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  1. My Tengu Brak! is a gunslinger. his pistols are from bones, the rest is a WotC pre-painted set. the pistols were easy to cut off and attach, and I painted them extra shiney to draw the eye ill actually have to take a photo of my other PC, but I'm using the Stag Lord figure from the kingmaker AP. It took 2 adventures before he learned that he should put on a shirt in adventuring situations, preferably one made of chain mail. When he is traveling it still stays in his pack.
  2. I missed out on this, but will pass the info on to my friend who got his minis today. He might be feeling enthusiastic enough to get the packaging to Boulder, which may involve passing it to my wife who works there... But at some point this will waste more energy than it will save.
  3. I want to agree whole-hardheartedly with this post. I have had my miniatures for a while now, but this fabulous deal of a Kick Starter has gotten me re-involved in a part of the gaming hobby that I thought I had left behind. I love painting! I can devote an hour or a little more to it on many weekday mornings, and I eye my box of paints and half-finished models longingly on the weekends. Opening up my case to pick the next set of models to paint is like having multiple Christmas! Okay so occasionally it feels like a burden, but usually surfing the forums here, and taking a few days off restores the magic. Your company reached for the stars in this expansion and your hard work in made it into a reality for the 17,000 of us that signed on. I don't think I would have rediscovered this old joy without you. Anyway here is a picture of my case of partially painted figures from the vampire level.
  4. So apparently the lease on the condo that I own (but don't live in) Says that the tenet is not responsible for the water bill. Well the HOA doesn't pay the damn thing, so guess who is paying for their water? that's right its me. well its only ~500$ or so a year that I had not counted on. I'm pretty sure that that's what I told the prop manager who wrote the lease, but I didn't catch the mistake before I signed it, as it was bundled as a utility into trash and sewer which IS paid by the HOA. At least I'm not paying their electrical bill as well. Do you know how many bones/paints I could buy for 500$ ? - not that my utility budget and gaming budget have a direct correlation.
  5. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aE2GCa-_nyU?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I actually caught the original on the radio the other day and thought - this needs more Lindsy Stirling,
  6. The Golem is finished, at least until I get some poster stick-um Here are the zombies. I decided I wanted more rotting flesh and less gray. I looked at a bunch of zombies in the galleries but I wasn't impressed by the usual grey shades. For these I was back to base color (mix of yellow/cream/brown and then a heavy wash with a flesh shade (redish) oil. Then a few details. The clothing scraps had a pure black wash to distinguish it further from the flesh colors and the box in progress: 75 bones painted I'll post Miss Firecracker pictures when it gets closer to independence day. she may even get her own WIP (trainwreck) thread. Edit: and here she is!
  7. the bones paint up well, but you cant mix any water in with the first coat. (see sticky-ed threads in the bones forum for testing) I usually prime them first (flames of war / army painter) Black primer if I intend a darker mini. Although sometimes these are a little sticky until they start getting paint. I was just thinking about ways to get around holding the mini. what works best? The only suggestion I found was poster tape on what appears to be a bottle of paint. I don't have any empties yet, but there might be something else around I could use. Most of the primed minis in the last box shot are now painted, and I have 5 zombies primed. The sorceress above now appears to be dressed in an American flag (accidentally). I figure WTH, ill add little white dots and make the costume complete. I should repainted it to something less silly, but I'm not sure I will.
  8. Okay so layering. I read through th LTPK2 thread and watched some videos of the techniques. It goes so much slower than base / wash / highlight / detail Here are some trial figures: The golem has 1 shade coat, 2 base coats and 2 highlight coats. all combinations of white / glossy black and / or drow-flesh I though I was done, but looking at the enlarged phot shows alot of imperfections that I can go back and fix This woman is black primer, rosy flesh, flat flesh and black lining on clothing. she is probably going to get another layer of flat flesh, then highlights. hmm actually the black lining on her thigh strap doesn't look right. ill paint over that and leave the other lines.
  9. nice, im definitely stealing colors for my zombies. I have been holding off painting my KS horde until I found a scheme I liked. I know I use them for most D&D campaigns I run.
  10. well that's great, forces of nature was on my list of regrets. Hopefully they aren't to big for my case. I will add them to the pair of squid-faced (balthaz-somthings) that I will eventually order. you know when I'm done painting my vampire box, could be as early as October at current pace. I didn't sub-out my sophie, but only due to my ordering error. I'm keeping it in its package in case there is a good aftermarket price for her. Do Sophies normally go up in value?
  11. just adding a note so I can find this thread again. I have too many bones and paints already, to buy the LTPK, but the techniques look worth trying.
  12. I moved the first weekend in June. It took till yesterday before I got my paints unpacked and a workspace set up. with One layer finished this is the beginning of the second. finally got an idea to paint the rust monster. this is a red base coat, ocher main layer, black wash and (badly done) highlights. I need to pick a light source direction an reshade accordingly. I started painting this one as an arctic hunter, after a kitsune (fox-shifter) NPC. White is easier than black. The Dwarf maid came out well, but her shield has a large arrow pointing up as a device. who came up with that idea? I also added this broat-coat / Thief. her smile is a little joker-eque but it looks better from table distance. Do you guys think I should tone it down? A better question is what 1-2 things should I change about each mini for a better paint job?
