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  1. Both versions are absolutely fantastic!! I really like the abandoned house version, you did a great job of making the house seamlessly fit onto the base.
  2. For Christmas, I got a Reaper gift certificate, an Amazon gift certificate, a new electric razor, and a new pair of moccasins. There was also some fresh handmade soft pretzels with various specialty mustards, and a red velvet cake from a local mom and pop bakery. The cake is already gone as are about a quarter of the pretzels. The rest of the pretzels are going to be had as part of our finger food/party snack tray that we'll have on New Years Eve.
  3. I've got some of both of those brands, too. I thought I heard that Testor's Model Master had also gotten the axe, but a quick check of their website says otherwise. They have cut down on the number of colors, though. No. It just doesn't make me think death metal at all. Honestly, with the funky spelling, it makes me think of just about anything other than metal. Obituary, Six Feet Under, Suffocation are all good names (and already being used) for a death metal band. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In other news, apparently I have done something to annoy the squirrels in my neighborhood. I just took the recycling outside and one squirrel sat up about 10 feet up up in my tree and just chattered at me the whole time I was outside.
  4. Yes, I've still got a bunch of those, too. Yeah, we have. It's been a while since I've actually been inside a hobby shop that sells scale models; I wonder what they have for paints?
  5. Yes, a bunch of green stuff rocks that were in a plastic storage tub with some tools. Yes. I could write up a list that take an hour to read, but for now, we'll go with the 22 caliber pellets I was looking for that caused me to find the green stuff rocks. I use the pellets as paint agitators.
  6. Yeah like I said, I'm still pretty upset that Polly-S got canned by the maker. Since it stopped being made in 2013, that makes every bottle I own at least 8 years old. I know for a fact that they're all older than that, though. I gave all of my hobby paints to my dad when I joined the Navy in 1990, because I didn't want them to 'go bad' if I wasn't using them. I got some of those same paints back when he passed away in 2008. I wasn't always as careful with paint as I am now, and the fact that some of my childhood paints are still viable is pretty darn impressive, at least to me. And I like that smell. Reminds me of being a kid again and painting stuff with my dad.
  7. Apparently, I have a new hobby: money laundering. I just found $7 in the washing machine when I was emptying it into the dryer.
  8. Sort of? This may or may not count... Way back on my first ship in the Navy, there was about 6 of us that were playing Battletech pretty heavily. After playing random one off battles against one another started to get a bit boring, I came up with an idea for a campaign. Everyone involved had some input and we did a lot of tweaking, but after a little while we came up with a simple system that worked, and was a lot of fun. It never had a name.
  9. It needs a 'no swimming' sign. Good work on it!
  10. Nice work. Also, it's pretty cool seeing the original version along with the newest version.
  11. Well hello, stranger! Good to see you back again. I hope all is well and you had a Merry Christmas.
  12. That's an excellent example of the way to keep a positive attitude about things, @Corsair!
  13. Ok, I was joking around when I posted this a week or so ago, but it's sound advice. I've spent part of the afternoon doing exactly this, and I've been able to rescue a few of my old Polly-S paints that were on the verge of drying out. For those of you young whippersnappers who don't know, Polly-S was a brand of paint that was (IMO) one of the best paint lines around. It was very popular with scale modelers and model train hobbyists. It had a very expansive range of colors and very good coverage. It was made by Testors, who are a bunch of damn fools for discontinuing it. In any case, my bottle of Centaur Brown (Yes, they did a fantasy line of colors, too.) will make a full recovery from it's emergency procedure and be ready for action tomorrow.
  14. Yeah, my company gave us last Friday, today, and this coming Friday off. By taking 3 days of personal time, I'm getting a 10 day vacation; that seemed too good to pass up.
  15. Still on vacation; it feels a little weird to not be working on a Monday. I'm getting a whole heck of a lot of stuff done around the house, though.
  16. Necromunda Warlord The above are assuming miniatures games. If we're talking board games, it's way too many to try to pick just one. RP games would be Paranoia.
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