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  1. If it's family, yes. If it's work, it all depends on whether I want them to see what I'm doing, or if I need to show them something.
  2. I live in Dallas/Fort Worth. This place is HUGE!! They probably have sports teams for sports I haven't even heard of.
  3. You're a goblin. You eat all sorts of questionable things. Have a safe trip.
  4. Maybe? I missed that part of the conversation, I just figured it was food from the context of the rest of the conversation.
  5. Overheard at work today: "Have you tried the naked chicken?" (The conversation was about a dish at a local dining establishment)
  6. Inspired by Hollywood action movies: The magazine of infinite bullets, 'cause reloading is for chumps.
  7. I completely missed it. I guess that means I saved my money for more important purchases. Like more minis.
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