  13. I have fully moved in and found most of my minis and paints. I painted 1.5 minis this morning, my only day of painting so far this month. The hiatus is over, but I actually have less time to paint now. but lets be ambitious 12 painting days (weekdays, when SWMBO is working) max 2 per day, 24 newly painted bones. ill post picts in my WIP a box of bones thread Edit: Actual Total 15.
  14. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77036 Devona, Female Wizard really? she is wearing plate and chain. how does that say wizard?
  15. a few more before I pack up my paints and move to a new condo. 60 bones total. looking at the pictures I see more and more imperfections. did i really leave an unpainted area between arm and shield? why does his leg armor look like paint while his chest looks like steel? what happened to his other eyebrow? Oh well. at least im happy with his kilt. This is a spider swarm but what I really need is a swarm of crawling claws. I painted the legs fleshy and some of the bigger spider bodies got turned into skulls. I would adjust it, but I am running the game this weekend. and an archer. I was considering him as a upgraded version of my current PC, but he came out so different I cant believe they are the same guy. ill post picts of the current guy later. Im using the Stag Lord mini from the Pathfinder Kingmaker AP
  16. I took 2 days to sort my box. eventually it got sorted into the case that I bought with the KS. layer 1: stuff I want to paint, or think I will use in the next campaign I run. layer 2: stuff I want to paint right away layer 3: stuff i don't really want to paint, but will eventually there is some floating between the layers. Still in box: stuff I don't want to paint, just don't want at all (chronoscape) and stuff too big for the case, even after combining 2 slots.
  17. Thanks for the support guys, sometimes it feels like im just treading water with my painting skills. The fireball I just gently drybrushed with a wide flat brush, then went back over whatever that missed with a pin dipped in paint. The coals were just lightly painted and the translucent red mini shines through in the unpainted cracks. The tengu came out of a bin at a gaming convention boot. I think it was one of the pre-painted WotC minis. (that came from a randomized box) Orginally it was holding some kind of wand/holysymbol.
  18. the goal is certainly important: I asked the people I play D&D with and they agreed that the full color bases seemed like the best way to distinguish individuals on the battlemat. I had a second version of the rats, which had only a tidy stripe on the bottom of each base, but on the gaming table they were indistinguisahable. So in my case the practicality of use wins out over aesthics. Back to full color bases. post-it notes dont really work for me, they give TMI about hp, and clutter up the battle field.
  19. I took 2 metal minis out of the first layer and added in more painted bones. I also slowed my painting frenzy. Anyway here is the completed first layer of the box: 57 painted bones, 60 minis Here are two bad guys. in my campaign I have an order called the Dark 6 - tiefling wizards. They have been described as wearing black trimed with red. I had no idea how hard it was to painting good looking black robes. This was done with glossy black, for shadows, and a pale blue (craft paint) mixed in for the highlights. the red I normally use for tieflings clashed with his chains, so I went blue instead.
  20. 53 painted. I thought I had finished the first layer of my case, but looking closer some of them don't meet the standard of 1 wash, 1 coat, 1 drybrush. A couple are not actually bones. Painting 6 mostly white rats really advanced my totals today.
  21. I vary the bases. but im still trying to pick the best method. My Bones rats have the edges of thier bases painted with a variety of bright colors, while the kobolds have their entire base in differernt shades. But I cant seem to help doing some individualizations. two of the kobolds were altered to create spell casters, and 2 others were painted with more armor (to serve as dragonshield warriors) but the rest of the kobolds have identicle skintones and clothing colors. And the rats come in groups of 3 so far, 3 brown, 3 white and im considering 3 more white and 3 black. hopefully I will use all of these in D&D games, and I like the quick notes of rat, orange or just Orng: to track status and hp. pictures of my kobolds and rats:
  22. So the bones kickstarter came with 12 giant rats and 2 swarms. some of its not going so well. My young daughter did the brown basecoats, then I tried to clean them up, using some drybrushing. Bleh. advice might be helpful. then I did a swarm, black rats, pink faces, and some gray highlights. it looks okay from a distance, but a hot mess up close. Then I found a WIP thread where someone painted them white. with some pink. This turned out adorable Gaint rats, but my attept to add black shadows did not go perfectly. I think I may stay with the minimalist approach. Just unpainted bones with pink details and painted bases. The bases will need color stripes so I can track them in play. Im also considering painting 3 of remaining 6 large rats black/gray with pink faces.
  23. Wanders off to weigh his atlas... only 12 lbs but oh yeah its awesome. Used for creating Campaign worlds and teaching my 4yr old about this world.... I should get a globe too. and then paint it! yeah yeah thats the ticket! I wonder if anyone sells balack and white globes with the little raised mountain ranges and oceanic trenches
  24. This halfling color scheme is matched to a previously painted male halfling. both will probably be psionists, and at least one evil. just cause. 2 of these Tieflings were already painted, but here they are all togeather. And one is not actually a Tiefling, until I added horns and red skin. (guess which) If we ever return to the D&D campaign that ended this march, this crew will be movers and shakers. Okay so the Tengu (birdman) is not from Bones, but his pistols were. Bones are great for making modifications. BRACK! is one of my two active pathfinder society PCs. Gunslingers are terrible in Pathfinder, but I get to make finger guns and shout BANG! whenever I hit something. yeah im that guy. and at last the reacurring Box Shot. 4 unpainted slots in my first layer. It seems like I was painting forever with out getting anywhere, and then they all finished at the same time.
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