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  1. only if tickets/hotel rooms/ air fare to reapercon counts as a holiday sale. That requires saving and budgeting to go every year.
  2. Merry Christmas - its the middle of the night here, and ill be going back to bed soon. but the stockings are filled, and cookies have been eaten.
  3. that is some massive improvement The griffon, streaching yourself for a great scenic base on the ratman, and finally the freehand on the GW cloak. I rediscovered this hobby and similarly fell in love with it. (after a break from 1993-2013) This forum has also been one of my main drivers to continue and improve. I cant wait to see where you go next! online or local contests? Reapercon if you haven't already been? the feedback you can get from entering a piece there is amazing, kind, and targeted.
  4. I eventually got an At-At I think it took 2-3 years of asking. It was one of the most expensive things I got as a present. I actually found it in my garage before Christmas, and my parents convinced me they were storing it for the neighbor. which was kinda reasonable as he was an only child, whose family seemed to have more disposable income. actually owning the At-At? Awesome.
  5. All values shown in US Dollars ($USD) 01695 Cathy Wappel Tribute Miniature - 44167 Corinna, Greek Archer Heroine - 44168 Giannis, Greek Mage - 44169 Jaxon, Greek Warrior Hero - x2 50248 Shoggoth - metal 77114 Faceless Horror - 77516 Dark Young - 01225 Reaper Christmas Sampler x 1FREE 30105 Jolie, Adventuring Scribe x 1FREE 77397 Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin x 1FREE 01595 Tinker the Gnome x 1FREE greeks and Lovecraftian Horrors As is my custom, its wrapped and under the tree.
  6. Elf lass does not skip leg day. Nice work on the paint jobs. Where are these figures from?
  7. Its basically done - I should be able to finish it at paint club tomorrow *Forgets to add 4 tenecles to the back. right. I should probably prime & paint those.
  8. Working the base before assembling next it comes together- I think I got all the hard to reach places before I glued this on- I guess we will see. There are still a lot of unpainted eyes - 22
  9. I have been feeling overwhelmed all day. It started when I was writing a Christmas letter to my Sisters kids (and including checks). One of her kids has made some life choices this year I am having trouble with, and writing an encouraging note was stressing. It sat in the back of my head, and made everything else just a little harder. My Elderspawn is having exams this week & they had emotional support dogs at her school to help . I would have loved an emotional support Dog to pet at school, even if you have to stand in a line. Heck I would like an emotional support dog now - I have two cats, but neither picked me as fav person/lap so they are little help. anyway I should go paint a pig in three colors. or at least prime it for tomorrow. I realized this evening I did a tavern called the "Whistling Pig" for a Diorama and forgot to paint the pig for it.
  10. Spent hours working on this unpainted side, still feels only roughed in. hours to go…
  11. Does the Brinewind Bar - Drunken Mermaid terrain count as a Large reaper figure for the purpose of the Diorama category?
  12. for the next one? Roast leg of Lamb (raised on my parents farm) Christmas Prep: Only one gift left to buy, nothing is wrapped. Lights, stocking, garlands and Christmas miniatures are all up.
  13. It is, but When my Texan Brother-in law would host christmas, I loved going running most mornings. I don't run at below zero (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  14. I always warn my kids against ixithlitl but I still wonder - how chaotic evil can you be as a fish?
  15. And now with more purple- I like this better.
  16. Huh the eyes are symmetrical.. guess I have to match the colors this is my fav view so far, I think the yellow stripes might be a mistake- I’ll try bruised purple and wild violet highlights on the mostly unpainted side - see if that works better
  17. Hmm not exactly current - I’ll add a new photo tonight
  18. This thing may be the last fight next session - where the PCs destroy most of the cult of Uliban the hungry star - then they will advance to lvl9 I am going for a purple/ black yellow color scheme with every eye unique Hmm not exactly current - I’ll add a new photo tonight
  19. One of the PCs kept feeding him drinks. she was attending as a kitchen servant. they got along really well - the starpact Warlock and the Aberrant Mind Sorcerer. None of the PCs got along with his creepy daughter. (also a cultist warlock) they can probably convince him to switch sides - assuming he doesn't turn the aberrant sorcerer PC to his side instead. Lord Twiller Vernon baited the groom into attacking him and brought him down to 6 hp, mostly with armor of Agathis. & confusion (cast at level 5) the PCs and some military officers knocked out the groom before he killed himself. Meanwhile the Sorcerer's psychic rat pet was lured out by cultists - the PCs tracked it down to the cults HQ. the creepy daughter was hanging out there and was captured by PCs . They also found the halfling-sized armchair and still warm coffee of the Cult Leader - an evil halfling. but there is no sign of the psychic rat or the cult leader (end session) people with C next to them are effected by confusion, the fight took place on the back patio and garden area of the house - picture taken before the drow ranger started casting grow spells at the mushroom garden.
  20. December" goals Finish Overgourd Loathsome troll (trio) Yog -Shogoth dwarf for RCL large group.
  21. My D&D party will be attending a wedding between two noble houses. It would be a shame if one of the uncles got drunk and started spilling family secrets - casting confusion spells and Eldritch blasting the groom. Lord Twiller, House Vernon (Red wolf) "I will be your huckleberry."
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