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  1. More progress: I like the fron painting better than the rear. Should I repaint the back or leave her in 2 different paintings?
  2. taken generously I am on track. - spent at least 2 hrs painting today, on diorama figure Mfg Entry / MSP - primed Diorama - WIP. RPG adventure - WIP still waiting on rules. to publish / arrive. Alternate MSP - needs details, & base plan + actual basing. tickets, classes and roommates sorted out CHECK.
  3. Not happy with this. the colors are muddled Its not pretty. this is supposed to be the foundation of these beautiful cloaks - and is certainly enchanted to change appearance> It should absoultely not look like crap.
  4. Please do! painting an image of outer space on a deer is not one of my more serious projects. some of my projects are serious right?
  5. Mos of my painting is done on weekdays but here is what is waiting for Monday
  6. So they all have names and histories from my current D&D campaign they all appeared in - I think I will do 2 cards or paragraphs of text one that sets the scene, and one with names if you were looking at this diorama at the art show how much detail would you want on each elf (max of 4 ) ??! Lyinanna Timothena - fey-pack warlock, weaver of cloaks, - unpainted Keleris Shostrii - Libertarian ex-boyfriend of Lyinanna, father of Coryem & Raine (PC) - Gold cloak Coryem "the Scaven" Timothena - Wererat, reoccurring campaign villain, son ot Lyinanna - Ultramarine waterlily cloak also pictured Venturis Waescan - known as drunken layabout to town, “THE Elven Wine merchant” to the smugglers guild of the Empire, ---- allied to Keleris and Ina (PC) - green cloak with bridge. Ilbryen Torwenys- youngest hunter of the tribe, naïve, is dating Danniestra (PC) - abstract willow cloak Quithanna Modrehindresh - fisherwoman, saved from Chuuls by PCs - pink flower cloak.
  7. Finished ? The backdrop not sure about it Added more yellow and fit the two together I want to do a second version of the back drop - and one more of the ground canvas - with more an alternate design - ie one from a bridge less painting last picture is the fey-pact warlock responsible for making these cloaks for her tribe.
  8. Stuff from reaper and Moonlight Minis some of it is supposed to be painted for reapercon
  9. I goggled "celestial stag" for painting ideas - and saw one covered in stars from a video game. then thought "I could do that better", and since the James Web telescope had published a ridiculously cool photo the day before.... The base was from a Repercon class by Bob Ridolfi. It sat around for 2 years waiting for me to finish it. I'm not entirely satisfed with the way I painted the stone wall. but the rest of it came out the way it looked in my head. I have no idea what happed with in the Reaper facebook page comments when I posted this but I was laughing pretty hard when someone named James Stagg dropped in. I cant repeat the comments here but it escalated quickly.
  10. Killmonger - I like a good sympathetic villain, who makes the right move most of the time, or the wrong move for good reasons. and then actually dies! I have had it with unkillable boogymen. Wednesday, July 27: What creature in a game or other fiction is surprisingly more deadly than you expected? hunting the Phoenix in Kingdom Death Boardgame. Sure it is a most terrible foe, but just trying to find one frequently killed 1-4 survivors, and then you would try and take on a time stealing monster with a small team. will add picture later ...
  11. So now it’s turning into a diorama a flat painting as a base, a constructed bridge and then a second painting as a back drop second picture is laying down shadow areas third is the finished canvas forth is the shadows and light of the backdrop - the penciled in bridge has vanished completely the upper tail of bridge is a quarter inch under the exact center. The lower rail is dead center halfway to the lower edge. The lower beam arcs smoothly to the corners Added more yellow and fit the two together
  12. I got my teenager up last week by walking in and singing: "good morning, I know its hard to get up, when Ao3 is in your eyes and the days kinda sus but you got this.... " She was already awake and probably reading FF on Ao3 for at least a half hour. Later she had me sing it again so she could record it and send it to her friends. its really all her fault for getting me on tick tok 5 out of 10 wizkid minis I have painted. I should run a real count of them. I quit buying the human sized ones, but the gargantuan white dragon wasn't any better. and yes going back to paint bones 1 stuff - its still the same, but my standards have changed since 2013
  13. yesterdays adventure - I am writting a novel where the characters pass through post-apocalypse western states. While visiting my In-laws in Boise, Idaho. I spent yesterday driving around the city looking at terrain and water sources. But I got lost when my cell phone coverage cut out. I ended up crossing the Oregon boarder to a small town (pop 3,3k) of Nyssa. I was looking for a place to stop and ask for directions and found the Vintage Nerd Hobby shop. on mainstreet! comics, video games, MtG cards - but also weapons,, and a good selection of Reaper and Wizkid minis. Picked up a frost giantess hunter, and some terrain , and directions for the fastest way back. the woman who owned the place is planning to hit reapercon next year, nut I didn't think to ask if she was going as a vendor or just to attend. We talked about painting techniques and I showed her photos of my entry and she recognized my work from the Reaper Facebook page 🙂 definitely a highlight of my trip.
