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  1. I took 2 metal minis out of the first layer and added in more painted bones. I also slowed my painting frenzy. Anyway here is the completed first layer of the box: 57 painted bones, 60 minis Here are two bad guys. in my campaign I have an order called the Dark 6 - tiefling wizards. They have been described as wearing black trimed with red. I had no idea how hard it was to painting good looking black robes. This was done with glossy black, for shadows, and a pale blue (craft paint) mixed in for the highlights. the red I normally use for tieflings clashed with his chains, so I went blue instead.
  2. 53 painted. I thought I had finished the first layer of my case, but looking closer some of them don't meet the standard of 1 wash, 1 coat, 1 drybrush. A couple are not actually bones. Painting 6 mostly white rats really advanced my totals today.
  3. I vary the bases. but im still trying to pick the best method. My Bones rats have the edges of thier bases painted with a variety of bright colors, while the kobolds have their entire base in differernt shades. But I cant seem to help doing some individualizations. two of the kobolds were altered to create spell casters, and 2 others were painted with more armor (to serve as dragonshield warriors) but the rest of the kobolds have identicle skintones and clothing colors. And the rats come in groups of 3 so far, 3 brown, 3 white and im considering 3 more white and 3 black. hopefully I will use all of these in D&D games, and I like the quick notes of rat, orange or just Orng: to track status and hp. pictures of my kobolds and rats:
  4. So the bones kickstarter came with 12 giant rats and 2 swarms. some of its not going so well. My young daughter did the brown basecoats, then I tried to clean them up, using some drybrushing. Bleh. advice might be helpful. then I did a swarm, black rats, pink faces, and some gray highlights. it looks okay from a distance, but a hot mess up close. Then I found a WIP thread where someone painted them white. with some pink. This turned out adorable Gaint rats, but my attept to add black shadows did not go perfectly. I think I may stay with the minimalist approach. Just unpainted bones with pink details and painted bases. The bases will need color stripes so I can track them in play. Im also considering painting 3 of remaining 6 large rats black/gray with pink faces.
  5. Wanders off to weigh his atlas... only 12 lbs but oh yeah its awesome. Used for creating Campaign worlds and teaching my 4yr old about this world.... I should get a globe too. and then paint it! yeah yeah thats the ticket! I wonder if anyone sells balack and white globes with the little raised mountain ranges and oceanic trenches
  6. This halfling color scheme is matched to a previously painted male halfling. both will probably be psionists, and at least one evil. just cause. 2 of these Tieflings were already painted, but here they are all togeather. And one is not actually a Tiefling, until I added horns and red skin. (guess which) If we ever return to the D&D campaign that ended this march, this crew will be movers and shakers. Okay so the Tengu (birdman) is not from Bones, but his pistols were. Bones are great for making modifications. BRACK! is one of my two active pathfinder society PCs. Gunslingers are terrible in Pathfinder, but I get to make finger guns and shout BANG! whenever I hit something. yeah im that guy. and at last the reacurring Box Shot. 4 unpainted slots in my first layer. It seems like I was painting forever with out getting anywhere, and then they all finished at the same time.
  7. Im painting the same mini. Mine came out too dark, and moncromatic. I wasn't sure about the end of the tail, but looking at your pictures I see a buckle, which means you painted it correctly as artificial. I am definately going to steal your choices of which pieces of armor to add addtional color to.
  8. Pins! I feel like a pin head. I have been using toothipicks (which I mostly use for mixing paint.) The table im using is also my wife's crafting table, and there is a tomato-thingy full of metal pointys in the top drawer.
  9. I do live in colorado ... a recreational use law passed, but the details are still being debated. The state university (CU Boulder) had its graduation ceremony yesterday. There were drifting clouds, rolling down your windows might have provided a contact high. anyway pcts: its really obvious which mini has a coat of glossy sealer. 37 minis painted, 5 unfinished. 2 need stripping and repainting.
  10. Okay I finally read the whole thread and this was all propsed earlier. tomorrow will make it a full month since I got my bones, but i may finish another figure tonight, so ill update the score then. I know buglips doesn't have his KS stuff yet but it looked like he was pushing forward with other bones. How many have you painted? its been a bit since i counted them pcktint. it could be 240. I didn't do a inventory when they came in, hell I didn't even realize there were three trays in my case, the top one was always stuck to the plastic when i opened it.
  11. I was strongly tempted by the Sage Order, but i realize that the players won't take them even a little seriously If they named themselves that. So thats going to be thier nick-name. Im leaning towards Virdellian Illuminati or the Society of Lux Verdis (green light) - which really imples a sense of motion, and boldly plunging forward. 1-2 of my players speak enough latin to translate it quickly
  12. There are 3 trays?? Why didn't I notice this? The last tray need extensive cutting because many of the minis that I wanted to paint were too big for a single slot. Nearly a month on, and I have more than 30 painted. two wizards ened up in similar green robes so I thought WTH, ill add an order of green wizards to the next campaign. ill post pict when the third one is finished. Any good suggetions for a name?
