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  1. "I don't know I'll go first if you want, you're doing fine though." Finn says in a normal voice. "Why are you whispering destroying the statues already gave us away I am sure." He passes by and heads down the passage looking for traps. Perception 15
  2. "Only one way to find out." Finn goes in and looks around the room.
  3. "Hey Dorn come here quick. I need your help." Finn points to the trigger to open the door. "Press right there..."
  4. "What? Oh the other demon thing. Next time just point me in the direction. If you use demon names I'll just ignore ya. Didn't really care for religious studies." Finn heads back to the hallway with the now smashed demon statues. "Or any studies for that matter." He walks over to the statue of the Nalfeshnee demon and checks it to see if it has an opening behind it like the other. 9+5=14 perception.
  5. "Yeah we're ok. I think we can move on." Finn says as he heads towards the southern stairs.
  6. (I didn't know there were that many pillars.) Finn takes a moment to give the room a quick once over for anything interesting before deciding on a direction.
  7. "Ok, ok, I'll take a look." Finn goes to the pillar to inspect for traps and secret doors. 13 perception
  8. Finn smiles and quietly heads in the direction of the southern corridor.
  9. Finn deciding to try to meet up with their original path turns left towards the stairs and proceeds quietly in that direction.
  10. Finn looks through the now open door and enters the room looking for dangers.
  11. I'm glad everything arrived safely and I'm excited to see what you do with the minis. I also appreciate the Real Genius reference, one of my favorite movies.
  12. Finn looks over at the dwarf now by him next to the door. "Shut up Dorn," he says under his breath, then louder, "Actually it seems to be a bit more stuck than I thought Toki, perhaps you should get a really good run at it."
  13. "Seems locked Toki. If you want to break something give it a go. It looks like it opens away from us so it shouldn't be too tough." Finn smiles.
  14. "This door seems ok. One of you big brawny types want to do the honors?"
  15. "I'll pass. I'm not the get in close with a blade type." Finn glances towards the door and walks toward it. He quickly checks it for traps before seeing if it is locked. "Pray for me brother Vin." Perception with guidance 4+5+3=12
  16. "Want me to go in there and make sure nothing's going to explode or anything?"
  17. Who doesn't like shortbread cookies and chocolates? Lol. Mine went out today. No food goodies but a few things to paint and a decently painted but subparly based mini by me. I hope my recipient likes it as much as I like what I have gotten.
  18. Present received today! Beyond thrilled! Thank you so much Warlady your basing is so much better than my own.
  19. "I think, maybe..." Finn fiddles a bit trying to activate the door, "yep, got it." He says as the secret door activates.
  20. "Could be a door here. The eyes were the key maybe." Finn says. "Not sure how to open it broke as it is." Finn examines it closer as Dorn suggests hoping to better understand the mechanism that makes the opening work. advantage perception roll plus guidance 19+5+3=27
  21. "Alright let me take a look." Finn moves to the face of the Dretch to examine it a bit closer. perception roll for traps 2+5=7
  22. " Could you please not do that?" Finn says in an annoyed voice. "I understand that something, maybe multiple things, already know we are here but if I am going first to protect you from some dangerous device killing you I would prefer it if every wretched thing in this damn place doesn't have an easy guess at the exact time of my bloody arrival."
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