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  1. You’re a horrible person for making these monstrosities…and I love them, very cool! Loth
  2. I buy vinyl maps from Mats by Mars. You can get them in most custom sizes. A 2x2’ mat is like $17 and they work great. I use them for D&D, infinity and Kings of war Loth
  3. Thanks for letting me know; bummer for the store not being open…. I appreciate the information Loth
  4. Checking to see if the actual physical store is open. Have a tournament in Dallas and wanted to stop by this weekend thank you Loth
  5. Did the early bird innkeeper I went in for their last KS and the mini's were great! Delivered quickly and kept people informed. Good peeps Loth
  6. I haven’t got to playin three years but I’ve been buying these models anyway because they’re gorgeous. Just bought the JSA army box because I wanted just the motorcycle cycle rider from Dura Dura copy. enjoy!
  7. Looks good, cool mini. why the enamel metallics ? Just a curiosity question Loth
  8. I myself was going to put two on a base to make a regiment. look good Loth
  9. Looks great! Moar pics! Loth
  10. Great painting, reminds me of the 80’s paints you’d see in the Battle Tech readouts Loth
  11. I remember building this kit when I stayed at my Gmas years ago. Didn’t look half as good as yours! question about why decals need to go over gloss coat first, is that because of increased surface area for adhesion? And does that apply to custom decals as well? Loth
  12. Very evocative minis and look forward to getting the production models of these in my hands, great work! Loth
  13. Can find blue-tac at drug stores, like cvs or Home Depot or Lowe’s. Also at Micheal’s. Hope that helps you to find it Loth
  14. Received mine, gorgeous models with lots of character! Loth
  15. Also how do you find them ? Not seeing how that’s done anymore Loth
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