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  1. the wings are: Pine green, brilliant green, moth green, and neon yellow. with 1 or 2 half steps between some colors. the moth/neon yellow gives it the punch
  2. This Tal Boi was pulled out of the Box of goodwill. originally sold in 1989 as part of the Dragon Lords II, dragon of the month series. His base is about 2.5" - I needed something heavy so I used a Jar lid and cork. the mini is sculpted with a bit of water flowing between rocks - So I went with a river. The resin bubbled fiercely so not as transparent base as I had hoped. also the gel medium I used is not as clear as the resin, ill do less texture on the surface next time.
  3. was having trouble even picking colors for the sage, then the name Beesbury wandered though my head. lets try some free hand! Old Nan was just a quick study. mostly the bone triad, and then 4 different browns. Next up ill pint the male beggar with a 4 color pallet, I bet it will be just as effective.
  4. Okay just watched "US" it was okay scare-wise but did not hold together. the number and independent survival of "Others" violated my suspension of disbelief. and talking it over this morning with my elder spawn, I not only realized what I am looking for in a horror movie, but why. I only decide if it is a good horror movie after its over. Did it make sense? was it internally consistent, did the characters feel like real people? weather I was scared in the moment was beside the point, at least for me. Even the heart-pounding trip from the living room to my bed is a price, not a goal. (I watch most horror movies at night, alone) I judge horror like I do science fiction. Its just that I expect Sci_Fi to lay out (most of) the rules at the beginning and Horror reveals the rules at the end. figuring out the rules is much of the tension/enjoyment. Loved Grabbers. It felt like I was drunk the whole time. I'm going to spoil the gimmick because I think it adds. The monsters wont eat humans, if there blood-alcohol content is over .1 so everyone in the small Irish town has to get very drunk, and stay that way. Then fight monsters. I laughed so hard it was hard to breathe in some scenes. Spoiling this directly contradicts what I said earlier, but this one was way better comedy than horror. that said the movie was internally consistent as well.
  5. okay is Brigid a dog or child ? either way the images in my head are hysterical.
  6. I forgot to put mold release (vasaline) on the form. the plastic cup should break off one way or another, but I am anticipating a lot of sanding to remove the rough patches. any suggestions for the next step?
  7. seeal, test, dry, seal test dry - I think this only took 4 cycles, the fish diorama went at least 5. tomorrow I start the surface of the river - gel medium, for the waves and turbulence, maybe some toilet paper ripples,
  8. Not sure college? 1996ish I remember watching the sunrise with a girl. talking till dawn is an excellent first date. I learned that even 2 hours of sleep is better than nothing for me. Even with two kids, I always slept part of the night.
  9. We all started somewhere... Thinking about (or looking at it if you have it around) your first miniature, as compared to your latest miniature, you've grown as a hobbyist. What are you most proud of? What would you have told yourself when you were first getting started? hmm I am most proud of developing my art style/goals , by painting minis in the style of Baroque and impressionist painters. I really felt like I learned a lot, and if I want to do post-impressionist dragonwings I just plow right in. (picture from this week) One of these giants was my first painted ever, the other is already a few years old.
  10. Dragon Lords II : Tempest Dragon. (probably) Back in the late 80s Grenadier released a dragon a month, I bought 2 and lusted after many others. The one I still own has been missing a leg for decades. One of the Goodwill boxes had a cool metal dragon, but it went into my "random stuff box" It is the only unpainted dragon I own that it is not in plastic. It wasn't till I searched for it on the internet that I realized it was from my fav old series. So thanks to whoever included this bad boy in the box. He appears to be standing over some water, and quite tippy. so he needs a nice scenic base. Due to his high lead content and fragility, he wont be available for my spawn to play with. - superglue failed to hold the wings while i was painting them, so I picked up some JB quick epoxy. its probably stronger than the metal of the figure. Ill run some long pins up through the metal lid, then use more epoxy on the cork. The first wing painted up quickly so I thought I don't need a WIP, ill just post a showoff when i'm done. but I don't want it done that fast, I want it done right. It has probably gotten an hour a day of work this week .
  11. Next Project: Currently working on the Storm Dragon - from Grenadir 1989 - part of the cool DragonLords collection (I bought 2 of the series in HS) this one was from the goodwill box, and is the first metal dragon I have done since returning to the hobby. I think I have everything I need for its elaborate base - Resin, Cork, Milliput, small stones, flocking etc... but I something new may come up. Question for Monday, October 12th I grew up in the U-city, but I have never nicknamed a city in a campaign world.
  12. Failure. It happens. It sucks. You move on and overcome. What was the last thing you failed at, tried again, and got it right? hmm Fixing my dripping shower. Today. 3 trips to Home Depot, 75$ parts 12$ new tools. it took about 4 hours - without problems it would have been 45min and i installed the temp control upside down. I installed it right right the first time, and lost hot water. Installed upside down it works fine.
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