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    My family first, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Motorcycles, Cigars and most recently I got into painting miniatures.

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I have been playing D&D for roughly 22 years I missed out on playing for the last few years because there was nobody around to play with. I found myth-weavers a bit over a year ago I think and then in August I found a guy I knew in high school who was living in my neighborhood and we started a table game every Sunday. It's been going really good, we started using minis on our vinyl map so I decided to paint one I thought suited my character. I found Derek the Tall on Reaper and he became Aldric Medoart the human ranger along with his horse Journey. The rest well i guess we'll see.


I look forward to hanging out and learning more about this hobby. I have no illusions that I will get to be a master painter but I hope I can develop the skills to paint serviceable minis for use on the table.

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