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  1. What has everyone been binging on during this lockdown time? Myself it's mainly been Friends and the Harry Potter movies but I plan to binge the Last Kingdom again soon since the new season drops at the end of the month. What good shows are you all watching? Anyone planning on watching The Last Kingdom as well? 

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  2. "Um there is something underwater back there." Finn says trying to get a better look at it to see if it's moving. 


    If moving he relays this info and says "Get us out of here Dorn!"


    If not moving he says "Dorn lift me up by the head, it looks like it screws off." And then he'll examine it for traps before unscrewing it.


    Perception on in water thing 1+5=6

    Perception check for traps 16+5=21

  3. "What? Oh the other demon thing. Next time just point me in the direction. If you use demon names I'll just ignore ya. Didn't really care for religious studies." Finn heads back to the hallway with the now smashed demon statues. "Or any studies for that matter."


    He walks over to the statue of the Nalfeshnee demon and checks it to see if it has an opening behind it like the other.


    9+5=14 perception.

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