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  1. Hey! I recognize those crazy, creepy mushrooms!! Glad to see that you decided to come show off your unique creations! I love the creativity that goes into all of your work. It's just the right amount of cute ( maybe whimsical is a better word) and creepy.
  2. You're off to a good start, keep it up!
  3. That would give you a chance to paint them then, no? ;) Good point. Not fair using logic, though.
  4. Good stuff!! They certainly look like nutso depraved cultists! I also particularly like how you kept a unified color scheme, but spread the colors around to keep them from all looking the same.
  5. It's been a long time since i read them, so I'm not positive, But I believe that the main characters in Lynn Flewelling's Night runner series are bisexual. very entertaining trilogy. Edit---should read the whole thread before replying. I got beaten to the punch.... Edit2---Also, the Night Runner books are a series of 6, not a trilogy. I didn't know she was still writing them.
  6. You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. edit--TV villain--the Governor from The Walking Dead Movie Villain--Gonna have to be a copycat here--Darth Vader Book Villain--tough one, lemme get back to you....
  7. Weeellll....I was a sailor for 20 years, so I've probably had a beer or 2 on occasion...now, it takes me a month to drink a six pack. As far as fire goes, I have several interesting stories involving a beer or 2 and various items and/or people being on fire....
  8. And how much to close the back door? (Not that anyone would ever include one, but theoretically.) Ah, now THAT'S where it gets really expensive.
  9. For anyone interested, I'm an electronics technician, and I've almost completed a new type of security system that is specially calibrated to detect even the faintest 'pitter-patter'. Once it's done, I'll be taking orders. I'll accept money, Bones, and baked goods in exchange.
  10. I'll try to have a look this weekend sometime.
  11. The problem is that the first one reached its 500 person limit, and the person who created it hasn't been active since July of this year. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Ah, I didn't know that. That would present a bit of an issue, wouldn't it?
  12. Great job, especially on the (not) red dragon!! Each scale done individually, incredible.
  13. Man up and do it. It gets lonely being the only lunatic in the asylum sometimes. Are you kidding?!? If SWMBO ever actually got a true feel for exactly HOW MANY figures I have, and HOW MANY of them were unpainted, I'd never get within spitting distance of a hobby shop again. Ever.
  14. It might be worthwhile to choose one of the two of them and make that one the 'one and only' to further avoid confusion. It looks like the first one is much more populated than the second....
  15. Ok, 4 it is. You've already done an incredible job on him. This is gonna be super awesome when you finish him up!!
  16. I haven't actually tried this myself, but I think that the following may work: get some plasticard, cut 2 pieces (front and back cover), use a little green stuff to sculpt pages, sandwich the whole thing together, than cut a thin strip and glue in where you want the spine/binding to be. sand/smooth out the joins and you're all set. In case you're not sure, plasticard is sheet styrene (plastic) the same stuff model airplanes is made of. You can find sheets of various size and thickness at any good model/hobby shop. I hope that helps out, I'm not sure I translated what I visualized i
  17. Why, thank you! and, yup, first one from you, but I've only recently left 'lurk mode' and only have a couple hundred posts and perhaps a half dozen actual threads to my name, so there hasn't exactly been tons of content out there....
  18. Whoa...nice work there. I really like how you did the Eldar Harlequin. The scratch built comms array and field power station are really nice, too. Very interesting use of parts.
  19. Woo-hoo I just got my first like from Buglips!! Does this mean I'm one of the cool kids now?
  20. You've had Bones figures for 20 years?!? How is that possible? Sorry, i couldn't help myself... In an effort to be at least slightly helpful, I'd like to second Pixel's advice on the Opti-visor. I've got one, and it helps me out tremendously!
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