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  1. "Thank you, Sonskyn." ,Wolf says with a smile. "I feel somewhat better now." Turning to face Chance, he continues; "I believe that Chance has the right of it. I'll wager it's not even mid day yet. It'd be safe enough to rest; most beasts that would be a danger aren't active 'till after sunset. Some fresh air and sunlight would serve to improve our spirits if nothing else. We may also be able to find another way in."

  2. Wolf nods weakly in response to Sonskyn's question and tries to smile. "Hurts....to talk", he manages to say. He taps Glarif on the arm and points down the tunnel, indicating the direction the skeletons came from.







    ((edit to bold names))

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  3. "Ava...what? Oh,bloody hell!" Wolf shoulders his bow, draws his club and dagger, and takes off after Xyrene. "Two of you use those statues to get the others out of that chamber! The rest of you, with me! We're not leaving her to face those things alone!"



    ((Wolf will use his dagger to attempt to parry attacks while bashing away with his club.))

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  4. Warhammer Fantasy Battle is currently on 8th ed. Rumor has it that 9th ed was scrapped in favor of putting out 40K 7th ed., only 2 years after the release of 6th. This has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the usual groups.


    If anyone is interested, Kings Of War features the 'big army battle' of WH, with very quick and easy to learn rules.

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  5. >>>staggers into the thread, clearly dazed by the massive like-bombing from Flamehawke, Argentee,Kay, Matrissa, OneBoot, Dilvish, and Jasper the 2nd<<<



    Holy smokes, people!! I log on to see triple digit notifications. :blink: Also, I see that we're determined to get the new random thread to 1000 pages much faster than the last one...


    Out of curiosity, (if LadyStorm happens to see this) why did the original get shut down? Board/bandwidth issues, or due to the extreme amount of silliness in the last few pages (sorry)? Not complaining, mind you, just curious.


    And yay, 1000 posts. Maybe I'll actually put up some of my work in the next 1000....


    And I'll have to think about a title, any suggestions?

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