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  1. 25 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:


    Occasionally I'll put on an anime I like as background noise, but I have to be careful with such because sometimes it pulls your attention too much. 

    I can't do that; I end up getting drawn into watching whatever it is.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    May 2:

    What if anything do you listen to while painting? have any recommendations for the rest of us?

    I listen to music. I enjoy heavy metal, so that's what I listen to, and yes, it calms me down and doesn't screw up my painting. 

    If it's Hockey season, I'll put the Bruins game on the TV and DVR it, that way I can listen, and then pause and rewind to see scores, fights, or whatever else interesting happens.

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  3. I went to Reaper HQ yesterday for the Bones 6 countdown party. I got to talk with fellow hobbyists, Reaper employees,  and some of the sculptors. They had a BBQ lunch (I don't know from where) that was pretty darn good, IMO. 


    I got to see, and in some cases, pick up and examine,  some of the new sculpts that will be produced for the Bones 6 Kickstarter ( I also took a lot of pictures of them, which can be found over in the KS thread ).


    They had a paint and take area set up, as well as some free stuff for people to take.




    I thought I had gotten the full set, but upon getting home I saw that I had gotten 2 goblins and missed the wizard. Oh well, can't complain about something that is free.




    6 sample paints and a paint cup.


    Additionally, they gave a quick tour of the new facilities. I didn't take very many pictures (although we were allowed to) as I didn't think construction shots would be particularly interesting; if you've ever seen a building under construction you've seen 'em all. Here's what I did take:




    Random plaque in the sidewalk outside the new game store with my foot for scale.




    My name ( and a few others ) on the wall.




    Random (fully functional) blast door just 'cause they can.




    Brinewind studios. If you've ever watched Reaper live or any other Reaper productions,  this is where it happens.


    All in all,  I had a really good time and am glad I went. If you ever get the chance to visit, I recommend doing so.



    ETA: If you were there and snapped some pictures, feel free to add them here if you want to.

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