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  1. Looks like the tentacle thingy coming off the forhead of #92620 Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest
  2. I do say, I believe these are the best versions I've seen yet. Great job! Thanks, Night Owl
  3. Yes, gotta agree it looks really good as is. I'm no pro painter so I can't help you much there but if your looking for advice on what do and where to go I say call it good and pick up another. Sometimes just knowing when your done is the hardest part. And although I like this sculpt (just painted mine up yesterday and it doesn't look this good ) there just isn't a whole that can be done with it. That granite effect looks awesome! Thanks, Night Owl
  4. Well I was actually able to muscle them apart but wow did it take some effort. It looks a a go for these two but as I dig deeper I might find some more challenging The reason I wanted to do it this way was that I usually paint with hemostats and that little tab gives me something to grasp onto while I paint and dullcoat. The miniature itself gets its base glued to a bomboo skewer. And, yes, I'll vouch for superglue working just fine on these! Thanks, Night Owl
  5. Slendertroll, That's such a good idea I don't even have a comeback! If possible I would like to remove and replace. Besides knives and me...well looking at me thumb...I don't even have a fingerprint anymore! The fingernail polish remover I found was the 'house safe' acetone free version so no go there. I'll try the boil and wiggle method tomorrow and go from there, thanks for the replies all. Thanks, Night Owl
  6. Heisler, Thanks for the quick reply! I have some and I'll test it out on the hollow inside of the Kaladrax base to see if it reacts negatively. I may let it sit for 24 hours then repost results here. Thanks again, Night Owl
  7. Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere (maybe a link?) and I've read all the FAQ,s I can find about priming, sanding, gluing, sealing, etc. The new kick starter has kicked in the need to get some of the first round of bones minis painted so I can get more!). So far so good! But Virina and the harpy are next and I would like to paint the bodies and wings separately. Has anyone found a successful manner in which the glue can be 'dissolved'? Whatever is being used seems to be pretty strong although I haven't attempted to use to much force. The last thing I need my kids to walk in and see is Dad squishing a nekid mini with vice grips and clamps. They already think I'm a little off center as it is (think Sid from Toy Story) but that might instigate a call to Mom. That wouldn't be good! So in the name of a peaceful dinner tonight at the kitchen table instead of "Dad was using pliers to pull off fairy wings today" any ideas? [To be read with extreme sarcasm as my wife and kids are already laying claim to some of the new miniatures the new kicksarter] Thanks, Night Owl
  8. Thanks Bryan, That changes things as I don't plan on taking a rotary tool to this piece now. Still on the fence as to how to do bubbles but will figure something out. After viewing some of the Reaper-Con pics I'm hoping it's not as big as I initially thought (did I just say that?). My options were book holders, door stops, dinner table center piece for holiday gatherings, etc. If I honestly thought it wouldn't get swiped I would consider using it as I hood ornament - bit I'm kinda weird like that. All in good fun - looking forward to holding it in my hands and then deciding where the one special place in my home to showcase the piece... Ph'glui mglw'nafh C'thulhu R'lyeh wgah'agl fhtagn Thanks, Night Owl
  9. Thanks for all the replies all. A lot of interesting things to ponder for sure. I was chatting with my LFFS owner and he suggested if there was any concern at all then it wasn't worth chancing it and maybe the best was would be to paint it and seal it up into a waterproof acrylic tube or cube and lower that into the tank. Mmmm...no air bubbles from the piece itself but maybe behind it to get a similar effect. The only unpainted bones I currently have are a ghost spirit and a six pack of kobolds, neither which have much surface area but I think I'll start some experiments and see what happens. Why do I feel like I should put on a lab coat and fire up the Tesla coils? I'll let you know what I come up with! Thanks, Night Owl
  10. Hello all, I got to thinking about what the heck I'm going to do with some of these larger pieces that are going to show up when the kick starter package gets delivered. I'm getting 2 Cthulu and was thinking about using one of them in my 220 gallon fresh water aquarium. So, a couple of questions... 1. After washing the piece with soap and water is there any reason that any residue (mold release agent or anything else) would be left that could be harmful? 2. Can anyone verify if the abdominal section is hollow or solid? I would use aquarium safe silicone instead of glue to attach the wings and tail as well as attaching it to a piece of slate to keep it from floating. I believe that a solid coating of fiberglass resin would seal the piece if it were painted, however, I may let mother nature run its course and produce a natural algae colored coating of greens and browns. I would like to somehow attach an air supply and achieve the effect of air bubbles coming from the gill areas (hence the second question). Anyone who has any info that might help will be appreciated as I would like to rearrange the current layout of the aquarium before the kick starter arrives. Also, I would test the piece in a 29 gallon set up with feeders for at least 30 days to verify any off-gassing or changes to water perimeters and I in no way hold Reaper or anyone else responsible for the lively hood of my fish as these are obviously not manufactured to be aquarium decorations. Just sayin'! Thanks, Night Owl
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