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  1. Weekend Quest Share something you're enjoying this weekend, and why it makes you happy. Colorado Paint club. four of us that made it to Reapercon this year, five that didn't so we shared stories and Swag as well as advice and comradery. then there was the Massive mini giveaway. One of the older members of the club, who recently passed, left her unpainted collection to the club. Sophie's dated back to 2005, a couple of massive dragons from Bones 1, random boxes of bones and metal. One the newest painters who mostly used craft paints until today got a f
  2. Question for September 17th What's your favorite space ship? there ae lots of good ones - im going to pick the ships I would most like to be on. Rocinante -small crew, interesting people, stays mostly intact, frequently at the center of events. good at bringing civilians up to useful crew members. Tardis - I would overdose quickly but a short period as a companion would be mind- blowing. - less about the journey more about the destination. Enterprise - TNG - i dont remember the full numbers. More Danger, but otherwise like a floating pleasure cru
  3. Late question for September 15 What's got you distracted today? Tower Defense 6 - balloons vs monkeys
  4. Question for September 14: If you could spend the day with any historical figure, who would it be, and what would you do? Genghis Khan - assuming I could just get him to drink and tell stories, and not go raiding/exploring. Feeling like an adult: being married and poor right out of college. getting and working bad jobs, trying to make a budget work, filling out government assistance paperwork... after a few years we got a handle on it, and later parenting was easy by comparison.
  5. Just a few more : some of my favorite people at the con: @ard and @Dilvish the Deliverer @Cygnwulf, @Kangaroorex, jay @Xiwo Xerase. Cygnwulf Dilvish, Dilvish's awesome wife, ??? @Dr Bob @Kate and @dks who was very helpful in and out of classes
  6. No problems with my flight home, now I get to semi-quarantine for a few days to make sure I didn’t bring home unwelcome viruses.
  7. Brinewind boat battle, Ron, DKS, and Rhonda bender Vip swag minis and my pirate crew attacking the ghost ship. my captain was named leonitus and got to yell “this is Sparta” while kicking an undead pirate off the ghost ship. He was the first one to reach the undead captain he survived (to my disappointment) when the crews of the other players arrived and saved him from getting fully mobbed.
  8. packing up for flight tomorrow
  9. My roommate ended up canceling the trip I have 2 beds at the Embassy Suites from Wedensday-Sunday if anyone is still looking. preferably someone who is also vaccinated.
  10. August 11: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Roofer in Nebraska. I did this for a summer out of college, and then stayed into winter. I realized that if any of the employees had any common sense, they would not work on a roof. Nail gun fight between 2 buildings (no one was hit); a lot of pot, "road hunting" on the way to the site, from a dump truck; drunkeness (work started at 6am) , and general stupidity. the last straw was just seasonal,. In the summer it at least paid well, but when winter came we were "on call" and had to check if the boss thought the
  11. August 6th Fav Exercise: Running - any strength training is just so that I can run further without hurting myself. I put on a Podcast or Zombies Run! game and set out. unfortunately it is fire season again in Colorado - so I have returned to treadmills. When the Air Quality says "Dangerous for sensitive groups" thats me. - eyes, throat, breathing all become painful. Weekend Question August 7-8: Are you going to ReaperCon, and if so, are you ready? Alternate Question: What are you working on now? Post pictures, please! Yes, but not ready I ha
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