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  1. I'd like to see some Overlord flyers...maybe like a swarm of ravens or crows or something like that (maybe like that swarm of crows in LotR:TT). That and maybe some kind of like human bondslaves that have had Golem peices like grafted onto them (some sort of adept). That would be wicked!
  2. Hey, I love Pic 3...very life-like looking (lol) nice trees though, I may try that sometime...those "pre-built" hobby trees are just eating up my wallet like no other. (okay, maybe not htat much, especially considering my "mini-budget" (haha look at the irony in that))
  3. Watching as the beast is fed the healing draught and hopes this ends well. Rpier held out in case he must come to his friend's rescue, he watches the creatures and the surrounding wilderness with a wary eye. What could have wounded these powerful beasts so?
  4. Slightly on edge, Telenar watches Reg hand the vial to Tarail and waits to see what happens, keeping an eye out around the group. Whatever wounded these creatures couldn't be far away...
  5. Its like a train wreck...just can't stop looking!
  6. Telenar preffers to wait back and let his more animal-friendly companion deal with the possible hazardous creatures. He'll just be "backup", standing ready behind his more eager friends.
  7. Well we do have the Reapercon Sophie, or even Elise the Witch may work. Even though one was a special edition at R-Con and the other doesnt really count. (lol)
  8. Some native american themed minis would be awesome...maybe sinc eits fantasy we could have some mythological charatcers/creatures as well. I sure know I would be into those, being the mative american history/folklore buff I am (lol)!
  9. Wheres hypno-toad when you really need him to counter those durned hypno-orc-axes? *sigh* I shall never fall under the influ...ooooh look at all them pretty lights...
  10. haha, this is awesome. Some idead...after speech bubbles and effect bubles, we need some spell effects...you know, and props and stuff.
  11. Rapier held out defensively, and suspiciously eyeing both the wounded creatures and the surrounded area, Telenar holds back out of range. He stands ever alert, on guard.
  12. Pah, eventually all you will just be serving us Overlords as bondslaves anywho, so it doesnt matter what you say, the results of your actions are all the same. ...And I've heard orcs (and reptus) make good sacrifices to mighty khardullis too.
  13. Look whos talking? Think of how bad the rashes them reptus must get with all those scales rubbin together! and you think all those spiny bits would make it hard to turn your head. but yeah, poor reptus...think of having to feed your babies orc! *blech* just felt like adding to the random blabber
  14. Well by the looks of things Stern's out of action for the next two weeks or so...but other than that it would seem like most of the gang is accounted for, though we havent heard from Frosch since roll-call. *shrug*
  15. Well things sure have been quite for a while...guess everyone is off doing there own thing? Not that I'm complaining...just wondering where everybody went.
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