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    In all honesty, the only reason I refrained from joining the party was that I have a serious tendency to get distracted by some interest or other and just disappear from message boards for months at a time.

    I walk on water for a living. There isn't very good internet connectivity out there. :mellow:


    You're just on the wrong ships, my friend. We had connectivity 24/7, 'twas part of my job. You wouldn't believe what it was like if lost connectivity for any length of time

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  2. Never seen it, sadly. My friends came back from Origins the year it came out singing its praises - we bought out the starter sets at our FLGS. Still couldn't put together a really good army - I have what looks like half the factions - and then they stopped playing. Couldn't get up interest in the area. Just... fizzle.


    I used to get burned a lot when it came to new, shiny games.

    Yup. I had the same thing happen to me. I've got 4-500 or 'em sitting around in boxes....


    A lot of the figures are kinda weak, sculpt wise, but there's a surprising number of pretty decent ones, too.

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  3. "I'll be over in a moment, John."


    (( I'm assuming that the anti-infection paste has been applied to all wounds))


    Wolf replaces his healing herbs in his pack and gratefully accepts his arrow(s) from Chance."Thanks." With a grin, he continues, "Even larger rats, though? Are you always this cheerful?"


    Wolf makes his way over to where John is diligently working on his weapons. He carefully selects a spot where he can keep an eye on the holes the rats ran into, as well as the so far unguarded entrances to the chamber.


    "So, what have you got here?" he asks.

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