  13. grr argh. I added these posts into my previous thread. please delete.
  14. paints 12 vallejo paints 11 craftsmart acrylic (69c each) 3 citadel inks (black, sepia, fleshshade) for washing. this is after an addtional coat of washes and drybrushing. Next I looked up painted goblins and saw the over painting of the articulation of armguards and leather straps. In other peoples modles there was actually dark stripes painted on the lines in the arm leathers, more than just a wash clinging to the cracks. so made a third pass, thistime painting in the lines with my newest thin brush. at this I think im done with the goblins. My goal is just to get them table-ready. The changes seem small, but im not embaressed by them anymore. Besides im playing in a Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder game, and so the next time I run a campaign I won't use goblins, because the group will have had thier fill fighing fighting them.
  15. I merged into my other WIP thread, please delete
  16. I have a where I Paint (WIP) all the minis that will fit in 1 case from the thread in works in progress. forum You can also do a search for the bones tag in the show off forum, I have a couple of pictures there too.
  17. I have been speding through my bones. upwards of 23 since I got my KS. April 11th-May 5th my goal this month is to finish one tray in my box: 18 storage compartments, remaining. Edit: Finished! May 24th : 57 bones.
  18. Elyse Goodwren (on right) Pathfinder Paladin 4th human - Divine Defender Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 16 Traints: Inspiring rush (1/day) +1 hit and damage, all allies gain the same for 1 round. Blessed touch (+1 to healing) Feats: Power attack, Weapon Focus glaive Skills: Diplomacy +7, Sense motive +5 Class skills: Smite Evil x2, divine grace, lay on hands x6 (2d6+1) Shared defense (3 rnds) adjacent allies gain +1 ac, saves, CMD. Channel energy (uses 2 LoH), Aura of courage AC 19; Fort+8 Ref+5 Will+7 2100 gp +1 Glaive: + 9(1d10+5), +1 Half Plate Elyse is idealistic, and grew up as the younger daughter of a noble house. She was soaked in noblis obligie and chivilry, and is just exactly the sort of person to have custom made enchanted armor with hearts on it.
  19. thanks guys, thats helpful. I was hitting a block there with the gobos, now I want to try it again. I am cleaning the figures first, and the gobos were even primed, as I have been finding it helps me see the details better. ill try the wash on thier clothes, then redo for highlights. I did all those little red Xs with a toothpick, but I think I was too attached to them, I can redo them once the base coloring comes out better. unfortunately SWMBO has a long honeydo list for me this weekend. But during the week i can frequently find 1-3 hours to work on them.
  20. Elyis Goodwren is now the "maid of hearts" name. She is wearing better armor than chainmail, call it half-plate? Since I play D&D (mostly) that makes her a paladin or cleric in d20. In 4e its paladin, OR battlemind, cleric, warlord with 1-2 armor feats. I want to stay away from straight fighter. The training and mental toughing that a someone who is devoted only to weapons and personal combat seems to contradict the personality type that would have custom armor made with hearts on it. The easy answer is a spoiled rich girl or noble wearing show armor, but that is not as intriguing.
  21. Recieved april 11th, finished unboxing after only 2 days! I sorted out all the minis I wanted to painted that would fit in the case. after about 2 weeks: Here are 2 of my early heroes. I love the scroll, and folds in the robes, but hate the faces. after about a month: koboolds, goblins, 10 adventures are painted. At least a few are on a shelf of shame, waiting fixes Goblins the goblins seemed very paint friendly, with large eyes, protruding eyeballs, and interesting details, but something went wrong. advice is welcome.
  22. I am prouder of the "maid of hearts" (right). I have to work her into a campaign, as PC or NPC. till cant get the eyes right.
  23. I regret not getting a second figure case. or some extra smaller dragons. I don't regret getting Kalldrax or Nethyrmaul. sure they look good but im moving next month, and they would be awkward to store. Besides when would I ever use one in a game?
  24. smokingwreckage is correct, I went with bright, garish bases so that I could easily track HP/statuses on each model. It is likely the next campaign I run will start with kobolds. Cause i got kobolds!, who hoo I got kobolds! The yellow and tan-flesh bases look a more warped than I had noticed, I should use some hot/cold water baths to correct for it. As for brighter base coats, that sounds like good advice, although I may have to buy a silver to complement my gunmetal gray. Other colors can be lightened with white, but diluting my metalic color makes it look matte gray, unless someone has a way around this.
  25. okay we have to make this painting race more fair. Im painting like a madman, and am unwilling/unable to stop. While most of you are still waiting. 1) How about one week, 1 month, 6 months., End of year, 1 year since arrival... time periods, and then some kind of prize for the first person to finish... 2) but finish what? just one vampire pack? or all bone minis recieved? or first to 212 (the amount in one vampire box.) Its going to be tricky for me since I have already given away my chronoscape figures, and there are others that I just don't intend to paint. Im sure others feel the same way. 3) should ginormous figures have some kind of bonus status? Howlong does it take to paint a Cthulu? 4) Am I taking this too seriously?
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