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  1. Loth

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    Also how do you find them ? Not seeing how that’s done anymore Loth
  2. Got my stuff today, looks great!
  3. Are you trying for a deeper subtext about peace/war with the similarity in coloring the marine and Alyx? The spots of color on the marine don’t negate tonally the similarities between the two figures. From your description I was expecting a brighter chapter for the marine; one of the newer bright colors. A youthful bright soldier against the noir old age bitterness of the child great painting regardless Loth
  4. Loth

    Demon shield

    I will be the second one to do this!
  5. Loth

    Titania Hasslefree Miniatures

    Love the colors and shading; I find when I try to skins I go extra subtle in the shadows but seeing how well those transitions and highlights come out I’ll push for darker/harder line shadows. Great technique. Regarding the base due to the blues and cool colors I see I could see her in a Norse ford, grey stone, driftwood and dark river stone that go with the blue/grey tones. Any forest could be blue spruce. or early morning in a bathhouse, colored screen with a pattern echoed in her robe and gray colored floors and walls where the lighting is bright dawn Its an inspiring miniature and you’ve captured it well Loth
  6. Loth

    Hook Horror from Otherworld

    Pretty, great color selection Loth
  7. Loth

    WizKids T-Rex aka "King of Feathers"

    Great conversion! Really appreciate how you did it! Loth
  8. Maybe a small amp with a wire running to the guitar? Great color selections, very vibrant. Very 80’s metal Loth
  9. Loth

    77377 Toad Demon

    Great color on this, looks great! Loth
  10. Loth

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    I really like that green though...its a pretty color
  11. Loth

    Tiny Furniture's "Medieval Bath"

    It’s only a couple of people at TF and it’s all cast to order. She might take longer to get back to you but it’s quality items. Loth
  12. Loth

    Unruly's Mantic Giant WIP

    There’s no reason to put it in a bath unless you really want to; you’re airbrushing so the layer of paint on there is already thin. Plus if you go light with the next layer the shading you done can come through. Loth
  13. Silicone lubricant takes care of it. I’ve been using mine for five years and have never had an issue. Loth