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  1. I just saw this; hopefully this WASN'T anyone's experience this morning.
  2. Merry Christmas, everyone! If today is just another day for you, I hope it's a good one. Today will be just another day for me, everyone else has to work at least a few hours today, but we'll be home together by 6 in the evening, so it's all good. My younger son is coming down here to visit for a few days on Sunday, so we'll probably celebrate Christmas either Sunday or Monday. Having spent so much time in the military, holidays are flexible as to when they get celebrated; being together is the important part.
  3. Safe travels to you, @Green Eyed Monsty, and to everyone else who is traveling for the holidays!
  4. Google has a Santa tracker running if this might be of interest to your or your kids, if applicable. He's currently over Southeast Asia.
  5. I absolutely agree, very nice work.
  6. Good work on him! I agree with SotF's suggestion about the runes on the sword.
  7. Good work! I've always wondered if gold/silver glitter might work as a basing material to make a treasure hoard; thanks for testing the concept for me. What size did you use?
  8. Great work on improving the paint jobs on them, they'll make some very nice gifts! Merry Christmas!
  9. Good work on the little pyro!
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