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  1. It wasn't my idea - im pretty sure someone on the forums did it as a statue on these forums back around 2016 when people were doing the 7 day challenge. I just cant find/remember who...
  2. And here we are ! this is the most exciting thing I’ll get until reaper ships the KS
  3. So I just got the original bones Kaladrax. That means its time to slap this one together, and take notes. I won this version in a RCL raffle, and the other one as second place in a local painting contest. It was primed and painted in two days, and needed a lot of touch up where the Army Speed paint pulled away the primer and left gray. if it wasn't for the eyes, the base (4 colors, mostly drybrushing) would have taken longer. Snow and Ice were added just so I could call it a seasonal themed mini for the RCL. I am stil debating if I shoud give the older brother a lava-hemed base as contrast, or paint the entire thing as a statue, and use it as terrain. thoughts?
  4. some how he looks like a superhero - its the bright colors. I didn't i realize D&L were scaled to 28 not 32 it doesn't make much difference with the dragons and trees. that might have been a shock when the massive KS arrives, possibly tomorrow.
  5. Nice work. i love the owl. the cloak is great as well. The skull seems to have off vertical stripes - esp om the front side.
  6. This is exciting! I’m late in my group but the groups are so much smaller than .. um 8 years ago? No I think I did one since then. anyway I have so many more unwanted minis
  7. my next campaign will be in a greek fantasy setting. i will follow this thread ...
  8. Im not sure why this tread was inspiring, but it was.
  9. I believe I won this in an RCL raffle. Primed with brush on primer and then painted with army painted speed paint (palid bone) There was some patches where the contrast paint pulled away the primer, returning it to grey. i just added new layers of both. this really was painting in easy mode until I decided to add snow and ice to brace do I could enter it as seasonal figure for RCL this is while I wait for stone colors to dry before adding snow mix bother image upload issues… trying other things - nope
  10. I don't think it effects my mood much, but it does wifey's, then she effects my mood. it might effect my energy level more. but im pretty sedentary when not at the Gym - and I skipped yesterday due to snow/ice falling when I wanted to drive there. it being Denver, the roads had melted clear by 3 pm, the city is terribly sunny, even in winter. ill go lift tonight, which is more to reduce stupid injuries than gain muscle.
  11. I have 2, total escape games - a well established place that does warhammer, board games, RPG and wizkids minis. generally friendly, but not mostly business orientated. one guy and his employees. the local paint club has been meeting their for years and they stock paint, brushes and terrain odds and ends, even a few busts. they are doing very well - but occasionally bump the painting group for big magic tournaments. Do Gooder Games the second is a a mostly boardgame cafe with warhammer and a smaller selection of RPG books. they only started last year and are empty a lot. they are very warm and welcoming, but they carry less of everything, run by a trio of owners.
  12. i am completely unprepared. I have decent car-camping (ie heavy) gear for a few days. I do have bottled water and canned goods on hand. for shelter in place situations I am near the mountains, but would need a community to survive. and most of my friends have aged out of our peak fitness. my skills carpentry, farm management and animal care are not bad, but not sufficient by themselves. I did tell my parents that if an apocalypse happened I would move back in. (they have a sheep farm, a few cattle & and dogs) but now they are a 14 hr drive away, at least 3 tanks of gas. shelter in place and look for communes setting up in the lower rockies seems like a better bet. the amount of money would have to be pretty big. An unexpected RE windfall came through in 2022 and added a 30% of our normal household income in a lump sum. at 20 it would have been life changing... Instead we replaced our 1999 Corolla, with a new Corolla. and a house new water heater. Some of it is funding a big trip to Europe this year, and some went into retirement/ kids college funds. 1. same old same old, might take the wife out to the Great Northern Tavern later in the week. 2. I did both Bones and Dungeons and Lasers Kickstarters. - I guess now its the mighty fortress terrain set from D&L. 3. No. they can pry my unpainted figures from my cold dead hands.
  13. Since I finished all the basic chromatics, I have wandered into new territory. hawk headed parrots seemed like an amazing color pallet, all 5 chromatic dragon colors, + brown. started this guy in december, and entered him in a local painting contest in February. He won 2nd place and I got a Kalandrax as a prize. the reward for spending 25 hours painting a big dragon was an even bigger dragon to paint. sweet. Edit: picture upload problem - I will add completed pictures when its fixed, throwing in WIP image repeats for now .
  14. My shipment has left Poland! Link to full gallery : https://showcase.deuslair.com/ I ordered Core, strech goals, and one legacy terrain bits. It is a lot of minis to de-sprue, assemble and paint. So I thought I would make a priority list: Stretch Goals: Shambling mound, brainsquid, Warunas Outcast, maybe a dryad. Core Set -all regular kril, all Azzurath (chaos birds), some dryads and fey knights Legacy Terrain Tower, mushroom houses ,
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