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  1. That's until all the drunks break your nice beer mugs... Wouldn't happen more than once. The stuffed head of that first offender hanging over the bar, as well as the story of how he came to be in that condition, would be more than enough to encourage folks to be careful.
  2. Morning...bleeaargh! Coffee mugs...nothing interesting, most of 'em are just black. Now BEER mugs, those I have a fairly interesting collection of. All of them 'acquired' from various ports around the world. I could probably open up my own bar and not have to pay anything for glassware.
  3. We saw it Sunday. I went in having read most of this thread, and I can certainly see where folks would be upset with the movie, but I enjoyed it. The hottie elf gal didn't bug me, most of the 'new' material didn't bother me, the major gripes I had were: 1. Splitting up the party 2. The dwarves entering the Erebor and fighting Smaug 3. Orcs invading Lake town 4. Smaug having only 2 legs. While I know that these things are 'wrong', I still enjoyed the movie. I went in not expecting it to be a 100% faithful adaption of the book, and I think that made the difference for me. I'll be seeing the last one in a year or so. BTW---the book is always better than the movie, so NYAH!!
  4. Or he could send a sneaky goblin after you to steal it back, all he has to do is bribe him with moldy pizza crusts and stanky shoes... don't forget old paints, for a mission this important there has to be old paints in it to make it worthwhile. SHHH!!! To mention .... Those which shall not be named... will get his attention, he will rummage through your paints in perpetuity for them! So if I mention that there will be ProPaint (still sealed in their blister packs) at my New England Paint day, I'll have a Buglips appearance? Would it help if i broke out all of my old Partha D&D colors?
  5. RE: education---jeez you're all making me feel inadequate. I'm just now working through my associates degree in electronics engineering. On the other hand, I've got a Master's from the school of hard knocks, and in 20 years in the Navy I've visited/lived in almost all of Europe, parts of the middle East, parts of Africa, India, and roughly half the states in the U.S. , so that's not too shabby, IMO. RE:various chocolatey sweets---samples of all such home-made goodies must be forwarded to the Chaos Wolf Research Center for Taste Testing post haste in order to determine the levels of wonderfulness, as well as to determine if there is too much of a good thing. RE: the French---I've been there several times and not really noticed any particular level of antipathy. Although it should be noted that I make an effort NOT to be the stereotypical 'ugly American'. Just don't forget where you are and accidentally slip into speaking German because you know it better than French, this will NOT work out well for you.... @OneBoot---first off, I'm glad to hear that your grandmother is continuing to improve, awesome news! Now, lesson time: If you do end up moving to France, just be polite, and learn the language. Those 2 things will carry you an amazing distance. As evidence: My first real duty station in the Navy after all my training was complete was Gaeta, Italy. (It's a small town roughly halfway between Naples and Rome) Shortly after I arrived, I was walking through town looking for a particular shop that some of the guys on the ship had told me about. I stopped at an ice cream stand on the side of the road and asked the gentleman running it if I he knew where said shop was located in English. He just stood there and looked at me with a confused look on his face, so I pulled out my Italian-American dictionary and tried it again in Italian, butchering at least half of the words, I'm certain. He then responded, in English, that it was another two blocks down the road. I must have had a strange look on my face because he also told me that he wanted to see if I'd try it in Italian. He then told me that I'd probably have a much better time of things if I at least tried to learn the language and customs of my home away from home. I followed his advice, and although I never really achieved more than a second/third grade conversational level, I really did have a much better time than some of my shipmates who didn't make the effort. I even made a few friendships that have carried on to this day. Sadly, I've forgotten most of what I knew due to disuse, but that's not the point. Do your best to fit in to your new home, and you'll be rewarded. In my-life-sucks news, my youngest stepson left today. He called us around an hour ago to let us know that he arrived safely and was in the care of his Aunt. So, while I'm upset that things worked out as they did, I'm glad that he arrived safely, and I hope that he finds what he's looking for. RE: randomness---I just discovered that there had been talk in 1999 of making a sequel to Strange Brew.
  6. That's a pretty ingenious idea!
  7. I thought goblins were active at night and slept/cuddled during the day?
  8. Cool, count me in, then! I'll begin thinking about a character and background, and send it to you via pm. Um...kind of embarrassed here.....how does one use the spoiler tag/feature?
  9. Warm weather is better than cold weather because of the other people taking off clothing and risking getting arrested. That depends on the people in question....
  10. >raises hand< Although, just to be clear, we're talking minis, right? I also collected pen and paper rpg's and beer mugs from ports all over the world during that time.
  11. Ohh, great idea, Mad Jack!! I can also scare up an extension cord and possibly another power strip if necessary. @Dilvish--Do you think it would cause any problems if this kinda turns into a combo paint day/swap meet? I've got some stuff that I know I'm never going to paint that I could bring as well, but I don't want to step on any toes here, especially since Pat is being kind enough to let us take over the Citadel for a while. And I can wholeheartedly second what Mad Jack said about this place being a dragon's den of bygone gaming stuff; if there's a figure line or game system that went OOP, there's a fairly decent chance that you can find stuff for it here, at good prices, not ebay/collector's exorbitant prices.
  12. I believe that it is. And kudos to you for bringing this to our attention and thereby making a budding player/DM super happy! (we really need a thumbs up smiley)
  13. I'd be interested as well, never done anything like this, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun. I have a couple of questions, though: 1.What/where is/how do I use the 'forum dice' you mentioned? 2.How often do we 'meet'? I work full time and go to school a couple of nights a week; I don't want to drag the whole thing down with everyone waiting on me. 3. I'm kinda weak on 3.5 rules and such (as in never played them, and only played a little bit of 3.0), but I like to think that I can role play fairly well. Is this a deal breaker? 4. Are we allowed to own any magic items; presumably as part of the 2000 gp equipment allowance? I'm thinking minor stuff like healing potions, not Stormbringer... 5. How are OOC (out of character) questions/communications handled? Via pm to the relevant parties?
  14. Cool. Fingers crossed that nothing comes up between now and then. It'd be kinda neat to actually get to meet some of the folks from the forum.
  15. Reaper folks take note: if you make this, I'll buy (at least) one!
  16. Looks like a good job to me. It's a shame the Alkemy line died out, I'll have to a look out for them.
  17. Looks really good to me. Much better than I could do; my experience with GS is limited to gap filling.
  18. I'm generally free on Saturdays, so I'm good for either one.
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