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  1. The rule of thumb that I was taught way back when was that if 1 floating vessel was small enough to put on another, it's a boat. If you can't, it's a ship. Hence row BOAT, sail BOAT, etc. This doesn't apply to submarines, although I suppose you could put one on an aircraft carrier.... I may be wrong, but I believe that submarines are called boats because it's a slang term derived from the word Unterseeboot. It's German for under sea boat, which was shortened to U-boat by the allies during WW2. At least that's what I've always heard. Of course all of this is irrelevant, I was just teasing with my earlier comment.
  2. I remember when I was at sea, that mail was one of the best things ever!!
  3. I'm pretty good at fixing electronic stuff, and can use hand tools without hurting myself....
  4. Wow. That's kinda cool, and kinda creepy at the same time.
  5. Your first mini looks about a million times better than my first one. Have you ever had any art training or anything? You're producing some really fine work for 2 months of experience. I can see you producing some really stunning pieces in a very short amount of time if you keep at it!
  6. Nice job! I think that the gobbos look great, I'm painting up some in a similar color scheme; it's nice to see that I'm not the only person who doesn't think goblin=green. The kobold champion looks great, I agree about cleaning up the shaman's chin, but kudo's to you for trying out some OSL. I haven't worked up the courage to try that yet. The evil warrior looks very good, interesting color scheme. Do you have any plans to do some basing on the Wyvern? He looks kind of out of place on that big empty black base. Some snow and ice would reinforce the idea of a cold dwelling beastie, IMO.
  7. Well, you're off to one heck of good start!! Nice work. Can we see the front of the elf on the bottom?
  8. Nice job on the little guys. They do indeed look like they'd make a cute Christmas gift. And curse you for now making me consider adding mouselings to my still un-locked Bones pledge...
  9. Nevermind exactly how you'd hold him to paint. Good job on Santa!
  10. You did a really good job with that, and what an awesome idea for a gift!
  11. Great job, as usual! You've done a great job, especially considering how small it is. And, YAY!!! Another Catdancer project!!! Glad to see you're still at it.
  12. Something else. It's the same as, but different from,green stuff. It's a 2 part epoxy that you can use for sculpting; it's commonly used to sculpt things that need a harder edge like armor and weapons. There's also grey stuff, but I don't know what that's used for. And that's all I really know, hopefully someone more adept at sculpting will come along and provide some more detail.
  13. @ smokingwreckage---Hmmm, never heard of it before. I may have to do a little research. What do YOU think of it? RE: tyranids--yup, as already mentioned they can't ally with anybody. RE: 7th ed---seriously?!? Didn't 6th just come out like a year or so ago?
  14. Name tags. That'll help, at least with the roommates. Oh, and BTW, they're called ships, not boats. Another former sailor here, with long hair and a beard.
  15. Yes, but would you be able to get the truck to start?
  16. Buglips--Good on you for helping out the neighbor!! Too bad about all the snow and the uncooperative snowblower; I can't really offer any meaningful advice about that. My snow removal is still done the old fashioned way--slave labor. That's what teenaged sons are for. OneBoot--I'm glad to hear that your grandma is continuing to improve! Last Knight--Sorry to hear about your illness, and the crappy treatment form your ship/coworkers. Hopefully your new one will be better! Re: Christmas Music--I agree that's a shame that it starts getting airplay so far before the holiday that one is thoroughly disgusted with it by the time Christmas actually arrives. I find that Trans Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller are still pretty cool to listen to throughout the rest of the winter, though. Here's the Bah, humbug! moment though. I'm glad that the holiday season is almost over; it's been fairly horrid this year. A few weeks ago I made mention of the situation w/ my stepson. Well the intervening weeks have been relatively quiet and peaceful, with no mention of the subject---until this past Thursday when the boy asks us when he's moving out to Ohio. There's a real nice kick in the berries for ya! So, long story short, my wife and I are making the necessary arrangements to get him packed up and on his way. Even though mine kinda sucked, I still hope that everyone else had/has/will have a good holiday season! Flying squirrels with lightsabers!!
  17. I'm waiting 'till the bitter end to do my locking. Still amassing holiday moneys towards possibly adding more versus using it for possible real life things.
  18. Apologies if this has already been addressed/covered.... I received an American Express gift card from my company, can I use that to pay for some of the extras I'd like to add to my pledge? I haven't locked anything in, yet. I was waiting specifically to see about throwing some holiday cash at it. Thanks!
  19. how about now? ...either by now I have and didn't realize that's what it was, or it has escaped. mwahahahsee you next week and we'll chat... Ok, so once this has been settled/explained, are you gonna tell us what it is/was/turned in to?
  20. Last knight--don't work too hard! And thank you for the alcohol recipes. OneBoot--I hope you have a safe trip! On (off) topic---my ISP is seriously hacking me off right now. They're doing some kind of 'upgrade/service/fixing it 'till it's broken' shenanigans and my internet is all jacked up. I can't get to half the places I normally visit, my email requires several refreshes to actually open, and the pleadge manager is just plain a no-go right now. This had better get fixed soon, like 5 minutes ago, or they are going to be on the receiving end of some very colorful sailor language. Re: smart phones---I still have my old antique flip phone, and it's still going strong. I will resist getting a smart phone with every ounce of my being; you'll never take me alive!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  21. I'd like to thank all of you for all of the zany goings on around here. The cheerful and friendly atmosphere has been extremely welcome the past few weeks. It's been a bright spot in the midst of some fairly horrible days. Without going into a bunch of detail, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I found out that my youngest stepson(16) was ditching classes, and failing some of them as a result, as well as a few other things that we're not too pleased about (no drugs or gangs or anything quite that bad, thankfully). The discussion got a little heated and ended with his announcing that he wanted to go to court to get himself removed from our house because he 'wasn't happy' here. At that point we stopped to try and let everyone cool down a little. A couple hours later we sat down and talked and everything seemed ok.I figured it was typical teenage (over)reaction to being caught and grounded. Until the next day, when I found out that he'd been posting all over facebook that we were in court and losing custody of him, and we got a call from his aunt on his fathers side asking us what's going on? So we talked some more and found out that he was serious about wanting out, even if it meant he went to a group home. Talking with his aunt, she said that she'd be willing to take him in, which I'm glad for, because I'd much rather see him living someplace with people that love and care about him than being a number in the system somewhere. Since then, I've been walking on a razor's edge trying to maintain 'normal'. I don't want to drive him off, but I don't want to let him get away with murder because I'm afraid of him leaving. My wife is just as upset at all this as I am, and she's been trying to convince me that this isn't my fault, that I did the best I could do and so on. On one hand, I know this, but on the other, I still feel like I failed somewhere. Was I gone too much because of deployments? Did I miss one too many birthdays or little league games while I was at sea? I don't know. I also feel horrible for even wondering if it might be better to let him go out to live with his aunt. Maybe he would be happier, but what does that say about me as a parent? So, yeah, keep on thread-jacking, going off topic, and just generally being loopy. It's much appreciated.
  22. Glad to hear the good news about your grandma, One Boot!! Now, to catch up: Coffee-good Tea-good Hot Chocolate-good Alcohol-good, especially if someone else is buying Technology-good and bad Slobs-bad. I gotta confess that my house is a wreck. Everything that should be clean is, but we have piles of....stuff...everywhere. Mostly my fault, I'm a packrat. Condolences for all of the bad days, it almost seems like this time of year is a bad luck magnet. It seems that way to me at least.....
  23. Nuke the site from orbit; it's the only way to be sure. @Dr Bedlam---great story! I don't know if it was intended to be comedic, but I found myself having to suppress laughter at several points. Or maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor.....
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