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  1. You’re a horrible person for making these monstrosities…and I love them, very cool! Loth
  2. I buy vinyl maps from Mats by Mars. You can get them in most custom sizes. A 2x2’ mat is like $17 and they work great. I use them for D&D, infinity and Kings of war Loth
  3. Thanks for letting me know; bummer for the store not being open…. I appreciate the information Loth
  4. Checking to see if the actual physical store is open. Have a tournament in Dallas and wanted to stop by this weekend thank you Loth
  5. Did the early bird innkeeper I went in for their last KS and the mini's were great! Delivered quickly and kept people informed. Good peeps Loth
  6. I haven’t got to playin three years but I’ve been buying these models anyway because they’re gorgeous. Just bought the JSA army box because I wanted just the motorcycle cycle rider from Dura Dura copy. enjoy!
  7. Looks good, cool mini. why the enamel metallics ? Just a curiosity question Loth
  8. I myself was going to put two on a base to make a regiment. look good Loth
  9. Looks great! Moar pics! Loth
  10. Great painting, reminds me of the 80’s paints you’d see in the Battle Tech readouts Loth
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