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  1. there is a new Quidich team coming to my city? the clearly need to be named the Ferociously Fearsom Flaming Fireblog Fighting Unicorns - usually called the FFFFFu......
  2. I am interested in the pledgemanger reopening. I know I should have gotten everything I wanted in the year or so it was open, but there is still things I was on the fence about ... so I paid careful attention. It creates a new order, manufactured and shipped completely separate from the ordinal KS implying new boxes, new shipping fess, new taxes due... will not effect arrival of original order, AND it comes with a 6 month delay (opens july 5th, 90 days to close, 90 days to ship) and a 20-30% markup of KS prices it was referred to as bones 5.5 its
  3. June 22 I like to leave joke weapons scattered around dungeons, got any suggestions for good ones? Can be any setting any type. well it didn't start out as a joke, exactly. In a campaign where the world was threatened by the far realm the PCs quested for a weapon to fight them. The Sword of Normality: +2 far realm Bane. with medium/low intelligence and only empathic communication. - it could also detect far realm creatures withnin 60' - it would alert the wielder by making them suddenly acutely aware of natural background sounds. it looked like
  4. its not working for me I get this message : "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location."
  5. Does anyone have a spreadsheet of Bones 5 set up? I just have the counts from each section that I ordered.
  6. Just finished reading Glen Cooks "Port of Shadows" from 2018 I got a chapter in and thought "Haven't I read this before?" the the characters realize they are losing memories. oh that explains it. and why he gets to add more stories in the early part of his epic. Now im rereading his whole black company series (started 1984) so good.
  7. spill the beans reaper! whats in the (missing) box?
  8. I like the draconic versions, its just too useful to have a race of dragon servants/chew toys. they have been present in this role in many campaigns the best use I got out of them before that was a single quote drifting down form a 1st ed campaign "Quit wounding the Kobolds!" they had 1d4 hp, and when one player was contributing so little to the fight that he had hit, more than once and failed to kill one, another player got really annoyed. I still use it when party members are being shockingly ineffective.
  9. Just one piece, but I had to reglue one of the tusks. The tip of the tusk was like that when I got him, I dont think it was deliberate - but some stippling on the cut end would play it up. I like the jar of souls, @TaleSpinner that would expalin the giant skull stopper.
  10. Why does he need a weapon? He is clearly a God. Perhaps he is fighting a demon lord or an overmatched dragon. and what potion does he think ness sry to carry? potion of HEAL? Flight? Mass cure disease (20-50 targets); plant growth (1 square mile)
  11. June 15 Half way through the month! Got any half finished projects? from this month : Oil Landscape Page-O-Rama Diorama WIP --frost giant queen (trio) then in order of age: Black Crow - Dwarf Maid 75mm KDM - dragon armor survivor KDM - Dung beetle Knight Fire Giant Jailer River Diorama KDM - Mountain man not a terrible list. I finally quit buying KDM stuff.
  12. no thanks, I think ill be safer without that one. he looks ready for murder. at least I didn't put him in the bag. you should let the cat out of the bag.
  13. June 13, Is there an out of date mini that you particularly enjoy? have you got pictures? tooth fairy bust from broken Toad I love the gruesome figure, but didn't want to give my spawn nighmayers. maybe in a few years ill see if its still available.
  14. Starting on clothes, not going slowly enough to handle the details: the cloak will be cotton thread textured
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