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  1. Yes, but your covens spend all their time plotting against one another. Whereas the pack spends all of it's time planning the next party!
  2. Yeah, that would be more accurately described as brunch. Good call on that one, Ub3r!
  3. Or make a pretty reasonable effort to, anyway.
  4. That's not propaganda, that's fact. Wolves run in packs because they have loyalty to one another. Vampires don't because they don't.
  5. When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross.
  6. Oh, yeah? That's it, I've had it. Pistols at high noon!! Oh wait....you can't hang with that. Looks like you'll have to forfeit. Which means I win.
  7. You missed the point....you kinda weren't given a choice....
  8. Peeps used for s'mores...neat idea! Navy/ship food is generally not as good as everyone else seems to think it is. I didn't do the same thing as LK, but I think it's a cool job. I kinda miss my time in the Navy. I also do not use glue/poison to get rid of mice; I agree with those that don't want them to suffer.
  9. No problem Griff. I kinda figured you didn't want to hang out there. It should be noted that at this point, Wolf doesn't realize that Xyrene is dead, so all this tossing of bodies and whatnot seems a little mad to him..... Also, not to be grim or anything, but I'd like to lay claim to her sword (the non broken one) if no one else objects.
  10. After retrieving his rope, Wolf simply attempts to stay out of the way, slightly worried about the madness which seems to have overtaken the members of his group.
  11. Actually, figuring out if that other portcullis opened is also a pretty good idea. I'm done for the evening, let's hear what you guys think!
  12. http://murderhole.wikia.com/wiki/Murder_Hole Ok, that's a link to the relevant map. I believe that the machinery room is in that little open spot immediately to the right of the well room. I believe that the corner we're currently battling over is the one all the way to the south on the map, that turns east. LK--is this correct? We have fought and killed 2 skellies so far. We're currently facing 3 more. I believe that, based on the number of alcoves visible on the map, there may be at least a dozen total. (So, 10 left figuring the ones we've already re-killed). There could be more, or less. We fought the other 2 skellies up north, by the treasure room somewhere. Hypothesis: either the 2 passages connect somewhere that we can't see, or there are just a lot of skellies down here. I believe that we could easily take out the 3 skellies we're currently facing by flipping the levers until the portcullis opens and lets them out. I also think we could take out a fair number more than that if we take the time to trap the hell outta that passageway and make 'em come to us. They're not intelligent, so they're not gonna be looking for tripwires and such. We can create a serious of linked disasters they'd have to walk through to get to wherever we decide to make a stand. Possible problems: 1. unknown number of skellies past the portcullis 2.possibility of being flanked/surrounded if those 2 passages do connect somewhere. Thoughts/opinions?
  13. Other than the 4th of July, I'm open, at least right now.
  14. Alright, they seem to have us in a bad spot right here. I figure we've got 3 options: 1. ignore 'em for now; they can't get to us 2. find a away around them 3.set up a killing ground,flip levers until they can come to us, on our terms, and get some payback Personally, I favor #3. I'm gettin' a little tired of these guys......
  15. LK said approx 10 feet, but the skellies with the spears can reach all of it.
  16. "Damn!" hisses Wolf, slightly shaken. "That's not gonna work."
  17. Yeah, the thought process is to throw off their aim a little bit.....I hope. You know, like they expect me up here--- but I'm down here____
  18. Yup, that's what I had in mind. Also, from closer to the floor, not at normal height.
  19. Wolf ducks back around the corner, out of sight of the skeletons. He hastily drops his bag and fishes out his rope, fashioning a lasso out of one end. He then crouches down near the floor and risks a quick peek around the corner. He then hurls the lasso towards one of the spears.
  20. LK--can I use my rope to snag the skellies spears and pull them away? I've got a potentially interesting idea....
  21. "They've got us in a bad spot; the spears can reach anywhere in that corridor .There's no safe place to shoot from. I'm feeling the same way you are, but we need some kind of a plan, my friend." Wolf cautions the elf
  22. Can I safely stay where I am? IE--is there room to operate and not get stabbed by spears?
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