  14. the last of the elemental Scions - I loved painting all of these. she was sat on my desk for at least a month primed with a bit of base coating. She was pushed aside for other projects. then the RCL popped up a "Gradient" theme. really every part of her is a gradient and she just clicked in my head. I am not as satisfied with the hair as I wanted, I decided to go minimalist on the top of the blades, but added reflected colors to the underside. I liked the horns enough that I repainted the male scions to match. Her skintones were tied close to his as well. ill add his images later.
  15. Putting in a lot of painting time. but apparently this month is quality over quantity. I should do show-off threads, IM really happy with them ... 1. Zita - female efreet 2. 3 headed troll 4. tiny fox (holy monster companion) limited pallet *is that how numbers work?* Goals : noble woman in opera dress impressionist canvas backdrop (5x7") 2 elves
  16. lets see - temperature is 10c and your traveling 12 hrs by car. How was the trip to the grocery store in Canada? Edit : Drop bears + cane toads + Winter in July..... I'm sorry. Id you go through the outback, or around by the coast?
  17. Evil halfling forum Pic Thursday-Sun
  18. I went with 5 classes, - 2 friday, 2 saturday, 1 sunday (late) I decided to concentrate on texture this year and so that's 3 of my classes. I am hoping by focusing on a single element I will have lots of improvement. this is my 4th reapercon - so I have taken some of the highly sought classes in years past. I did have some trouble getting to a place where I could buy classes - and I ended up doing some cache clearing and password changing before I got there. so about 30-45 min after it opened, I got all but 1 of my classes. It was kind of iffy anyway, a good teacher at a bad time for me. I also submitted my Spelljammer game, that should be pretty gonzo. - flying ships and mechanical monkeys.\ I still have some of my 2nd ed D&D stuff for it, but am looking forward to better ship rules.
  19. I really need to get my diorama stared - I have some of the characters done, but not terrain or backdrop. I have low expectations for a diorama medal - with 2 previous bronzes, I’m doing this one because I really want to paint more waterlillys. Not cause I think it will do any better.
  20. not a lot of painting so far this month: Only obligations for RCL are keeping me going, basically I went to visit family for the first week of the month, and never got back into the gove. this is what I am planning: 0 . Finish prep on All Hallows Eve (witch) - cleaned up mold lines, not yet assembled - 1. Theme "Magic inspiration" - Kid hero - 3/4 done. 2. RCL Trio - all hallows eve but if I dont finish it my friends wont get points. 3. Large group figure: Heavy Battle guard - primed. 4. waterlilly elf, 8# of 10 (finish details) the only figures I have finished so far are a wolf and a tiny dragon.
  21. This happens frequently when I paint 45min-2 hrs can vanish in an instant. but I havent gone this deep in a week or two. this morning I went for a 4 mile run, while listening to a Critical Role episode. 4 miles is my fav distance, neither too hard or too easy for me. - 14:07 per mile today. - I have a few scattered memories of the run, mostly I have visual memories of the D&D game world being described instead.
  22. mixed bag, left some of these only primed. - painted other stuff instead. 3 alter stones from Ghoul encounter - KS 5 kobold wizard male sacrifice small dread wolf 2 elves in waterlilly cloaks
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