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  1. 14 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Quizzle for 30 January 2023:

    What is [or was] a TV show you wound up liking and didn't think you would?

    Downton Abby - wife started watching it in our small home, and so I would do something else while gradually listening to more and more of the show.
    halfway through first season I gave up, and we just watched all of it together. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Corsair said:

    Quizzle for the weekend of 28 & 29 January 2023:

    Have you ever visited a real fort or castle?

    2nd part: Pics?

    In the 6th grade I visited Great Britain for 2 weeks - I think my dad and I hit 15 castles - the castles built  in Whales, by Edward the II  were my favs 
    also tower of London, Edinburgh and a number of smaller keeps & palaces.

    Saw some lovely ones in Ireland broccoli well, when I went there with my wife, but the names escape me. 


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  3. Mixed results with freehand so far 

    Looking at this again I think I need to do borders . Also one if the warriors is half completed NMM  and another has Metallic paint. 

    doing them all nmm would be good for my skills, I just don’t want to spend the time. 


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  4. 5 hours ago, Adrift said:

    Diluted brown liner, and mixing dozens of Bones figures in a bag (shaken, not stirred) is the preferred priming method for all ReaperCon speed painting events, etc.

    diluted with what? surely not water... 


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  5. I decided to paint these warriors a batch so I can continue to meet my goals for the core set.  But the last time I painted a unit I ended up with the waterlilly elves 


    and look all these guys have cloaks  too!

    planning to paint every cloak with freehand based on one of the shields.  

    i should carve off the round shield and add the dragon there too



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  6. back in 2018 I started this guy.  I wasn't great at NMM theory, So I started copying highlights and shadows from a painted version I liked.
    then I paid for a weekened NMM class - and I put him aside.
    the class was pretty bad, and I decided to wait until after Reapercon to start him again. 
    By then I had lost the original scheme, and I still didn't know where to put highlights.  So he sat untouched for 4 years. I painted hundreds of other things. 

    this January my local paint club challenged its members to finish an old figure,  and I found an RCL group doing the same thing. 
    I used compressed air to blow of the dust, and sat down to paint him.  and painted another large figure instead.
    Finally yesterday I started reworking him.



    One days work:   brown  AP speedpaint,  NMM gold - shadow base and highlight - the back has only gotten the speed paint. 




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  7. the Gorloth and its servants were also for My D&D game.  the Chuuls were 3d printed.  I still have 2 unpainted.


    @Count Urlik   I think the collection is a great category for RCL - I look forward to seeing yours. 

     I did 2 lizardmen in the style of Seurat - but that much stippling was just really annoying.  with Monet the size of the brushstroke maters less. 
     haven't tried Pollock at least on purpose,  I would have to tarp off my painting table. 

    The sculpted cloak may have been done after Reapercon.  it was one of my more difficult conversions, as it was metal rather than plastic, and I had to carve the shield off her arm. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

    myself, luv the "next" mini, what a cool idea for a mini diorama and you did it justice, kudos.

    thanks !  it went to reapercon as well, but in the painters category  so all the elaborate basing was mostly ignored by judges.  still I didn't want it competing directly with my elves so...


    I'm loving your dark take on the undead giant, too (especially that red eye).


    I didn't really like the figure - so I thought I would just go for a quick monochrome - "as seen in moonlight" look.  the eye was added for balance.  I liked how it turned out as well. 


    My impressionist freehand doesn't translate perfectly to other freehand painting, but after 10 figures and a few canvass I really like the way it looks.
    I don't know what I am going to do next year ... 2 years ago it was the old dutch masters painting styles.  Titian through Rembrandt and Rubens. 

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  9. the spawn are back in school today, and the wife is actually going into work.   I have the house to myself 

    So I am planning on my end of the year photoshoot.  Gathering all the minis I painted last year and doing group shots, perhaps a video for tick-tock .
    117 although I think a few were given away .  I even picked up a black sheet for last years photos, its only purpose is to use as a photo backdrop. 

    as for organization, I should really put away the minis from 2021, at least some of which just got left out under a dustcover and never stored properly. 
    Dioramas continue to be a problem to store.  

    my paints are messy but organized enough - I even pulled out a bag of doubles to give to the new painter in my D&D group - he has done a few minis and got a Learn-to-paint kit for Christmas (at my suggestion)  

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  10. The Year is over!   

    How did you do on last years goals??? 



    On 1/1/2022 at 8:22 PM, Evilhalfling said:

    Yearly goals: 

    Write More.  - YES   first book is 75k words, and more than half edited, but currently stalled. 

    10+ trio projects for the RCL -   YES 

    Nativity Diorama -   YES  

    3 Large Dragons. -  TWO 

    1 bust  - NO 

    4+ per month figures from the Bones V Core set.   YES 61 from core. 


    Some RCL - but  in a less  obsessive way.  - YES 


    And Best of all -  I Won a Trophy at ReaperCon.   there was a happy dance.  

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  11. Dinner was so good tonight  -  

    Something about the snow and the dark at the end of the year gives me a craving or indian food. 


    I tried Malai Kofta (potato and paneer balls ) as my new dish and was excellent -  the chicken noodles, and appetizer sampler were similarly excellent. 

    even minispawn wrapped up chicken in cheesy naan bread and added unlabeled sauces.  


    The local indian restrant "Spices of India"  was had few filled tables but a steady stream of takeaway orders.   


    Sorry no lovely plated pictures 😞


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