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  1. Just to be absolutely sure, remember, I'm out in the hallway.
  2. I sense someone has played D&D by old school rules before... Yeah, once or twice.....
  3. Sympathy like, Siri. I have known the pain (and expense) of a malfunctioning 'fridge.
  4. WHAAAT? No saving throw? Rule 0 ;) Never heard of. So it doesn't count. (unless it benefits me)Rule 0: the DM is always a duck. I dis-believe.
  5. WHAAAT? No saving throw? Rule 0 ;) Never heard of. So it doesn't count. (unless it benefits me)
  6. WHAAAT? No saving throw? ETA---Ub3r---Pthbbbbbbttt!
  7. "Daenir, while you're doing that, don't forget to look up, too"
  8. Enough treading lightly!! I say we charge blindly ahead with a rousing war cry on our lips. Nothing bad can come of this, it always ended well when I was playing D&D.
  9. "Chance, what do you make of our new friend? I think she's a mage of some sort. When she was talking to Daenir, she said something about trans...something. Although, she's very quick on her feet, and very handy with that blade she's carrying..." Wolf continues to scan the area for threats.
  10. Damn!! I knew it! i'm in the process of catching up now, but I gotta say, that was AWESOME to read through. Wish I'd been around to take part.
  11. >>>bursts out of the shadows, knocks Ub3r down, and takes off into the shadows again<<< YOU'RE IT!!
  12. Make sure to wear them *all* the time. I'm sure spiders like the warmth of newly empty boots. I learned that lesson the hard way when I was a kid. Got up, got dressed, put shoes on, only to discover a wasp was in one of them. Said wasp didn't feel like sharing "it's" space with my foot and made it's displeasure known, multiple times. Said wasp was immediately terminated with extreme prejudice. I always shake/dump out my footwear now. Also, placeholder for my most recent ascent of Mount Random Thread.
  13. How about THIS one? I have multiple bathrooms in my house. As far as that one, that's why flamethrowers were invented.
  14. I probably should've waited to post in the playing thread; I've got to leave for school now. Wolf will continue to play nice with the newcomer, introduce himself, etc. He'll agree with whatever the general consensus is regarding direction to travel and whatnot. If combat occurs, he'll shoot until the enemy is dead, and melee if necessary.
  15. "Easy, I didn't mean to startle you.", Wolf says in a very calm voice. He slowly unloops the bead from around his wrist to show Xyrene. "It's not mine to give miss, but you are welcome to look at it. It doesn't burn, despite its looks."
  16. Caught up (temporarily, I'm sure) RE: Ub3r's spoilered photo from a few pages back, with the toilet paper....there's a reason i wear boots all the time RE: Whiskey, Cider, Mead, etc---I like 'em all. There's actually not much I don't drink, especially if someone else is paying. I try to avoid tequila, though. It makes bad things happen....
  17. Wolf lowers his bow and moves forward to where John and Daenir are. "You needed some light?"
  18. I wonder how many people actually know that. And, too stay on topic, I generally leave canned stuff survival siuations, too.
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