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  1. I really need to get my diorama stared - I have some of the characters done, but not terrain or backdrop. I have low expectations for a diorama medal - with 2 previous bronzes, I’m doing this one because I really want to paint more waterlillys. Not cause I think it will do any better.
  2. not a lot of painting so far this month: Only obligations for RCL are keeping me going, basically I went to visit family for the first week of the month, and never got back into the gove. this is what I am planning: 0 . Finish prep on All Hallows Eve (witch) - cleaned up mold lines, not yet assembled - 1. Theme "Magic inspiration" - Kid hero - 3/4 done. 2. RCL Trio - all hallows eve but if I dont finish it my friends wont get points. 3. Large group figure: Heavy Battle guard - primed. 4. waterlilly elf, 8# of 10 (finish details) the only figures I have finished so far are a wolf and a tiny dragon.
  3. This happens frequently when I paint 45min-2 hrs can vanish in an instant. but I havent gone this deep in a week or two. this morning I went for a 4 mile run, while listening to a Critical Role episode. 4 miles is my fav distance, neither too hard or too easy for me. - 14:07 per mile today. - I have a few scattered memories of the run, mostly I have visual memories of the D&D game world being described instead.
  4. mixed bag, left some of these only primed. - painted other stuff instead. 3 alter stones from Ghoul encounter - KS 5 kobold wizard male sacrifice small dread wolf 2 elves in waterlilly cloaks
  5. May 28, Badly describe something technical, or technically describe something badly. My 17 year-old cat was having problems, I called my mother and she diagnosed it as "Relapsing, remitting, paraplegia." technically accurate but useless. ie meaning - sometimes, her back legs didn't work. Mom then told me to take her to an actual vet. the cat lived 3 more good years on a medically prescribed diet, before her time came.
  6. in 1993/94 My girlfriend and I played in MUD (Albion) that we used for a chat room. it was much free long distance phone calls were not. the Text-only adventure game was friendly, social and a great place to develop romance - at least 3 couples married in real life after there characters dated. a lot of the time it felt like an off topic thread here, with only 20-40 regular users, sharing bits of their lives or jokes. . the game was what you did if no one was chatting. My now-wife and I still keep in touch with one of the other couples.
  7. May 27, How old were you when you first used the internet? What is the first thing you remember doing on there? started internet in college late 1992 . but I had friends in HS who were phone phreaking and "Hacking" with a comadore. (ie making free long distance phone calls. i watched them do a run, but I wasn't really using it. first thing I remember doing was called newsgroups? like a huge BB - I dont remember exactly - it was long blocks of text about whatever the subgroup was My dorm had a dummy terminal that could reach the internet and nothing more.
  8. 1 big dragon, a lighthouse and adorable fairy expansion.
  9. Not his first painting - stupid internet. this one is done. I like the deeper shadows. weeping willow 1922 is started - it’s one of the last six where he was going blind and his style changed. - this one needs ink to pop the vivid yellow and orange. And better definition on the top of the tree
  10. This was Monet first waterlilly painting. Click to view painting- Paint got too wet on hood, will try it again tomorrow. the lower cloak is what I was aiming for. trying to pay more attention to shadows of the cloak. BF9AA034-6D05-48FA-9ACD-FABF57B677B9.webp
  11. It begins again! 5 more Monet paintings, including is first in the series and one of his last six (which were very abstracted) im just so excited! I also have two more to add to my next reaper order - a wizard and a sorceress, in similar cloaks
  12. this is delightful! that is a lot of story packed into a single image. I did have some trouble realizing she was holding a mask.
  13. okay the clever painter set of 12 looks right up my alley. sometimes I really like just doing projects with the classic colors. after shipping its 5.5 for each 20 ml - or 2/3 of an oz. hmm.
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