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  1. I like seeing stuff I put in being taken back out.
  2. Dunno, never thought to check before. I was naviagting around in this one and accidently clicked the 'all the way back to page 1 arrow' instead of the 'prev' right next to it. While I was on page 1 I happened to notice the date. It confused me at first since it was approximately correct, then I noticed the year.
  3. Now you're talking my language; I LOVE all those old school GW metal sculpts. Very nice paint job.
  4. I had noticed this a few days ago and meant to mention it, but got distracted and forgot. This thread is officially 1 year and 3 days old. Happy Birthday, randomness thread!
  5. A circus performer named Brian once smiled as he rode on a lion. They came back from the ride, but with Brian inside, and the smile on the face of the lion.
  6. That's great news, @Pegazus, glad to hear it!
  7. That price is insane. I won't pay GW's prices, I'm certainly not going to pay more for something that's not as good (IMO).
  8. I remember being bored by my HS graduation speech and joking with my buddies through it, so I'm inclined to say no, it wasn't good. I remember the guest speaker at my college graduation was Kathy Ireland. I do not remember what she spoke about, so no, probably also not good. To be fair though, I'm not generally impressed by speeches.
  9. Thank you both. Thank you. You'll also be glad to know I've got a couple more copies of this sculpt that I'm going to convert a little bit and paint up.
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