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  1. May 28, Badly describe something technical, or technically describe something badly. My 17 year-old cat was having problems, I called my mother and she diagnosed it as "Relapsing, remitting, paraplegia." technically accurate but useless. ie meaning - sometimes, her back legs didn't work. Mom then told me to take her to an actual vet. the cat lived 3 more good years on a medically prescribed diet, before her time came.
  2. in 1993/94 My girlfriend and I played in MUD (Albion) that we used for a chat room. it was much free long distance phone calls were not. the Text-only adventure game was friendly, social and a great place to develop romance - at least 3 couples married in real life after there characters dated. a lot of the time it felt like an off topic thread here, with only 20-40 regular users, sharing bits of their lives or jokes. . the game was what you did if no one was chatting. My now-wife and I still keep in touch with one of the other couples.
  3. May 27, How old were you when you first used the internet? What is the first thing you remember doing on there? started internet in college late 1992 . but I had friends in HS who were phone phreaking and "Hacking" with a comadore. (ie making free long distance phone calls. i watched them do a run, but I wasn't really using it. first thing I remember doing was called newsgroups? like a huge BB - I dont remember exactly - it was long blocks of text about whatever the subgroup was My dorm had a dummy terminal that could reach the internet and nothing more.
  4. 1 big dragon, a lighthouse and adorable fairy expansion.
  5. Not his first painting - stupid internet. this one is done. I like the deeper shadows. weeping willow 1922 is started - it’s one of the last six where he was going blind and his style changed. - this one needs ink to pop the vivid yellow and orange. And better definition on the top of the tree
  6. This was Monet first waterlilly painting. Click to view painting- Paint got too wet on hood, will try it again tomorrow. the lower cloak is what I was aiming for. trying to pay more attention to shadows of the cloak. BF9AA034-6D05-48FA-9ACD-FABF57B677B9.webp
  7. It begins again! 5 more Monet paintings, including is first in the series and one of his last six (which were very abstracted) im just so excited! I also have two more to add to my next reaper order - a wizard and a sorceress, in similar cloaks
  8. this is delightful! that is a lot of story packed into a single image. I did have some trouble realizing she was holding a mask.
  9. okay the clever painter set of 12 looks right up my alley. sometimes I really like just doing projects with the classic colors. after shipping its 5.5 for each 20 ml - or 2/3 of an oz. hmm.
  10. I bought some more elves, ever since I finished the waterlilly clan I kept thinking if I had another set, I would paint another 5 versions of waterlillies. on them. so I found someone on a buy/trade group who didn't want the ones they had gotten from the KS. and I get to pick out 5 more versions. of waterlillies. I was looking and the last 6 versions Monet did went really brightly colored and leaned to expressionist more than impressionist. Cant wait to try one of those out. - it really exciting for me to jump back in to this project. Also in my D&D game, the PCs are interacting with the whole tribe - including the weaver of the cloaks, a fey-pact warlock. She will either need a weapon-swap, or a similar version from reapers normal catalog. https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/03159 would work best. https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/30027 would fit in well for the tribes Lorekeeper - or I could repaint the transparent version. so this: will soon join this clan:
  11. I should eat lunch. the fridge is all the way over there. If I had a 10' pole I could open it., (probably need a dex check) or I could just drink more diet coke and think about it. I'm not sure my legs want to work anymore today. Tuesdays are my long run for the week. On second thought a 10' pole would not help prepare lunch the rest of the way. walking will be required
  12. completely non human. Give me huge intelligent jellyfish from a gas planet, or intelligent starfish the size of dogs, a neural network made up out of a square mile of plant life. At the very least, aliens that can only interact with humans with the help of specialized breathing equipment. Oxygen/Water is very good chemical catalyst so a lot of life would have roughly the same temperature requirements - but the chances of it being able to tolerate earth air, or vice versa, is complete chance. also with our gravity, most animals fall in the 5cm - 2.5m range with more complex brains in the .5m and up. but much higher or lower gravity might change the scale
  13. I paint a lot of bones. what has worked well for me is a goal (paint the entire core set) and a spreadsheet to track my progress on that goal. It also keeps track of everything I ordered in the each KS (it falls apart when it comes to retail purchases) The Reaper Challenge League (on discord) has helped me to find new and interesting ways to paint the figures that are on my list - either through a long running Trio group, and challenges like limited pallet, themes, OSL or April showers (paint something as wet) last year I painted 120 figures, higher than my usual total. offers to trade miniatures probably violate reapers buy/sell policies on the forums. I use a facebook group titled buy/sell reaper and other ...
