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  1. See that is exactly what I thought. There are some really awesome ladies but the guys are just a little ho hum.
  2. What do you all think of this guy? http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60041#detail/IG_1522_1 This is the character. I did not draw him so I can't take credit. He does not need a hat.
  3. Alright guys here all all of my minis so far, minus Derek the Tall on horse but he is much the same as the standing so. In order of completion Derek the Tall (Aldric Meadoart) Dain Deepaxe Anhurian Man-at-Arms Barrow Rat
  4. And here is the Barrow Rat Not really WIP but it goes with it so here you are.
  5. Ok so I am looking for a swashbuckler to represent my favorite dungeons and dragons character but I can't find any that really fit the bill. The character is a young clean shaven rapier wielder with shorter hair. He is not your typical gawdy type but he does like to have fun and dress up a bit. I am finding that for the body Blackjack would work really well but I don't have any experience sculpting or really anytime to learn. So is there anyone that can help me out? Offer advice, commision a mini sculpt change? Something? Here's Blackjack. http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/60053 I need a head I could swap out or have someone swap out that is a young, clean shaven, short haired, human male.
  6. So I have 2 learn to paint kits which both came with dropper style paints. Lots of them have been plugged up when I got them. Tips to get them unplugged?
  7. Alright Anhurian is done and boy oh boy is the camera mean to me. And here are all the mini's I have done so far.
  8. Yes sir quite a few people. It was a pretty sweet KS. Here is the thread about it. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48222-dwarven-forge-game-tiles/
  9. Eh? They're up $175,000 today before this Amazon problem. It (almost) is the strongest day of the campaign. Staying on track they would have already hit the $1.8million mark. Not really much to say about it other than Kickstarter has notified Amazon who is working on the problem. If you're still trying to get through, some people claim that using the Kickstarter mobile app has been successful for them. Sorry I mispoke I meant why it hadn't moved in the last few hours. Boy though it really took off after amazon got their stuff fixed!
  10. WOOT WOOT! Busted 1.8 million free narrow free standing walls! Awesome!
  11. So Dwarven Forge posted update 22 about the slow down. I can make it to the page that tells me that much but can anyone copy and paste the complete info of it here?
  12. What? Is that why the number hasn't gone anywhere really today?
  13. I want somebody to do a WIP of the Kickstarter Sophie. With some of the gap issues I would like to learn what people do to fix that since I am really new. I don't want to mess her up.
  14. I know how you feel. I just started gaming D&D in August and am really hoping my current group continues on. I am in for $475 at the moment.
  15. Hey just pinged 1.5 million. Can someone post the info on new add-ons available at 1.5 and if they post future add-ons. I have no access where I am and am interested. Also what is this about stairs and castle walls?
  16. Alright throwing in here since I just started the project. I have some more starting pics but they are on a different comp so we'll start a little late. Here is the Anhurian after removing flashing and cutting out some of the metal behind his leg. Primed and Ready
  17. Wow, that guy is fantastic. I can imagine him in the dungeons or it the topmost room of the tower and coming into contact with him for the first time as a player. Scary stuff. Awesome figure and great job on the painting.
  18. Yeah it's the first drybrushing I have done my first 2 minis were Antique Walnut dipped. Still getting the hang of it but it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Not simple mind you but I am not as daunted by it anymore.
  19. Well after seeing the close ups I went upstairs to my dungeon workshop and touched up the eye and a few other things. He is ny no means perfect but he will turn a few heads at my game table I think.
  20. First a disclaimer. I suck at painting these so they aren't really worthy of showing off. This is my third mini ever. I can see by the pictures a lot of stuff I messed up on or didn't get quite smooth so be a bit gentle. These are by no means going to be showpiece minis they are made for my table top games and to be played with so I am not super patient or picky with them. That said I do want them to look nice so any critique is fine. This post has lots of pics.
  21. Learning how to paint. I like painting and I enjoy it tons I just wish I had gotten into the hobby much sooner. Like when I was a teenager in the 90's and had time to mess with learning and being super slow. As it stands I am a 32 year old guy with a 14 month old running around and I just painted my first minis ever less than a month ago. I do appreciate this site though because seeing some WIP threads has really given me some insight into how to do a slightly better job. I still suck but I suck slightly less.
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