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  1. Well, they're all edible in some fashion... I'd go with the pear tree also.
  2. I just saw this; hopefully this WASN'T anyone's experience this morning.
  3. Merry Christmas, everyone! If today is just another day for you, I hope it's a good one. Today will be just another day for me, everyone else has to work at least a few hours today, but we'll be home together by 6 in the evening, so it's all good. My younger son is coming down here to visit for a few days on Sunday, so we'll probably celebrate Christmas either Sunday or Monday. Having spent so much time in the military, holidays are flexible as to when they get celebrated; being together is the important part.
  4. Safe travels to you, @Green Eyed Monsty, and to everyone else who is traveling for the holidays!
  5. Google has a Santa tracker running if this might be of interest to your or your kids, if applicable. He's currently over Southeast Asia.
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