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  1. 12 hours ago, Roonfizzle said:

    @prophetic_joe, in response to your question in the departure/arrival thread.  I'm NOT in your box stream, but did you recently get jab 2?  I know more than a couple people who were under the weather for a couple days after jab 2, which has been explained as a "Normal immune response to slaughtering the invader and putting up 'kill on sight' posters for COVID"

    That said, hopefully a: All is well with you, and  @buckyball, @Dr Bob and @Rat13 chime in soon.


    I did get jab 2 but it was January 28th so I'm pretty sure it's the vaccine. I mean I am hoping I'm not one of the folks in that 6% window but I'll see soon.

    Thanks for the well wishes guys and I am super sorry for the delay.

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  2. So keeping everyone in the loop. I forgot there was no mail today so the box did not get sent out. The next situation is that I am now sick with something. I have had both covid vaccine shots but I do currently have body aches and a fever. I am able to get the box out still but am wondering if the folks on my group would like me to wait until after I take a covid test before handling it again just in case.

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  3. What has everyone been binging on during this lockdown time? Myself it's mainly been Friends and the Harry Potter movies but I plan to binge the Last Kingdom again soon since the new season drops at the end of the month. What good shows are you all watching? Anyone planning on watching The Last Kingdom as well? 

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  4. "Um there is something underwater back there." Finn says trying to get a better look at it to see if it's moving. 


    If moving he relays this info and says "Get us out of here Dorn!"


    If not moving he says "Dorn lift me up by the head, it looks like it screws off." And then he'll examine it for traps before unscrewing it.


    Perception on in water thing 1+5=6

    Perception check for traps 16+5=21

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