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  1. Thank you everyone! Haven't been on much lately. Super busy but I am trying to fit painting time in and time to check things out here. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  2. Changed the pictures again because I changed the base. Lol
  3. Painted the Texas Ranger at the paint and take at Tri-con in Sioux City, Iowa. Really quick paint job but I am happy with him.
  4. Quick paint of Lem from Pathfinder. Fastest paint I have ever done but I think the best eyes. Painted in about 2 hours for my Adventurer's League game today.
  5. My version of Lem from Pathfinder. Quick paint to a tabletop standard for my Adventurer's League character Grinly Wardfield.
  6. Sorry about that. I wasn't intending it as trashing. I like them and the quickness with which I can get them table ready. My humor however sometimes does not translate well to text and I need to be aware of that.
  7. Yeah but they really aren't super cheap. $15 for a box with 4 random. What they do for me though is give me a mix of quickly painted stuff to throw on the table since I am a really slow painter myself. Being able to just wash them and add a quick drybrush for highlight and have them be passable tabletop standard is pretty helpful while I paint other things like PCs better.
  8. Oh I get that. I had never bought them before and picked some up. I was probably a little hard but it was jokingly so. Really this post was just to show that you can take something basic and make it pretty good with just a couple of tricks. No one should feel as if they can't paint a passable mini.
  9. Seriously, simple base coats, sloppily applied. Really lackluster stuff but you do get a prepainted mini ready for the table and with a simple wash and a plain old one color drybrush highlight you actually have something pretty decent.
  10. Finally got some more paint on this guy. It's not much but it's something.
  11. I guess too gangly maybe. Always pictured trolls a bit thicker. Like this perhaps.
  12. Thanks guys. I stayed away from the wash on the skin this time. I have some washes but nothing that seems to work to my liking with the color so I just went nuts with layers.
  13. Ok here is the progress on my Reaper Ghast after simple greening the previous garbage paint job off. I like this a bit better. Tried to push highlights on the skin a bit more than I used to. Looks pretty good in person.
  14. They are based directly on D&D 5E monsters. Not a fan of the new troll either but when you have a deal with a rpg company like D&D you sculpt what they tell you to I guess.
  15. I actually have yet to find a mini from the WizKids line with off features. They have all been highly detailed with crisper edges on the finer parts than Reaper Bones usually have. They do seem to have more obvious mold lines than Bones though but with the prices so comparable it seems close to a wash for me. WizKids for example seems to have better Pathfinder Goblins but you pay more for them than Reaper's while most of the regular sized figures are less expensive from WizKids. Both have +'s and -'s
  16. I couldn't do it. Simple green it is.
  17. I may simple green him someday, for now though I am moving on. Never look back that's what I say.
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