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  1. That's your retirement plan, too? @OneBoot--no worries. I like totally like the likes that you like to give out.
  2. "That seems like a sensible course of action to me. With a little luck, maybe we can find a way around. It seems that it's likely our quarry went that way." Wolf thinks for a moment, then continues, "It would also be wise to be very cautious in our travels; where there's one trap, there's likely to be more."
  3. Nope. Although most places look pretty much the same so I wouldn't have to go very far to find a similar pic. Just farther than I want to go today. But I'm heading to the shore sometime soonish, so I'll try to remember my camera in case there's some interesting things to see. I'm jealous. That's a much nicer view than anything near me.
  4. Is that a photo of your front yard, Buglips?
  5. "Be careful, Griff. That looks a lot like blood on some of those bars there." Wolf edges a little closer to see if the substance is indeed blood and to see how fresh it is.
  6. Wolf takes a moment to tie his borrowed fire bead to a leather thong which he then loops over his left wrist, arranging it so that it can be tucked inside his arm wrapping if necessary. He then takes position in the fourth rank, readying his bow and arrow, taking care to keep it pointed in a safe direction. "John, if you need to recharge your weapons, try to duck behind me, and I'll cover you."
  7. That's pretty cool. Any idea who makes it/what it is?
  8. Blah. I just had a rather lengthy post typed up, and the internet gremlins ate it. I'm not retyping the whole thing; suffice it to say that I have caught up with the thread.
  9. Ok, 1 at a time it is, then. That sounds reasonable to me.
  10. Yeah, that would be ideal. What's the ruling, LK? Also, I'm probably gonna be logging off shortly, but in the interest of moving things along, what do we do? Put a semi-pause on things until folks wander through and make their actions known, or follow the logical layout that LK mentioned above? Like I said, I'm ok with taking point temporarily, but I'm probably not the best choice. I'd feel a little better about it if I could get healed, though.
  11. That's kinda what I was thinking, too. Logic dictates the following things (to me, at lest): 1-whoever's in front should have decent armor 2-whoever's in front should have a light source/dark vision 3-even better if 1&2 are the same person 4-healers/spellcasters/squishy people should be in the middle (better able to react to threats at either end of the group) 5-the rear guard should also have decent armor 6-missile users should be near the front Putting the absentees in the middle is fair,since they can't currently speak for themselves. I'm willing to take the lead for the time beiing, although I'm not the ideal choice (lousy armor and I'm wounded), unless someone else comes along and wants the position, in which case, I'll fall back to the second or third rank.
  12. Do we want to hash out marching order here, or using the ((OOC)) function in the playing thread?
  13. "Hold a moment, John. It might be wise to let someone with a light source, or eyes more suited to this gloom, to be leading the way." Wolf glances around at the others in the group, and readies his bow and arrow. ((Before we go too much further, should we come up with a marching order or something like that?))
  14. Well, THAT was unexpected. >> Fire an arrow at it! <<
  15. (( Wolf is ok with that, but will fellow the consensus of the rest of the party.))
  16. I'm not certain if this belongs here, or in Craft Corner someplace. If I have erred, my apologies. I stumbled across this on the interwebs, and thought it might be interesting/useful to folks here. http://allbonesabout.blogspot.de/search?updated-min=2014-01-01T00:00:00-05:00&updated-max=2015-01-01T00:00:00-05:00&max-results=26 It details someone working their way through the Bones From KS1, using craft paints, and doing a pretty good job, IMO. ETA---This is NOT my work, and I'm not sure if the blogger posts here or not. To the blogger: If you do post here, take a bow!!
  17. "Griff has a good idea, too. It would be good to know of an easier way in and out of here, especially if we need to use it in a hurry."
  18. "I'm not inclined to believe that those we're searching for did this; but in any case, I agree with you." Wolf says, nodding to Daenir.
  19. "Aye, that's one idea. If we choose to pursue it, we'll want to very careful. I don't fancy the thought of running into whatever knocked it down." Wolf says in response to Glarif. ((Is there any dirt or dust accumulation here that would indicate if this was done recently?))
  20. "Well, I'd say a battering ram, maybe. But we're underground, not much room to use one of those down here..." says Wolf. "Let's hope this wasn't done by the really big rat Chance was talking about earlier." Wolf goes over to examine the door, trying figure out what might have done this, and what direction it was coming from.
  21. This is gonna be good! Quick question, though--what is TMM?
  22. Wolf chuckles at Glarif, " I've got our backtrail covered."
  23. I was gonna say something similar, but you beat me to it.
  24. Wolf takes an extra few moments to remove the incisors from all of the dead rats, then turns to head up the stairs.
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