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  1. Evilhalfling

    Getting to Know You JUNE 2019, brought to you by WOOF.

    June 5th - Favorite Part of the Hobby: Painting. I love getting stuff done, I love sitting down to paint and 45min vanishing in the blink of an eye. I love showing off the beauty that I have created. I got into the hobby to have figures to game with, but just the time spent painting brings me joy. June 6th WWII Nope. unless some random animals count. technically I could say a raven is a historical not fantasy right? June 7th - abandoned projects Must paint all the things! - well really I do a lot of bones, plus a few others that strike my fancy. I have a tub full of metal minis that I bought in small groups and haven't gotten to yet. I tend to spend <50$ on lots of kickstarters, or random orders from reaper that I mean to paint someday ... in practice, I rarely remove stuff from the tub. Even at nearly 100 figures painted per year, I just can't get to everything.
  2. Evilhalfling

    Happy Birthday Pingo!

    merry birthday pingo
  3. Evilhalfling

    June releases from Bones 4

    okay now I need 2 hivewardens. and a boat. maybe a terrorfish. sigh.
  4. Evilhalfling

    Yetis and Friends

    the head is quite different - and they are probably shorter. I ran across the inspirational artwork in my attachments: but yeah another primitive hunter fur covered starwars race. they are not as friendly as Wookie or Ewoks and lean towards bountyhunters - at least that was the profession assigned to the one hanging out in the shadows at Jabbas.
  5. monthly goals: Finish Ash the undead dragon 3 bones humans already with 2 color priming 5 more Nog the Noggin figures bones winterwolf - in brown so 10? some already started seems doable - but there are vacations coming. I'm not hauling paint on the road trip.
  6. Evilhalfling

    Getting to Know You JUNE 2019, brought to you by WOOF.

    Tools: For Me: Magnifier - my over 40 eyes make this necessary for at least part of every mini. For the State: wet pallet - the high altitude climate is dry. Painting without one is worse than only using apple barrel paint and a walmart brush. For anyone: superglue.
  7. Evilhalfling

    Getting to Know You JUNE 2019, brought to you by WOOF.

    Hobbies: Mini-painting is probably number one. RPGs - running one campaign (monthly), playing in a second. reading, playing computer games, and boardgames. not that many I suppose and they are rather interconnected.
  8. Evilhalfling

    May the Paint be with You (May Hobby Goals)

    a good month: 1-5 Nog the Noggin villagers 6-7 Dungeons and Doggies. 9-11 Yetis 12 Winter wolf 13 Stocks (bones3 terrain) didn't finish the dragon though.
  9. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    The last time I was immersed in nature was May 14th. minispawn crashed her bike on a pier, flipped over the handle bars and fell in a lake. the part of the lake was about 2" of water and 10" of black mud. At least that was how far I sunk jumping in moments later. she was fas fine, but it was a very unhappy bike ride back to the car. the last time I spent the whole day out was a camping trip in the mountains last August. standing on top of a mountain is pretty awesome, even if I didn't have to work very hard to get to the top of that one. ( it was about 1000 feet above our camping spot/car)
  10. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    assuming that the DM is a player: Basket of Kittens I once gave the party a basket that would turn anyone who entered it willingly into a kitten. they were supposed to just use it for a one time trip, carried by an eagle. just as it was flying away I encouraged them to "borrow it " They used it in so many creative ways - it was astounding. -tried to trick a dragon into getting into it. - the Geshia carried the whole party on visits to noble households. It started a fashion craze of bringing odd looking kittens to your friends - thousands of year pre-internet! - completely dominated an adventure with a dozen hostile climate changes - cold, acid rain, open ocean. desert, etc. - flying trips.
  11. Evilhalfling

    Yetis and Friends

    Yeti Attacks! - I ordered doubles from the KS. The two painted brown were some of the first mins from Bones3 I painted, as I had recently started a Starwars game and my PC was an alien Jedi based on a sasquatch - I don't remember the actual race name, It was a background character in Jabbas Lair, but a Jedi version did have a spot in a comic version. I resculpted his face, lengthening the face and adding a belt and lightsaber. The blue and white Yetis I developed to teach minispawn about wash, drybrush and then adding details. Her version is in the lower right. They came out quick and fun, and so I added some quick shadow/highlight ideas that came from my baroque experiment. They all painted up quickly - the four in the final photo were all painted yesterday and today - probably less than an hour each, not including drying time between coats.
  12. progress post here, but ill do a whole yeti attacks post in showoff. 4 minis today, 1 yesterday. the kitchen painting probably doesn't count. the wife kept wandering off with the kids, so I mixed housework and mini-painting all day
  13. finished a second Yeti and the stocks. still have 2 yeti and the dogs - from the double set of Yeti I got from the KS. I've washed the dogs and one of the yeti, but the last yeti is lost in a box somewhere.
  14. I painted part of my kitchen..... and a yeti.
  15. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    May 24th ~ How many ink-stained shirts, paint spattered Tees, or other pieces of garb have you consigned to be your dedicated painting clothes? Just One - but it got its start when I brushed against a freshly painted wall and didn't notice. it has a bit more paint on it now. Random Generators in RPGs - nope. but im only running one monthly game ATM, my regular DM uses several - with mixed results. most likely are dungeon geomorphic cards - and occasionally story cards, which he uses the pictured scene and after some trials, ignores the text.