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  1. "Chance, what do you make of our new friend? I think she's a mage of some sort. When she was talking to Daenir, she said something about trans...something. Although, she's very quick on her feet, and very handy with that blade she's carrying..."


    Wolf continues to scan the area for threats.

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    RE: Ub3r's spoilered photo from a few pages back, with the toilet paper....there's a reason i wear boots all the time


    Make sure to wear them *all* the time. I'm sure spiders like the warmth of newly empty boots.


    I learned that lesson the hard way when I was a kid. Got up, got dressed, put shoes on, only to discover a wasp was in one of them. Said wasp didn't feel like sharing "it's" space with my foot and made it's displeasure known, multiple times. Said wasp was immediately terminated with extreme prejudice. I always shake/dump out my footwear now.



    Also, placeholder for my most recent ascent of Mount Random Thread.

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  3. "Easy, I didn't mean to startle you.", Wolf says in a very calm voice. He slowly unloops the bead from around his wrist to show Xyrene. "It's not mine to give miss, but you are welcome to look at it. It doesn't burn, despite its looks."

  4. Caught up (temporarily, I'm sure)


    RE: Ub3r's spoilered photo from a few pages back, with the toilet paper....there's a reason i wear boots all the time

    RE: Whiskey, Cider, Mead, etc---I like 'em all. There's actually not much I don't drink, especially if someone else is paying. :bday:  I try to avoid tequila, though. It makes bad things happen....

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  5. "That seems like a sensible course of action to me. With a little luck, maybe we can find a way around. It seems that it's likely our quarry went that way." Wolf thinks for a moment, then continues, "It would also be wise to be very cautious in our travels; where there's one trap, there's likely to be more."


    Is that a photo of your front yard, Buglips?


    Nope.  Although most places look pretty much the same so I wouldn't have to go very far to find a similar pic.  Just farther than I want to go today.  But I'm heading to the shore sometime soonish, so I'll try to remember my camera in case there's some interesting things to see. 


    I'm jealous. That's a much nicer view than anything near me.

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  7. Wolf takes a moment to tie his borrowed fire bead to a leather thong which he then loops over his left wrist, arranging it so that it can be tucked inside his arm wrapping if necessary. He then takes position in the fourth rank, readying his bow and arrow, taking care to keep it pointed in a safe direction. "John, if you need to recharge your weapons, try to duck behind me, and I'll cover you."

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  8. Yeah, that would be ideal. What's the ruling, LK?


    Also, I'm probably gonna be logging off shortly, but in the interest of moving things along, what do we do? Put a semi-pause on things until folks wander through and make their actions known, or follow the logical layout that LK mentioned above? Like I said, I'm ok with taking point temporarily, but I'm probably not the best choice. I'd feel a little better about it if I could get healed, though.

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