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  1. Wolf throws an arm up in an attempt to protect his face, while wildly dragging his dagger from its sheath with the other. He finally gets the blade free and plunges it into the body of the beast at roughly the same time as John's weapon goes off.

  2. "John, Chance, do you see any scrapes or bright metal on that portcullis that would indicate it has been moved recently?"


    Wolf examines the pile of rubble more closely, trying to determine if there may be an open space behind it.


    "Everyone, i heard some noise from behind this pile of rubble", Wolf says indicating the pile with his bow and arrow.




    (( Daenir had returned one of the fire beads to Sonskyn, can it be said that I borrowed that one?))

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  3. Wolf grins at John, "No, we seem to be doing well so far. It might be a good idea to keep an eye on one of the exits from this chamber while we wait for the others to get down here."


    Turning, he knocks an arrow on his bow and continues searching the chamber for any signs of the missing group.

  4. Wolf looks around at his surroundings for a moment then moves aside to make way at the bottom of the rope for the others.


    He glances at Daenir briefly and asks "Have you see anything that might give a clue where to start?" as he begins looking around the chamber for any signs of a group passing through.

  5. Wolf finishes searching around the courtyard and mutters, mostly to himself " Well he got them here, I can see his tracks plainly enough. He wasn't supposed to go down with them, though."



    Standing up, Wolf looks around briefly and says "John, I'd like to go down after you. I'd like a chance to look around for any signs of them before there are too many people obscuring things."


    I was amused by this.


    To recap, we have:


    Two smiths

    Two religiously affiliated persons (one actual cleric)

    Two local boys

    One Elf

    One Elfkin (with another perhaps more distantly related)

    One Dwarf

    Two nobles (one possibly in disguise)

    Four fighters (or fightery types)

    Three rogues (or something along roguish lines)

    ...and a Goblin with a Griffin head. :huh:


    No wizards? We're doomed!! Or did I miss the boat, in which case 'they're doomed'?


    Anyhow here's what everyone knows:

    My character is Wolf, BTW.




    The three of them had come to live in the village a little over a year ago. There was Konrad, the oldest. He was still young, but he had the look of a warrior about him. Next was Ulrika, she was perhaps 2 summers younger than Konrad. Finally, the youngest was named Wolf. All three of them had arrived with one of the very few merchant trains still brave and well guarded enough to bother making the trip out his far. When the train moved on, these three stayed. They arrived wearing extremely worn and battered finery along with traveling cloaks of a much rougher nature. They had explained that they were the children of a merchant from the far off Vanguard Empire. Their parents had both been assassinated by a business rival and they were forced to flee for their lives. While introductions were being made the youngest had begun to introduce himself as 'Wolfgang von...' He was cut off by a cuff to the head by his older brother. 'Just call me Wolf' he finished. Ulrika was the first to find welcome in Keppelshire. She was quite an accomplished seamstress, and was eagerly taken in by the aging woman who tended to all of the villages sewing needs. Konrad and Wolf both managed to scratch out a living by doing odd jobs around the village or hunting, initially in exchange for room and board at the inn. Eventually, the three were giving the blessing to lay claim to an old cottage near the edge of the village that had been abandoned for several years. The brothers continue to do odd jobs and hunt; now they barter their labor for things they need to fix up the cottage. Konrad has also joined the village militia. Wolf tends to spend much of his time ranging far and wide from the village. He does most of the hunting that provides meat for the family, with any extra being bartered off to other villagers.



    ETA--Konrad was hired by the missing nobles to guide them to the ruins. He has not returned.

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  7. The new mascot just looks kinda dumb to me.


    I think Buglips totally nailed it with his post on the last page about McDonalds not being the source of all evil in the world, and people making their own choices about how  (and how much) they eat.


    @Doug Sundseth---I feel your pain with the 14 y-o son. What my 17 y-o eats for breakfast would feed 2 or 3 normal people

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