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  1. I'm not a certain food for certain seasons type of person, so whatever is around is fine. That said, if it's not going to heat up the kitchen to make, that's a definite plus. Fresh fruit is also nice, especially if it's cool/chilled.
  2. Great job! Also very cool seeing the Christmas figure painted in a very non standard fashion, I love it when people think outside the box like that.
  3. @Glitterwolf--If it were me, I'd retire in 3 years. The 2 biggest reasons why: being subject to military reorganizations ( a giant unknown--lots of stress ), and the possibility of being reassigned somewhere far from home.
  4. I don't typically keep cookies around the house. When I decide I want some, I buy them.
  5. I think you got the skin tone just right; good work!
  6. It spends on the person, but generally 8-9 pm is the cutoff, in my opinion. Exceptions: if I'm traveling, I will reach out to people whenever I land to let them know of my safe arrival. If I have been specifically told to call 'whenever'.
  7. This seems like a much more reasonable plan. I am going to start campaigning for my business to open a branch there. I will, of course, volunteer to relocate, in the interests of helping the ensure it's success.
  8. Also on this day in 1992, Iron Maiden released their 9th studio album 'Fear of the Dark'.
  9. Here's the base figure that I'm starting with, it's a German bomb zombie or some such thing from the Dust Tactics game. It's got sort of the right-ish pose, but there will be a lot of amputations and re-posing of limbs (obviously the arms are useless for my purposes) as well as sculpting of uniform bits to get it to the end result.
  10. I love Sandra Garrity's figures, I have quite a few in my collection. You did a very nice job on her.
  11. Fantastic painting!
  12. I'm pretty sure your clearance isn't high enough for me to answer that question.
  13. She's beautiful! Great idea for a paint scheme, too. I never would have thought of that.
  14. I agree, I'd like to see a few other angles too, if it's possible. I like what I can see, though.
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