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  1. The skintone is fantastic. I need to learn how to do female lips
  2. The elusive WizKids Beholder. Love this guy.
  3. My first commissionish piece. Not supremely thrilled with it but it will look good on the table. The "client" didn't want any extravagant basing done which is right up my alley.
  4. Right? All I can think is eww. Great job!
  5. That face is fantastic. Great job.
  6. These are fantastic. I made the Interceptor once but these are beyond.
  7. Needed it for a con. Pretty pleased overall.
  8. My Dwarven Barbarian Garn Foehewer. The lighting is terrible so go easy on me.
  9. Any particular flock or static grass you all recommend? Ultimately I am just looking to get something like this.
  10. No particular climate. I just want simple, easily reproducible, and good looking. Something like standard forest floor or field. I have done one recently with Tufts but I just don't think I did amazing. Maybe I need two different lengths of grass or colors. I mean I'm a complete newb.
  11. Hey they Reaper folks. Been gone for awhile and am trying to get back into painting. One thing I have always struggled with is making decent looking bases. Specifically static grass. What sizes do I need? Colors? Any tips to make it look nice but as quickly and easily as possible? Help me!?
  12. So I am having a ponder. I just painted the Reaper Silver Dragon and I clear coated prior to using Dulcote. The trouble is I am concerned that something if the metallic look will be lost by using the Dulcote after all. So the question I have is, for the folks that have painted silver creatures do you Dulcote or leave them shiny?
  13. What colors did you use for the wood?
  14. Love this. Beautiful job. Shading and highlights are superb.
  15. That looks like someone actually shrunk a cow. Great colors and blending on that.
  16. Love the colors Narthrax looks awesome in green. Great job.
  17. Second attempt at a dragon. I have wanted to paint this guy for a long time. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
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