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  1. "I could always go first." Finn replies, "There are things down in these places you clumsy lot could trip up and get us all killed."
  2. "So where to?" Fin asks, "I heard this priestest up top offering gold for books of spells and other magical stuff. Whether we sell to her or not I'll bet we could get quite the coin for that type of thing."
  3. I'm going to buy 4 potions healing one greater.
  4. I forgot to ask. We're you allowing for the purchase of additional magical things like potions?
  5. As to prep I think Dilvish said we had been scoping things out for a few days prior so I assume we would have heard things then.
  6. "Well, no better time than now I guess." Fin jumps up grabs a whisky off a table without the patron noticing, and says, "Let's go Durnan." as he tosses the barkeep a coin and hops in the now empty basket.
  7. "Oh I mean to go down that hole, no question." He finishes his ale, "Beings you've been down there yerself Durnan, what do you say about some advice on how to survive?"
  8. (well according to wizards dice roller I nattied my check so 20+1= 21 investigation) "You can have all the tomes you want just show me the coin."
  9. "And my interest is the bed of a woman twice my size. If I'm lucky it will be that buxom lass over by the bar." He takes a deep swig from his pint of ale and grins broadly. "Beyond that friend, I thought we were to be getting some gold so when in the hills are we going down that hole?"
  10. So I'm going to go ahead and say the rogue knows Dorn. I hope that's ok.
  11. A small boyish looking figure with tawny brown hair pulled back in a ponytail walks up, "Yes priest, what would you do if you got onstage? Would you insure we got to the sides of the gods above?" Fin smiles a bit and looks at the other, "If that's your hope rest assured they'll not be wantin' Dorn here."
  12. Ok Goggles of Night, Cloak of Protection and +1 Hand Crossbow it is.
  13. Ok I am terrible at picking magic items. Does someone want to be my personal shopper?
  14. Sheet so far. https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1766151
  15. Well dang. 8 strength here is gonna be tough lol. Fin Underbough the tall (for a halfling), scrawny, thief that can only carry his dagger and crossbow.
  16. Ok so where do we put all our character info in? lol new at pbp on here.
  17. I'll have mine up later tonight. Halfling rogue thief. Duel shortsword weilding. Trap finder/disabler.
  18. I prefer non spellcasters. I can do rogue if nobody wants it.
  19. The paint job looks fantastic. I may have tried to straighten out the sword but that's really just a quibble.
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