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  1. As others have confirmed, he's a Partha. I've got him in case somewhere.
  2. Actually, a very good tactic. I've used it myself once or twice.
  3. It's rally the only kind. Rhode Island Clam Chowder can do in a pinch. However, don't speak to me about that red abomination. I knew there was some reason i liked you.
  4. GW. They're Eschers, from the Necromunda range. ETA--All girl gang from the Necromunda skirmish game. I believe they're OOP now. ETA2--The first 3 in the top pic are all slightly converted (swords swapped for the original melee weapons they carried), and the 4th one from left in the bottom pic is missing a heavy weapon, machine gun I think it was.
  5. That sounds pretty good, actually. hmmm....food......
  6. I second this, especially if it came with war elephant parts. Thirded.
  7. I've just been informed that I have plans as well. Push it a week? Wait 'til July? Carry on as planned with just a small attendance?
  8. No, not yet. Narrowed a little, but nothing for sure yet.
  9. That's pretty amazing for just 3 bucks, pcktlnt!!
  10. True, but much harder to ID if need be. I'm ok with either way, just figured we should come up with some decision about it. As a side note though, if we find Wolf's brother's body ( I'd much rather find him alive, though) Wolf is gonna want to bring him out of here.
  11. @EvilJames---sorry about the burglarized car, man. That just sucks. RE: lighters/hairspray flamethrowers---this is NOT a good idea, in fact it's downright awful. There's a very real possibility of blowing your hand off. Please don't do this. RE: OneBoots' quartz club o' doom-- that is pretty awesome!! Would not want to get hit by it, though. Good choice!
  12. Good point about the adventurers kit. Xyrene should probably grab that stuff; of course that's up to Girot. I'm cool with him taking it, though. Also, you're probably right about Wolf being out in the wilds; I did say that he tended to spend most of his time hunting or doing odd jobs for others. At the same time though, I'd think that a few of the party might have had some interaction with the missing group. Of course, that's for others to chime in with. And finally, we have a conundrum about the body (ies). Like TGP pointed out, if we leave them, they're rat chow. What does everyone else think we should do about it?
  13. Do we have a description ( either verbal or the possibility that some of us saw them in town) of the folks we're looking for? Your call on this; would I have been around when my older brother was being hired to guide them to the ruins? Also, are we supposed to bring back bodies or just report 'yup, they're dead' ? Additionally, I'd recommend taking everything from the body (aside from what others have claimed) and splitting it amongst the group. That type of stuff can always come in handy--the bedroll would make an excellent emergency stretcher, for example, and an extra waterskin is always handy. If there's no interest, i may take the stuff myself.
  14. Ok, waiting done. I'll assume that the general consensus is to go back to where we fought the skellies and begin searching for them. Onward!
  15. Uh-oh. Kay might not be too pleased by that....
  16. I already had dinner..... I'm only kinda paying attention to what goes on right now, though. My wife and I are watching 'Miracle'. We're already in hockey withdrawals.
  17. I'm waiting on y'all. I need to know whether Griff and I managed to reset that trap without killing ourselves....
  18. Thank you both. @OneBoot--that's a good idea, I have some cheesecake in the 'fridge that may not survive the night.
  19. Post work, post dinner person here. I remember fire fighting school; good stuff. Actually a fair bit of fun; occasionally terrifying, but fun. And in other news, I am now officially a college graduate. I actually did the ceremony last month, but the school only does one ceremony per year. Since I only had a month to go, I got to walk across the stage then instead of waiting for next year. I didn't want to jinx anything by saying anything earlier. I just received my final grades, though, so I figure it's safe now.
  20. I remember that; except it was Yorktown Naval weapons station in my case.
  21. That's it, no fresh rabbit for you next time we're topside.
  22. Is that something that will work for other characters? That'd be awfully handy in regards to the light situation; I can think of other applications, too.
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