  14. I had to go google tomb tappers - I had never run into them before. You did a lovely job painting and basing that monstrosity.
  15. Next week - my in person group picked Non-Euclidean Dungeon Adventure. In the bottom of a massive lake lies a cyclopean structure with either too many angles (one square room has 12 walls) or too few (a second square room has 2 walls. Lie a fishlike creature from another time and its servants: I will update on who survives. Chuul were 3d printed by a local seller found on etsy. I only ordered two, but he said there was a printing error and had to reprint them, so he handed me 4. I eventually found the printing error only by comparison. (after I painted a flawed one) it was pretty minor, so yay honesty! the colors were a lot of trouble - the other two will be free Chuul - in green/yellow/brown, over everything so less work.
  16. I prime Bones with brown liner - occasionally blue liner Metal / Resin rattle can citadel chaos black or Brush on white primer. (Pro Acrylic) - 120 ML or Reaper brush on white primer (I might be out)
  17. Memphis Mafia. Voodoo donut makes it. I had it on a trip to portland - and then they opened up a branch in my city! It is a the exception that proves my rule "less is more" this donut is just MORE. I normally split or share it, but I dont go to the shop without ordering one. helpfully it is least a 30 min drive, and in a bad part of town, so I am not there often. description from a review: My favorite is the Memphis Mafia; a banana fritter as big as Bill O’Reilly’s head, covered in chocolate and peanut butter frosting, with peanut butter and chocolate chips. I only guess at the nutrition numbers, which I would put at about 40 grams fat and about 1,000 calories. I probably don’t want to know the actual numbers.
  18. This is why I avoid looking at 3d printing KS - I hit something like this and have to wipe up the drool afterward
  19. May 6: What are you working on building or painting this month? have any pictures? I was working on these - for a D&D session, but now that I finished them, all I have is stuff primed. This pic reminds me I need to rework the left chuuls eyes - so technically still working on them. May 10, Do you like driving? Is it necessary where you live? No, I want to get from here to there with a little attention as possible - music, news, a podcast, a quiet think to write a game or novel plot. when i actually have to pay attention to the driving experience, it is because something has gone wrong and I have to try not to run into things. I have had 2 accidents 1999, and 2011 so my inattention/focus driving method works pretty well. Yes I live in a fricken low density suburb - no handy busses or trains. I walk and bike some, but should do more. 2/3 of my most common trips could be by bike, but it requires more enthusiasm/planning to bike to the gym, or to pickup the spawn from school. Sample paints- At least 2 have made it into regular use - a medium blue, and a light brown/tanned flesh the second one have used both an skin and leather goods. at least 2-3 others are in the backup paint case, they never found a purpose.
  20. it looks good, but the gold need more contrast, it reads mate. good for you on going metal, but the bones dragons have good detail and are are fun to paint. I have about the same number of metal dragons painted as you (2) but a swarm of Kickstarted bones dragons https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/dragon+plastic+monster/latest/77279 https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/dragon+plastic+monster/latest/89001 these are my favs that are in the shop.
  21. nice! the paint job sells her as anime. I like the gourd too.
  22. nice work - I would bring the higlights on the gold all the ay to white, to read as more metal, just make the white part very small.
  23. I do it the lazy way - 2 small dots of greenstuff putty, smashed into tiny discs, and the frames painted on. Since you want them to look noticeable at gaming table distance, I would just paint lenses solid white, perhaps with gloss sealer. I have done it this way, but i don't remember what the mini was.
  24. Goals for May: Undead Giant for RCL Trio Female Efreet 4 villagers 2 Chuul -3D printed - needed for May 22nd D&D game. Ukrainian bird bard, female. Other stuff?
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