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  1. My D&D party will be attending a wedding between two noble houses. It would be a shame if one of the uncles got drunk and started spilling family secrets - casting confusion spells and Eldritch blasting the groom. Lord Twiller, House Vernon (Red wolf) "I will be your huckleberry."
  2. Wednesday, Nov. 30: What is your favorite movie or book quote?
  3. I keep missing these... goals : paint a Troll for RCL trio. paint other stuff ? results 1 loathsome troll finished cloaked thief from reapercon textures class Panickly batch painted 17 kobolds in the last three days.
  4. Bones figures have a problem with watered paint. If you dilute the first coat on the mini, you are likely to have problems. Spray Primer carries its own issues. - interacting with bones plastic. Brush on primer or a layer of reapers "Liner" paints - I use Brown liner on almost everything as a first coat - but Blue liner works just as well. or undiluted first layer. after you have one layer, diluted paint works fine.
  5. This is much better, just need to do the base and clean up a few details
  6. I did most of what I planned - but switched RCL Trio mini to a troll, and didnt finish the overgourd - One more session to finish the pumpkins and a second to finish the pumpkin pile on the base - 4 hrs, probably over two days. Bar Terrain - (reapers drunken mermaid) Brinewind terrain (4 crates) Spiritual weapon * Table +4 chairs Grag elf slayer * Skeleton - celtic cloak freehand RC class Eli - darksword spearman (metal) Ogre - dots & dashes RC class Ina- Sculpted cloak (metal & green stuff) Unarmed loathsome troll * * means it is from the KS 5 core set - I am chipping away and will someday finish.
  7. I love all the paintings - are any of those printed or did you hand paint them all? I recognize one, a Van Dyck wedding portrait right? The others look familiar and show different styles - 14th? -17th century, a if they were slowly added over time. absoultley stunning in design and execution.
  8. Several layers of orange later — so I found this cool eye drawing with hands of people trapped inside But it didn’t work. will redo as standard eye
  9. finished the brown layers and started the orange - this is (moslty) layer one of 4-5
  10. I wasn’t sure I wanted to paint this one, and for a time considerate selling it. but my RCL trio wanted to painted , and there were several great versions at reapercon - so here I go. did I want to do something beyond the obvious green and orange? I considered white ghost pumpkin or teal (autism safe) pumpkins? Nah it needs to be orange. assembled and primed (brown liner) yesterday - today I’m just going to start in on vines. Bonus picture : drawn for minispawns field trip lunch bag - to a pumpkin patch of course
  11. Last December I started an in-person, once a month gaming group. and offered the PCs their choice of minis from my collection. One player picked the unpainted, metal @Hollymonster figure to represent her Tiefling sorceress. Because Holly is one of @Rainbow Sculptor delightful Kid Scale adventures, the character is listed as 5' tall. human scale, but short. I did my best to paint her as if she was a caster, not a warrior. (image 1) 3 sessions ago she was given a waterlilly cloak when she rescued an elf from the lair of an Aboleth. Although most of the cloaks are enchanted in one way or another, this one functions as a tradtion (stealth) elven cloak. but when not blending it returns to the Monet painting of waterlilies as a default. I sculpted the cloak - doing a mockup with poster tack, then a final in greenstuff . loved the way the back turned out, (figure 2) Then when I was taking photos it occured that she would look even more like the character without a shield, and that with some cutting and more greenstuff (image 3&4) this is the largest change I have made to a metal figure. She did look even better (5&6) except that the folds in the back did not work as well, and the impressionism was better in version 1. so mostly satisfied with the results. She absolutely feels more like the PC caster without the shield. Inamaia, tiefling sorceress of the Aberrant Mind Bloodline.
  12. This doesn't seem like too much at all. Start Yog-Sogoth (finish by mid December) 3 reaper class minis - texturing (green cloak) + dots and dashes (ogre)+ Celtic knotwork (skeleton) sculpt and paint a waterlilly cloak for a PC (holly monster) brinewind tavern bar scenery 3 stools + 4-8 chairs 1-2 tables Grag Elfslayer Spiritual weapon Overgourd (picture from minispawn's Lunch bag.) - John Snow from darksword - modified to carry spear.
