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  1. just an update,,, got my first international backer today,,, gave me a warm feeling gettting across the pond
  2. started on 5.16.2015 and going until 6.30.2015 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/476859524/the-obsessive-line-collection
  3. gotta mess of 1/2 painted goblins looking as me wanting clothes
  4. darnit buglips,,,now im gonna have to rethink how i paint him
  5. the flash made him a bit brighter than he is in normal light,,,but my paintings i do have the same bright color palette, http://jericodarkwynd.deviantart.com so my mini's being that way are no surprise
  6. dungeon dressing is alter (no back) fountain crypt with lid treasure candelabra X2 hope that helps
  7. i already emailed them and they said they would fix it after the KS fulfilment was done,,,thats cool, cuz by then i may have forgotten and then SURPRISE MINIS IN THE MAIL WOOOOOOT!!!
  8. Mine are here,,,im a happy hobbit,,, inventory done (missing 2 figs,, all things considered, not a bad error count) and now i'm getting ready to glue a clockwork, and old one, and a griffon,,, YAY ME!!!
  9. Hey Kids,,, My IndieGOGO campaign is LIVE,,, want stickers? art prints? Original Art? and most important FIRST SHOT AT MY FIRST PRINTED COMIC/ART BOOK? head here and pledge your support,,, remember,,,more $$$ will mean more goodies for you http://igg.me/p/446518/x/3726527
  10. aw,,,now i don't have any good reason to hover around the reaper front page Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: C'thulhu x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Mythos Monsters x1 vampire x1 :bday: :bday: :bday:
  11. ok,,, so embarrassed... just got mine as i was typing,,, so NOW if you dont have yours... RUN RUN!!! PANIK IN THE STREETS!!! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!! teehee
  12. *CONJUNCTURE*CONJUNCTURE*CONJUNCTURE*CONJUNCTURE* I expect that the emails are going out based on when you pledged,,makes sense that way, SO... since I didnt get my pledge in until AFTER the funding (got in on the Vampire = 150.oo deal) that would put me WAY down on the list ,,, ergo,,, untill you see me post that i got MY email, you have nothing to worrry about i now return you to your previous ramblings
  13. i love that reaper has turned BONES into an affordable alternative to metal figs,,, i LOVE my metals,,but something said about being able to field an army of goblins for the same price as my 5 commanders... and i'm much happier with BONES cost over a certain other WORKSHOP of GAMEStuff that has switched over all there stuff to plastic, but charging MORE than if they were metal from any other group
  14. so am i crazy that, now that i;ve seen it,, i;m thinking of ordering a Nethyrmaul when its released just so i can take putty to it and sculpt it as a LIVING dragon as opposed to undead-ish
  15. anyone know where i can GET a new Casketworks ?
  16. does anyone know,,,willl we get a Casketworks in our bones shipments?
  17. >cue maniacal laghter< HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! I KNEW i was gonna end up having to wait for the last shipment,,,sigh,,,
  18. "So whenever this thread goes off topic and a mod comes in waving a hammer we should point at you Jeri and say "He did it!!"" yep,,, all part of my multi-step plan: 1) support BONES kickstarter 2) join forum start thread OF CHAOS!!! 3) Get BONES 4) Paint BONES 5) ....something.... 6) WORLD DOMINATION!!!! is that too much to ask?
  19. people are confused by the direction my thread is going,,, MUWAAA HAA HAAAAA!!! my genius plan is working perfectly
  20. "Painters don't die until they paint all their figures. Buy more figures and live forever. :devil:" I WILL NEVER DIE!!!!
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