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  1. I like both.


    Coffee with cream and sugar. If I'm making it myself, I put some powdered cinnamon on top of the grounds before I start brewing it.

    Fun fact---I'm one of the few people I know that did 20 years in the military without a coffee cup welded to my hand.


    Tea- I like many varieties, but I don't know what any of them are. My wife, on the other hand could probably write an essay or three. I just benefit from what she makes.

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  2. Remembered something from earlier in the thread that I wanted to comment on:


    RPG: 2nd ed AD&D. I tried 3rd; didn't like it, it felt too much like a tactical minis game with attacks of opportunity and all that other nonsense.


    Board Games: Hero Quest. Not really into board games that much. I have the usual smattering of family games( clue, trivial pursuit, etc)


    Minis: If it's a miniature version of something that was, something that never was, or something that might be, I like it. Translation: historical, fantasy, sci-fi; I love 'em all.


    Paint: In no particular order--Polly S, Model Master, Testors, Pactra, Tamiya, Vallejo, Citadel, Reaper (all varieties), Army Painter, various craft paints, and Ral Pa......er..no. No old Ral Partha paints. Nope, none of those at all.

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    Warhammer Fantasy Battle is currently on 8th ed. Rumor has it that 9th ed was scrapped in favor of putting out 40K 7th ed., only 2 years after the release of 6th. This has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the usual groups.


    If anyone is interested, Kings Of War features the 'big army battle' of WH, with very quick and easy to learn rules.

    A very solid system - my current favorite for mass fantasy battles.


    I have never had a serious rules argument with the game - at most they have been individual disputes about facing and cover ('Is the enemy unit in our front facing?' or 'Can we see more than half the enemy unit?')


    The Auld Grump


    I've only played a few games, but my experiences mirror yours. Also, it didn't take very much time at all to get a decent grasp of the rules; I think by my second game, I was only using the rulebook to double check magic item effects and whatnot.

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    Safe travels, bud.


    Don't worry, Chance is in good hands.












    >DIDJA HEAR THAT!? Chance said he's gonna lead the way! ::P:



    Seems sensible.


    Just an FYI to all players, I'm going to be departing the internet tomorrow for the rest of the week - hope to be back by the weekend. This'll be our first major DM outage, and unfortunately it looks like I won't even have e-mail since they're having issues setting up new accounts.


    NOOOOO!!!!! How am I gonna get my fix?

    HA!  Who's going first Wolfie!?


    Oh.....hi, Dilvish. I....uh.... thought you were gonna be gone a while... :blink: :ph34r: :unsure:


    So, we'll just have to amuse ourselves for a while, chatting around the campfire and such.

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  5. Yup, I can read Ub3r's letter/number thingy.


    RE: stuffed animals--my wife has several

    RE:telemarketers/scam calls, etc--incredibly annoying. I have on several occasions done one of the following: 1) quoted Slayer song lyrics to them, 2) demanded to speak with Bob regarding the bounced check he sent me, 3) read passages from whatever was handy at the moment,  4) said that we shouldn't be speaking on an open line, 'they' were listening, and 5) refusing to consent to my conversation being recorded for training purposes,  and demanding that they terminate the phone call


    Ok, caught up.


    I got a 'c' on my physics final tonight. That, along with the stuff I was able to print and turn in, should give me a 'c+/b-' overall, which I'm totally ok with. I'm not a mathematically inclined person.



    ETA---Nice new Avatar, FlameHawke.

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  6. Went and saw the movie "A Million Ways to Die in the West," it's a typical Seth McFarlane movie. The crude humor stuff. My wife and I enjoyed it, but we knew what to expect going in.


    A bit of a rant in the spoiler...

    What I don't understand is how parents can take their young kids to see a movie like that, I'm not a parent, but if I was there's no way I'd let even a 13 or 14 year old into that movie, way too much crude sexually explicit joking and innuendos (it IS rated R). Right in front of us was a dad with his 10 or 11 year old son and both my wife and I were aghast that the kid was in there...



    That bugs me, too. The other thing is when parents bring extremely young children to the movies, especially ones that are PG and up, and then the child is scared/bored/whatever. Seriously, get a babysitter, already. I have kids, and my wife and I didn't bring them to see anything until they were 5.

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  7. Heya, Wolf. How's it howling?

    Not too bad. Kinda weird to actually be on the boards on a Monday am. I still got up as though I'm going to work, so I can get the kids out the door to school, and then I'm going to (hopefully) get my own school issues sorted. Kills me to have to burn a vacation day for it, though.

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