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  1. Dwarf Ranger (PC) type IV demon, wizkids (freebee) Work on 75mm resin dwarf maid, Black Crow Miniature - (barely)
  2. Weekend, February 27-28: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Imagine reality is different, then convince yourself to believe it. As magic (age 9) As cognitive behavior therapy (age 28) I usually use on the following, from least to most useful : Gravity, Heat, Exercise, Emotions.
  3. Milk Snake apparently. white touches black, your okay jack (not venomous ie milk snake) Red touches yellow, your a dead fellow ( very venomous coral snake) yeah I spent way longer than I intended playing with the flesh tones on the demon. The freehand was super fun. Next time I will bring the rest of the figure up to a higher standard too. I have a wizard just trying out for free-handed robes.
  4. Converted Velocthulu, Dire Crocodile, carrion worm, Dire boar, WizKids Boar Demon, Dreadmere bandit, Tavern Wench, and Dwarf Ranger.
  5. Spent 3 hours painting a Wizkid demon. It was nearly done and I thought I would just finish up a few details. but it has just such lovely large amounts of skin to play with. It was a lovely day, I guess I have tomorrow to just finish up a few more details.
  6. ` Three stand out: Each at a different period in my life. The castles of Wales - in the 6th grade. 2 weeks in united Kingdom, 7 castles engraved in my memory, and others that were forgettable. Rome - for my honeymoon. So much history, architecture and religion crammed into such a small area. + a colosseum that smelled like piss. (does it always smell that bad? it was summer when I went) Belize - 20th wedding anniversary. Every time I would think this is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, something even more beautiful was right around the corner.
  7. My wall paper is a Mayan temple that I toured in Belize. My Lock screen is a picture of a galaxy with the words "Don't Panic" emblazoned across it in large friendly letters. a reminder that I am actually carrying a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Earth edition. around in my pocket. that I can use it to discover how long it took multicellular life to evolve (2.9 billion years) vs single cell life (1 billion years) instead of looking up the latest WandaVison obscure hidden detail. I can also translate random things to german, which lies somewhere between the previous two uses.
  8. that's why there are cameras pointing in different directions. to make it harder for the aliens to broccoli with the probe.
  9. Well we came up with a solution to my issues. Mini-spawn is going back to in-person school. We managed a year of remote schooling but it has just become unworkable. Spoke with the principle today - the local Elementary has had no active cases and about 95% of the staff has at least once vaccination dose. the spread rates in the local area have been low, with 89 cases per 100,000 and about 2.5 % positivity. It is amazing how much brighter my outlook is when I don't have have 5 hours of elementary school on my plate. I can actually do fun things with her instead. Like watching the mars landing and cheering at the TV. Its like a cloud of despair has lifted, yes there is some guilt but when something goes this bad, change is the only solution.
  10. I'm feeling very down tonight. My mask of fully functioning adult is wearing thin. I spent most of the morning fighting with my remote-Ed first grader, trying to get mini-spawn to write or read, or anything. (her math is fine) Her teacher was out today so it was just me, her and a list of tasks. spent another hour and a half driving around, shopping with children, mostly unsuccessfully. Each individual decision seemed rational but it wasted a lot of time. I don't have a job other than Stay-at-home Dad and right now I really hate it. There don't seem to be good days, just neutral and awful. I should go to bed, but that means I have to do it all again that much sooner. Sorry, needed to vent.
  11. I was thinking of more fun options like ** currently under a Giant Vermin Spell ** native to the 213th layer of the Abyss. ** transformation magics are not passed on genetically. ** we tried but it changed them back.
  12. The base was a partial accident. I used elmers glue to attach it while I was painting. I save these OJ lids for painting grip/bases. but the Non-GMO label was too funny, and so now I'm leaving him there. What do you think the ** on the label means? I read it as Non Gentically Modified Organism, technically, but .... If I saw this in my tequila I would be very concerned about the other half the worm
  13. Those are great, I wish you well on this new endevor. its a lot of fun to see how well mini painting skill translates . Small Canvass are pretty cheap . I Tried some Bob Ross as well I made two for my wife last Christmas and did two more this year, also with acrylics. My greatest frustration was in painting leafy plants and bushes, the arrlic simply did not "Break" the way oil paint does. I found that doing a coat of white paint on half the surface, then painting the second half later allowed the best wet blending. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92532-canvas-brown-mountains-with-zombie/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90219-canvas-sunset-over-waves-with-bonus-cthulhu/ first thread https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89292-bob-ross-with-acrylics/
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