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  1. Good thing Bones minis don't cost much because I just ruined a Ghast. Following along with Engineer Jeff and I should have just gone with my gut on washes. Went with a brown a greenish dirty wash and now the Ghast is basically just a mess. It is what it is though. I am trying to actually just get some minis done so I am not going to try to salvage him. He will be stuck looking like the crap paint job he is.
  2. Does he remind anyone else of Skelator from the He-man movie after he gets all powered up?
  3. Stunning work. Beautiful colors. You really made her come to life.
  4. Really dig the eyes, goggle lenses, the blue is a great contrast and makes them really pop. Great work sir.
  5. Great vivid colors. You painted her beautifully.
  6. I just returned. Is it too late to get in on this?
  7. I no I haven't got a shot in Hades of winning but I may put together an entry.
  8. Love it, excellent work and super ambitious.
  9. I love the Barnabas Frost sculpt. You did it justice with the painting for sure.
  10. I like the missing ears. Adds character to the character. Good work.
  11. Well it has been a long time guys. I got out of painting for awhile because I don't have any games going on. Anyway I decided I have all these minis and all this paint so I will start taking care of some of that. Here is Cuth Wolfson painted to a tabletop standard following the YouTube instruction of good old Dungeon Master Mark.
  12. Grinly slashes with his rapier again at the boney being before him. "See boys this is what happens when you don't eat and drink enough."
  13. I was still wondering if Grinly hit on his first one.
  14. Finished her up today. Added all the stowage, gas tanks, weathered her and glued her together. I am very happy with how she turned out.
  15. Well put some black and silver on the car body after making the headlight covers. They are pretty crappy but I hate green stuff and suck at it. Overall still happy with it though.
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