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  1. Totally understand. i do have a stepbrother, but it's not quite the same thing. I only saw him over Christmas and summer vacation, so it wasn't an all the time thing.
  2. It's discussions like this that make me feel not quite so bad being an only child.
  3. "I've got it, Xyrene. You look a little...busy at the moment." Wolf begins to aid Griff in resetting the trap, carefully.
  4. True. Also, silver arrowheads is an awesome idea! Good one, Dilvish.
  5. That's eviillll!! I like it!! Welcome aboard, Teskeria!!
  6. After removing the incisors from the freshly slain rats, Wolf examines the spot where the rat caught by the deadfall had been, looking for drag marks or tracks. "We're really going to need to find another way out of this place; I don't think any of us fancies going through that every time we need to come and go."
  7. Wolf nods and readies himself for the descent.
  8. Wow, welcome back, and have a safe trip, all at once!! At least this time you get to stay in the land of the big PX. LK--The parties intention once we get back down below is to hunt down the skellies and smash 'em, then continue exploring. Now might be a good time for the paladin to use his lay on hands ability to help get the party up to snuff; I believe there are 3 or 4 of us still injured. I'm cool with my spot in the marching order proposed in the playing thread. Once we find the skellies, I'll hang back and try to support others (cover John while he reloads, pull wounded party members to safety, that type of thing). If other combat comes up Wolf's tactics will be to try and pincushion the bad guys with his bow, fighting defensively with his club and dagger if forced to melee.
  9. I'm not sure about the dragons specifically, but I know that Mega Minis was producing a lot of the older Grenadier sculpts. Mega Minis is out of business, but if you check their webpage, he has links up to the companies that he sold his molds to.
  10. Very cool. I'll be looking forward to seeing you work on his.
  11. Ok, why have kept this hidden from me? (kidding, of course) You have really nice work here, I can't wait to see some more. Your dragons are awesome, and I really like what you've done with the various board game/ pre paint pieces. It just proves my theory that there are some really nice figures hiding under the somewhat lacking paint jobs.
  12. That's cool. I just want to know what to tell LK when he checks in next.
  13. Nice job on that, Girot!! So, what's the general idea for when we get back down there? Search out and wreck the skellies, or just keep exploring in the direction we were heading, and deal with threats as they come?
  14. "Before we head back down, can anyone make any sense of these inscriptions?" Wolf indicates the markings on the stone cap laying near the well.
  15. and now you're doomed. Never split up the party. Kidding aside, that sounds pretty cool. I hope everyone has fun!
  16. Very cool idea! I hope she does well.
  17. The base looks really cool, and I like where I think the dragon is going (of course I'll have to wait and see if my guess is right). >>sits back and helps himself to some of Ub3r's popcorn<<
  18. Well, he certainly looks dark! Seriously, though; great job. That looks just like I always imagined it would after reading the description in the old Fiend Folio.
  19. Here's what I got: Seems about right to me.... True Neutral Human Ranger (5th Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 14 Dexterity- 12 Constitution- 14 Intelligence- 13 Wisdom- 12 Charisma- 12
  20. Somewhat late, but Happy Birthday!!
  21. Are you now feeling 100%? Not quite 100%, but vastly improved over Thursday and Friday. Probably about 80%, which I'll take.
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