  13. QUESTION Sept.29th. do you have plans to paint / build something related to the Season? Fall/halloween etc..if so what are your plans? I am painting the Overgourd as my Trio project for October. I will probably paint something for the Q4 RCL seasonal catagory I don't know what it will be. im currently trying to finish up a summer seasonal druidess.
  14. elder spawn would love this they have been binging Rise of the TMNT for several weeks now. they almost made it through watching 2 of the live action movies before bailing. I even got out the 1987 TNMT RPG game book, so they could check the stats/stories of some of the reoccurring villains. and enjoy the two comic stories (by the creators ) that are in the book. It is a terrible game though. Next to D&D it was the game I played the most often in HS.
  15. This is a great idea, and looking at the other figures in the set, they are very imaginative - spy (in a bush) and 3 goblins in a trenchcoat are my favs, but I don't like the quality of the figures. They are very simple sculpts and lacking in detail.
  16. I keep spreadsheet records that I update progress towards finishing the core sets from reaper 63/152 currently on bones 5. I also track the KS add-ons and expansions I buy, but don't update them as regularly as I paint them. The only time I did a full count was during the pandemic lockdown. Also keep a monthly record of everything I paint. nothing on paints.
  17. marvelous I love the tinted metal - so much variation. I will try this technique myself - but subbing in reaper and other washes instead.
  18. QUESTION SEPT. 21st. Non-Combat Terrain. For example a peaceful town/a marketplace/silly houses etc etc. Do you have plans for building any? Any cool ideas? I don't really have any. Storage would be an issue. so I don't really have the urge to make any - unless I'm looking at 3d files on kickstarters - then I drool over them. My terrain is mostly ruined towers from reaper, dioramas and a single bridge I built from foam.
  19. For me, I really hate corn. I did this guy for my Trio project from RCL @Pochi @Kuroneko I wanted to really draw the eye to his scythe - a red hot blade, never cooled from the Forge. He is probably 9' high compared to a human, but I wanted to make it clear what the biggest danger was going to be. This Golem is out to burn the fields, as well as kill anyone that gets close enough to reap personally. It is clearly built by a god or wizard as a weapon of vengeance. possibly against the corn, or at least the song. For me I really like corn What do you like about corn? Its corn! A big lump with knobs It has the juice (it has the juice) I can't imagine a more beautiful thing (Woo) It's corn! I can tell you all about it I mean look at this thing
  20. i got there buisness card but it did not leaad to a useable website. their face book group is " Unit3d Art and gaming"
  21. QUESTION SEPT. 15th. When it comes to collecting minis/3Dfiles/paints etc...do you have a saturation point? At what point do you stop buying hobby stuff and just paint/play with what you acquired already? Paint. I am probably at saturation, but I buy replacements when bottles get low enough to be concerned. occasionally I will try a bottle or two of a new brand/formulation. 3D files, I only have a handful, mostly included with physical models from KS. they look so pretty, but the extra hassel of paying someone to print them, keeexpaps me from random purchases. Minis. well I am not there yet. I am just past the tipping point with busts, as I have half a dozen unpainted and don't feel the need for more unless/until I get through some of the pile. I skipped the core set for Bones 6, but there were a lot of cool minis in the expansion sets, so I have 2, and am on the fence for a third. I paint all the cores, but am more relaxed bout painting the expansions - only painting them as I need them for games or inspired by RCL. Updating my painted core set 5 spreadsheet... 61 painted of 152
  22. I didnt post my Con Loot here? Top row: Class minis ; Stone Arch from Galledoria Games , 3d printed Kirin,- Unit 3d art & gaming ; dance of death (reaper buck store) Gnoll Rifleman - a speed paint and quick conversion for my spelljammer game. Con and Mins from the reaper store, and a poketool for a friend. not shown a shirt from Southpaw crafts and Lost boys from Moonlight minis. & 1/2 of dungeon denizens set won at auction. bought from 4 different vendors & reaper, about twice previous visits. Last year it was mostly the reaper store. The last is my very favorite loot - my first ever painting trophy, from moonlight minis Its only primed to in theory I could paint it and enter it next year.
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