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  1. that is a great scene! I am really impressed. is there a animated gingerbread man in one of the crowd scenes? awesome.
  2. Trying to write 36k words in November for Nanwrimo.  Not paint dragons.  maybe just one, or two.

  3. Wife asked for this one as a Christmas gift. I got it mid November. I wanted to give it to her early, so it can be out as a decoration this year. It’s 11 figures (including ox) which is roughly how many I paint a month. i also want to get lots of points from RCL. the plan is to finish the basic nativity set, and give that early, then rest of the box set under the tree, and finally a display base in January I added the Ox from wizkids, it’s mentioned in many versions - I may add more sheep for final display. Need more work on Mary s back RCL - pc (Joseph) holiday (Jesus) monster (donkey) December pc (wise man), backstory (sheep?) diorama (without base) 2022 pageorama (decorative base + sheep?)
  4. Elder Spawn had a career day at school. It lasted 3 hours. instead of the normal format - ie booths in a convention center. they did it over Zoom. They said it was old people on zoom day. Some presenters couldn't mute Some couldn't unmute Some couldn't figure out Chat window. Some the students mocked with memes 2 presenters showed up to talk about the same career, 18 min apart and had to hash out, in front of the kids who actually had to do it. One class room teacher set the host function up on a computer that was in a closet, with the screen off. (this took school IT to figure it out.) there was also the oldest presenter, who with a little prompting just told stories of her childhood the whole time. what was everyone doing for the past year?
  5. I do the large model contest, and the RCL a lot of RCL. I have done the others in the past, but not every time they come up. BoGW seems the least rewarding at this point in the hobby. it was very helpful when I was starting out and wanted a little more variety, I really got my postage expense back in value. I am writing a post-apocolypse story, much of which appears to be set in Laramie WY. (its a road trip, but they have been in Laramie for 2-3 chapters. the town is only 2 hrs away. So this Thursday was a road trip to see it all in person.
  6. you stuck the landing! totally worth experimenting on. it was one of the first things I painted in Bones 3, and I managed to get a metal one as well. ill paint it up eventually. they are pretty cheap for metal dragons.
  7. Fell in love with this one when I saw him in the VIP bag for reapercon 2016? delighted to get it with the Kickstarter. so much fun to paint. Was going to to just silver and purple- but the counterpoint of a crown golden horns really sold him as an emperor for me. the xiii is a reference to the dragon empire of 13th age (which was a great RPG) would love C&C before submitting him for yearly contest.
  8. Happy Monday! Nov. 8: What do you think is the best part of Fall? The leaves changing color. it really is nature at its most beautiful. but I still await the winter - bringing with it wonderful snow and and the End of Fall Allergy Season. I tell you I cant wait to build things out of snow again. But not accidently seal myself into a snow pyramid, and panic before I figured out how to dig out. I did that last year.
  9. Kicking this models broccoli waiting for the eyes to dry to add more lairs
  10. I am taking a facebook break, so its nice t have someone to remind me; remember, remember he fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot I see no reason Why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. except I forget it a lot.
  11. Okay pulled the trigger on the Nativity set. Spent more of today than I need too painting the dragon bust. I fell in love back when I saw the Resin one being given away in VIP reapercon bags. it is just a lot of fun to paint. and it is going to be beautiful when it is done, and purple. so thats Beauty and Whimsy taken care of - totally failing on the speed. (beauty, whimsy and speed are my art goals / mission statement) also painted for a stretch on a golem (Trio RCL figure) Revised goals: Stone Golem. Joseph Mary Jesus Manger Donkey work on dragon bust. yeah this was supposed to be a light painting month. right.
  12. With the wife I play a lot of Wingspan. With the kids its : card games : Speed, Uno, Flux Scrabble, Forbidden Desert, Dixit, King of Tokyo all get played more rarely.
  13. Mostly I am writing this month, aiming for 30k words - ie 1/2 a novel. I have a handful of bones that I want to do for the RCL, and I need to figure out if I want to pull the trigger on the nativity set from reaper. my wife mentioned wanting it for a Christmas decoration, but I think it should be done at least 10 days before the holiday … let’s say 5 human sized , and the dragon bust
  14. Exceeded the goals for this month. I wanted to focus on KS V and all the * are from the core set. I not going to be the first to finish it this time around, but it will be done eventually. Picture includes only things submitted to RCL Attack cabbage * 2part stairs Large dryad * Small dryad 1 * Small dryad 2 * Stump companion * Brown Druid * Necromancer w/eyepiece * Tiny bear * Orc shaman * Trio Basilisk - tan * Cave Troll
  15. Painted as October trio for RCL struggled a bit with the lower back spines, but you can’t really see them from these angles.
  16. My October painting : Also started a: diorama, with all three dryad creatures. Witch blue/orange OSL witch kid adventurer- companion to bear
  17. Just got some wonderful news! I am now planning on returning for 2022. I made an offer to my wife only to go to Reapercon every other year back in 2016, since it is a fair amount of money for us and a lot of work to single parent for nearly a week. this week we were having a budget meeting and we were putting aside enough for me go next year. When I told her that wasn’t the plan she urged me to go anyway - that events missed can not be made up. Life is short and the future uncertain. - a recent death in the family is the likely cause. Currently we have the money to spare and the spawn are way less trouble.
  18. Question Oct. 21th Do you save the seeds from the pumpkin to eat or to plant? Nope, we buy 3 pumpkins a year, one for me and one for each spawn. We are planning on spending the afternoon this weekend Planning and sculpting. we roasted the seeds a few years ago and it was way too much work for a snack that none of us really liked. Kristof's foam pumpkins sound like a fun alternative, I will look into doing it that way this year.
  19. Motivational poster : Be the unconfirmed Cyripid sighting that you want in the world. Pern Dragon : Flying teleporting and limited telepathy ? sign me up.
  20. Yes from a spool of wire I got from Home Depot. It’s the 4Q diorama so I’m in no hurry. next step is milliput
  21. 8 figures from the core set finished! and 2 more started. Plus fixing up the king of hell from August and painting a canvas for my sister. the second half the month will be less productive, a six day road trip and having actual employment will reduce painting time.
  22. My sister took this photo a week before her husband died. She was on her way to the hospital where he was being treated for cancer. She saw this sunrise and stopped for a photo. She and one of her kids have mentioned seeing a white stag in the woods near where the photo was taken, neither is sure if its real. So I included a glimpse of it on the Canvas. She posted the photo to Facebook and I asked if I could turn it into a painting. She thought that was a fine Idea, and did her own version on a rock, because painting and hiding rocks with wonderful art is her hobby. He died at 51. I had known him since they they started dating in high school. After painting it I had another cry. Ill give it to her when we go up for the memorial service this weekend.
  23. Halloween candy: I like getting Reeces PB cups. One full sized cup is fine. I don’t give out candy, my side of the street has white picket fences, gates and not enough light. too much work per house visited, so the packs of kids stay on the other side of a busy street. I do however take a portion of my spawns’ candy as escort fee. Currently all candy is combined then draft- picked until it is evenly divided between the four of us. I usually quietly throw out half of what I take, cause bad candy is not worth the calories.
  24. An hour of hyper-focused painting today. maybe 90min. Time gets a little fuzzy, when the entire world shrinks to the tip of a brush. I took my basilisk (bones 5) from primed , to an ugly stage of mixed bascoats and shadows. not sure if I should reconsider some of my choices or just push forward. In Cat News - we recently got a box that is 24 inches long and 8inches wide - which is the natural state of my young stretchy cat. He has barely left the box for 2 days. picts soon.
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