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  1. Cup 'em in both hands and shake vigorously, then tilt hands(s) at slight angle and gently release 'em in a safe location on the table. It should be noted, however, that keeping them covered until release is essential. Otherwise, you end up with a rough approximation of the Melf's Minute Meteors (or whatever the heck they call it now) spell.

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  2. Speaking of Griff, if I remember correctly, he can't/doesn't speak, but instead carries around something to write on.


    Is it assumed that we all know how to read?


    What about other skills, like swimming, forex?



    Also, what do you/does everyone think about the following idea:


    Using a 'reserved' post like you do when you're typing the next segment of the story, if one of the players has something fairly lengthy to write? Kind of like a 'pause' button while the person is typing...For certain, this should be used sparingly so as not to hold up the story.


    Does that make any sense?

    I don't know if I'm the only one, but I tend to type at the rate of 'slow' words per minute. To illustrate, i started this post right after LK's post #151, there have been 4 replies in the time it took me to type this.


    Either way, great stuff so far, everyone!!!

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  3. Wolf nods, grateful for Daenir's assistance. "Thank you. I've got some herbs from the forest in my pack that, when mixed with clean water, can be applied as a poultice to prevent infection. It looks as though we'll have need of a fair bit". As Wolf begins to search through his pack, he adds " A couple of us who aren't injured should keep an eye on those entrances; we don't want something sneaking up on us after all the noise".


    Having found the items in his pack, Wolf passes them over to Daenir and begins to remove the clothing from his injured leg.

  4. "To arms, we are attacked!!" Wolf yells, to alert the far ranging members of the group, in case the thunderous noise from John's weapon hasn't already done so.




    ((  Wolf will shoot whatever targets present themselves for as long as possible. However, if it looks as though someone is getting overwhelmed or surrounded, he will switch to hand weapons and try to aid them. He's not going to risk hitting friends by firing into a swirling melee. ))

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  5. "Belial's Balls!" swears Wolf, venomously. He gingerly flexes the fingers of the hand the rat was trying to eat as he scrambles to his feet. Finding that everything seems to still be in working order, he removes the club from his belt, his dropped bow temporarily forgotten. He assumes a fighting stance as he eyes the area where the rat emerged.


    He flashes a quick grin at John and Abigale. "Thanks. Best get ready, from the sounds of it, there are probably more of them. Unless the noise from that cannon scared them off."

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  6. Good stuff!! The new additions to your graveyard fit very well, and help to give it that 'lived in' (perhaps haunted in would be more appropriate?) look.

    I second the comments about the glow coming from inside the hoods, that's a cool idea that you may see again sometime soonish, if I can ever get myself painting again...


    Also, who makes the phantoms in the 3rd and 4th photos, the ones carrying a ball and chain?

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  7. Wolf throws an arm up in an attempt to protect his face, while wildly dragging his dagger from its sheath with the other. He finally gets the blade free and plunges it into the body of the beast at roughly the same time as John's weapon goes off.

  8. "John, Chance, do you see any scrapes or bright metal on that portcullis that would indicate it has been moved recently?"


    Wolf examines the pile of rubble more closely, trying to determine if there may be an open space behind it.


    "Everyone, i heard some noise from behind this pile of rubble", Wolf says indicating the pile with his bow and arrow.




    (( Daenir had returned one of the fire beads to Sonskyn, can it be said that I borrowed that one?))

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