it was house noises, I would approach the source and start asking questions loudly a small animal? a workman in the shared space above my townhouse? a family member that I had forgotten was home? danger would not even cross my mind without additional evidence. Question October 16th. Do you have a ( or more) favorite Halloween themed miniature? Share pics ? this guy - I just love the scythe - and for me it tells the story of a golem that was created to destroy a village, not by actually killing them, but by burning the fields before the harvest, unless it is stopped.
  13. still running on no motivation, after finishing the core set. But I guess I should come up with something: 1. finish terrain for red moon adventure 2. flying rocky 3. duo with a friend that moved across the pond 4. Trio with my long term team 5. 2 Non-reaper figure - moonlight minis, darksword, or small run Kickstarters - something I own that has been sitting.
  14. they were a year or more back - but I found the pictures 🙂
  15. I was trying to reproduce the plans for an airship held up by a giant balloon. because what else would a warforged mage be wearing?
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