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    My family first, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Motorcycles, Cigars and most recently I got into painting miniatures.

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  1. Ok update. I've been feeling better for a few days but I wanted to be closer to a decent quarantine time before sending anything on. I got my covid test back and it was negative so we are all good. I am going to be shipping and posting pictures tomorrow.
  2. I did get jab 2 but it was January 28th so I'm pretty sure it's the vaccine. I mean I am hoping I'm not one of the folks in that 6% window but I'll see soon. Thanks for the well wishes guys and I am super sorry for the delay.
  3. So keeping everyone in the loop. I forgot there was no mail today so the box did not get sent out. The next situation is that I am now sick with something. I have had both covid vaccine shots but I do currently have body aches and a fever. I am able to get the box out still but am wondering if the folks on my group would like me to wait until after I take a covid test before handling it again just in case.
  4. Update: Been a busy week with extra work. I have looked over the item in the box but I haven't had a chance to really look. I am planning to look over things and make my picks this weekend and the box will be shipped Monday.
  5. Looking forward to doing this as a first timer. I just received a 3d printer and I have some files so I could also include a printed resin mini or two. Would folks be interested in that?
  6. I absolutely love the coloring. He is so bright and cheerful and completely wonderful. Great job!
  7. I would like to get in on this. Location: Cherokee, IA USA International: Unfortunately no Box Starter: I would prefer to be just a regular participant this being my first time.
  8. I just saw Goobertown Hobbies on YouTube do a restoration on a very similar sculpt from the 90's I think. I assume it is the same sculptor. Very cool stuff.
  9. That dress is great. Beautiful colors and very vivid.
  10. She is painted amazingly well but she looks absolutely nothing like any Chimera that I have ever seen. lol
  11. Just curious where to begin. I have a Badger Airbrush, I have a compressor....now what? Are there videos you guys recommend on YouTube to get the basics down?
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