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  1. Love then. a good pun is its own reword.
  2. For December Rework White Dragon - begin forward progress. 2 larger bones ( Frog demon & ogre) paint some NPCs - plague doc, any from dreadmere. Create Ornament out o Christmas Wrapping Dragon. finish at least 5 do end of year list and Photo shoot.
  3. I dont like where he is going, I think I need to drop the pastel green and go full pink/white - like the other images above. It is currently so ugly looking, and so large and area, I just dont want to go back. Here is current state. He is violating both speed and beauty tenants of my art goals.
  4. December 1: Let’s start easy, What are you working on this month? Is it different than last month? hmm I still have to paint 1 more dragon to hit my yearly goal, but I hit a stumble on a wizkid gargantuan dragon - I don't like the colors im using. White is hard. so technically im still working on him. WIP I just rummaged around in my box of unpainted minis this morning and returned with the ogre chief in bones black, and a frog demon. I should actually apply paint to the plague doctor as well. some of the Dreadmere villagers might get thrown into my Que as filler.
  5. This guy has some serious Druidcraft. His mace/warhammer was clearly grown to serve as a weapon. No idea where he got the loincloth, perhaps that is why there is no Hyena Avatar. the thing on his back is clearly supposed to be a NMM sword (not my finest shiny) - but what if it was huge jug of liquid instead? Its not like he needs a backup weapon. I actually have a second copy of this figure, although I can't say why, he is only my third fav of this series (behind Hippo & Ape) while im thinking of it, the next loincloth should be identifiable Lion or Leopard perhaps. and the second copy should also be weapon swapped out to a staff.
  6. I once threw out my back moving a vacuum. I found that regular strength training at the gym (now a backpack filled with textbooks) really helped. Really I only lift weights to avoid hurting myself in regular life.
  7. I like Snow. its one of my favorite parts of living in Colorado. It falls frequently, then warms up and melts sometimes lingering a few snow banks or shaded areas. sometimes I shovel the walk and snowtires are only necessary in the mts. When I was growing up (in a different state) the snow was perfect for building snowmen only once every few years. Here it is perfect 3-6 times each winter. I build a lot, last Tuesday for instance:
  8. Finished a dragon - the tiny wrapping christmas dragon - I didn't like the way the white was going and it was abandoned. for now. I will try and finish it in December. Finished 5 villagers. and the Rhino beetle (bones4) that I bought this month.
  9. So This little guy was a lot of fun to paint. If I cant do free-hand stripes on a tiny flat surface I need to get more ambitious. The Plan is to put him inside a clear retangular dice box and hang him from the tree. He is so tiny he would be lost inside a full ball ornament.
  10. Pulled the Trigger. - and even some additional shopping for BF sales around didnt create any buyers remorse. that is a massive box. But I think I only really need the demon. ill paint it up for a contest one of theses days. thanks for the all the encouragement. Now ill have to find some other large mini to drool over...
  11. I picked up the card pack, glad I got it before it sold out. I have not intention of adding anything else to wave 4. but I am excited by the promise of the GC shipping soon. it looks like it is a very similar box size to the original game. I haven't played the game in a year or so, but I have every intention of painting more of the wonderful minis. Dragon King Dragon Tyrant Dung Beetle Knight Sunstalker pinup still are waiting their turns. Nightmayer Ram (one of my favs) jumped the Que this year, when I bought just the figure in one of the sales.
  12. We had an Indian Thanksgiving Feast! Tiki Marsala, Koruma Tandori Chicken Fried Momo (dumplings) Naan Bread something with Spinach and Cheese (which I love but cant name) pumpkin and Chess ('Jes ? ) Pie - these were the only thing I cooked, the rest was takeout. getting the Indians switched again appeals to my sense of Whimsy. --- So on a different note I need some enablement advice. I brought in some money on a side gig, and have a higher than normal hobby budget. I have been eying the Lord Of Change (GW) from the first time I saw it. It is a 9" tall winged demon of horrible beauty. Insert existing attachment But I have a fair number of large wonderful minis that I already avoid painting. I haven't painted anything this year larger than about 80mm. I like having them painted but not the process. If I am going to spend over 100$ on one mini shouldn't it be a H*** YES! Perhaps it is just a phase, and the ambition to paint big will return, then I would have this guy waiting for me.. Advice?
  13. He is from the town of Beesbury. heraldic bees. I really had no idea what colors to use for him until the name of a town drifted through my head
  14. Pig-cart not included. The villager group from bones 4. a few may have had their own threads. this is why I didn't need the villagers of Bones5 although apparently I did add the prancing peacock KS, for just a few more people you would find in a tavern .
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