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  1. Caller--the guy/gal who tells the DM the party is doing<whatever the party is planning on doing as a a whole> Each player is still free to describe their own specific actions, though. forex: Caller: The party is going to advance cautiously down the southern corridor. Assuming that is what everyone agrees on, of course.
  2. Whoa there!! We really, really, really shouldn't split the party! I don't want to be a spotlight hog, but if no one else wants it, I'll nominate myself as the caller. I try to check in here at least once a day. If somone else wants it, that's cool. or we can vote on it.
  3. We still need a 'caller'..... Marching order looks right, Wolf will also be keeping an eye on the party's backtrail since he's back there with the 'sleepers'. If we get into a fight, Wolf will act in a support role-- pull downed party members to safety and apply bandages, cover someone who needs a moment to perform some action, that type of thing
  4. I think everyone else thinks they're nearby because of the noise. I had thought that resting was the plan....... ETA---I still think resting outside is a good idea, but I'm going along with everyone else. Splitting up the party is never a good idea. Especially in old school playing.
  5. Still feeling the cold hands of death at his throat, Wolf isn't quite as eager as the others to go rushing off into the gloom to face more of the walking dead. Taking a few moments to compose himself, he pauses to look back the way the party has come, to be certain that there is no danger behind them. Then, he readies his club and dagger and warily moves off after the others. (( Once again, Wolf will be fighting defensively, using the dagger to parry any attacks directed against him. His primary aim is to give support to others during this fight. ))
  6. Lol... I think at least part of the reason these were in the grab bag was that the paint job was... hmmmm... and the sculpts while ok are nothing special. But they will fill a gap very nicely and the price was great! True. Most of the PC type figures don't do all that much for me. Some of the monsters though, are fairly decent IMO. A lot of the Heroscape figs that LK mentioned are pretty good, to (again, IMO).
  7. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think that a lot of the various prepaints out there are actually fairly decent and have some potential. Also, I say that we should start a pool so see exactly how long it takes for this thread to be as large as the last one. Seeing as we're already at 70 pages in 4 days, I'm going with July 25th.
  8. Good evening, Kay! Good to hear that you cheated death once again, and free stuff is always cool!
  9. You're making some really fast progress on this. I was never really in to Star Trek, but this is pretty cool.
  10. It's like a drug. Once you've had a little taste, you just gotta have more.
  11. I agree with everyone else. Individually, your pieces are very nice. When you put them all together like this, it redefines what the term impressive means. Good stuff!! Thanks for sharing, and answering questions about 'how to'.
  12. Good luck, LK! @Dilvish--I know the feeling. like you said, don't quit the whole thing, pop in every once in a while, be random, and then run off again.
  13. "Thank you, Sonskyn." ,Wolf says with a smile. "I feel somewhat better now." Turning to face Chance, he continues; "I believe that Chance has the right of it. I'll wager it's not even mid day yet. It'd be safe enough to rest; most beasts that would be a danger aren't active 'till after sunset. Some fresh air and sunlight would serve to improve our spirits if nothing else. We may also be able to find another way in."
  14. I agree, Dilvish. LK--i know that you're not going to tell me anything specific, but how am I feeling after being healed? Strong enough to wrestle a gundark, or like a stiff breeze would knock me over?
  15. Ooh, I'd never thought of that. That sounds awesome!
  16. I love Bailey's...er....I mean coffee with Bailey's mixed in! And I mean Bailey's, not that generic non alcoholic Irish creme stuff..... Also, I am quite fond of chocolate. Any chocolate.
  17. By the way, I was using my club and dagger. Chance has the hatchet. No big deal, I'm sure keeping all of this stuff straight is no easy thing. Another by the way, you're doing a great job so far. This is a blast!
  18. Yup, that's right. And yes, the Abyssal Dwarves do look pretty cool. One of the other things I like about KOW is the fact that they don't care whose figures you're using to play the game.
  19. Wolf nods weakly in response to Sonskyn's question and tries to smile. "Hurts....to talk", he manages to say. He taps Glarif on the arm and points down the tunnel, indicating the direction the skeletons came from. ((edit to bold names))
  20. Are we going with the 14th as the tentative date, then?
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