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  1. Ok, I was joking around when I posted this a week or so ago, but it's sound advice. I've spent part of the afternoon doing exactly this, and I've been able to rescue a few of my old Polly-S paints that were on the verge of drying out. For those of you young whippersnappers who don't know, Polly-S was a brand of paint that was (IMO) one of the best paint lines around. It was very popular with scale modelers and model train hobbyists. It had a very expansive range of colors and very good coverage. It was made by Testors, who are a bunch of damn fools for discontinuing it. In any case, my bottle of Centaur Brown (Yes, they did a fantasy line of colors, too.) will make a full recovery from it's emergency procedure and be ready for action tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, my company gave us last Friday, today, and this coming Friday off. By taking 3 days of personal time, I'm getting a 10 day vacation; that seemed too good to pass up.
  3. Still on vacation; it feels a little weird to not be working on a Monday. I'm getting a whole heck of a lot of stuff done around the house, though.
  4. Necromunda Warlord The above are assuming miniatures games. If we're talking board games, it's way too many to try to pick just one. RP games would be Paranoia.
  5. That's a really cool figure, and you've done a great job painting him!
  6. Just to provide a different perspective where the wolf is a good guy, perhaps he was standing in front of a supremely icy patch of roadway that would have been very bad to try to drive across. That may have been your guardian angel. In any case, I am glad to hear that you arrived home safely.
  7. Very cool stuff in this thread; you're pretty good at turning non miniatures stuff into very interesting miniatures scenery.
  8. Good progress on the FrostGrave stuff; I really like the improvements you made to the dragon! One of your picture links is broken, though, the one of the zombie. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
  9. Well, they're all edible in some fashion... I'd go with the pear tree also.
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