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  1. She looks great; very nice job on her!
  2. Spring is here! I got so excited, I wet my plants.
  3. That's a pretty good amount of work, nice job!
  4. It depends on the situation. Also, I try to maintain some flexibility, so even if I plan something out, I can change direction as needs/desires dictate.
  5. I used to have a copy of GT Joe #1, but I very stupidly traded it away for something as a kid. I seriously regret that now. I do still have copies of all the comics adaptions of the Star Wars movies, though. There's some other stuff, but I'm drawing a blank right now.
  6. I can 100% confirm that all the tables on the mess decks have raised lips on them.
  7. I'm not 100% positive about this, as I wasn't a cook in the Navy, but here goes: 1) We get weather reports when we're out to sea, so if we're going to be hitting rough weather, the menu will change to reflect the increased difficulties in cooking. 2) Remember, Navy cooks are making enough for several hundred people. They don't cook on stovetops. They'll mix ingredients together in large vessels that are generally bolted down/attached in some fashion to prevent spills, and then portion it off into individual pans to get cooked inside an oven, which has specially designed racks to keep the pans in place. If anyone happens to know more/better, please feel free to correct me.
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