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  1. So what's our general plan, everyone? Eat, rest long enough to heal and regain spells (I'm assuming standard 8 hours) and then head back down?
  2. "That's fine with me, John. Thanks for the firewood." Within a few minutes, Wolf has a fire going, and the groups meal begins to cook. "Xyrene, would you like a hand with cleaning your catch? There's plenty of small branches here that you can use as a spit to cook with." Seeing Griff using his chalkboard, Wolf waits and then reads the message. "A rope ladder to use to go back down? That's a pretty good idea."
  3. I believe that is one of the Mage Knight metal figures made by Ral Partha. Same sculpt as the bendy plastic/vinyl MK figures, made by RP so folks could paint their own. ETA--It's called crypt worm or something like that, I think.
  4. Wolf gathers his prizes and sets off back to the top of the hill. "I'm going to get this ready for our meal. Could one or two of you gather some firewood, so we can cook this?" ((Once Wolf reaches the top of the hill, he will begin cleaning the rabbits in preparation for cooking.He will also skin them carefully and do what he can to preserve the pelts. They may come in handy later.))
  5. I don't have any particular skill set for this, but could I determine the stability of the walls and rubble piles against them? I'm thinking the top of the wall might be a good vantage point for someone to stand guard--it'd offer a pretty good view of the surrounding area.
  6. The only thing I'm playing right now is our very own PBP here on the boards, Boldly Into Darkness Go. It's very cool,but it's also got me jonesing for more. I've played just about everything already mentioned, plus a couple more: Nightlife rpg Cyborg Commandos (who remember that one?) Bladestorm (wargame, but with a lot of RP elements in it, made by ICE) Torg Twilight:2000
  7. Nice work! How did you make the palm tree?
  8. Buy one and I will totally crew for you. Not joking. Only 160K euros. Chump change! Now if only I were a chump. That's not too bad. You should get 2!
  9. Wolf reclaims his pack and walks down the hillside to where the others are. He wanders a short distance off, being sure to stay in sight, and then he sets a few simple snares in likely seeming spots for rabbits or other small animals to travel. Once he's finished he rejoins the others and warns them of the snares he set. That done, he spends some time foraging for anything edible/medicinal.
  10. Well, I'm gonna do my darnedest to try the polite way first.....
  11. Same here! In other news, I just discovered that I am no longer allowed access to the student only website at my college. This wouldn't bother me, except that I haven't graduated yet!! Oh sure, I walked across the stage and got my empty diploma case a month ago, but I'm still enrolled. I have 2 finals to take before I'm officially done. The issue here is that I have a lab report, a homework assignment and an extra credit assignment that I need access to which are due tomorrow. Looks like I'm gonna have to take tomorrow off and drive over there and reason with somebody. I'm NOT taking 2 zero's in a class that I'm only doing 'alright' in.
  12. Wolf drops his pack and begins to search around the ruins, looking for anything of interest.
  13. Is there any possibility that the dragon was pinned together? That might also help explain it not wanting to come apart. All the paint stripping ideas I know of have already been mentioned, so best of luck to you!
  14. Any chance of a more detailed description of the ruins, please?
  15. Ok, I'm gonna say that we've decided to make our way carefully back to the well room, ascend the rope, and rest.
  16. Weeeeell, seeing how they're already undead and have no circulatory systems... Details. Alright, I'm gonna leave for a while. So far, we have 1 for keep searching and 1 for go rest in the sunlight. I'm kinda leaning that way, too. Decision to be made when I check in again. Please post your votes/thoughts/opinions and we'll go from there. Although it's gonna be kind of awkward transitioning from 'racing down the tunnel' to 'climbing back into the sunlight' in game. In case anyone is wondering, my reasoning for leaving to rest is that we have 4 characters wounded, 2 of them significantly. Our only (currently active) member with the ability to heal is down to one spell. To me, it just makes good tactical sense to rest.
  17. Blood, death, and vengeance. Not necessarily in that order.
  18. Well, we've got a 50/50 split so far. LK--how do you want to do the caller thing, in the playing thread, or here? Also, I don't want to step on any toes here, what do you/does everyone think is the fairest way to make these decisions? Get everyone's input, or wait a specified amount of time and go with the majority?
  19. Well, everyone? Search out the source of the noise, or rest? If rest; where?
  20. That's cool. The main purpose of the caller is to prevent a,b,c,d are going north, e,f,g are going south, and x,y,z are setting up camp type of situations.
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